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01/15/2016|LASERTEC & ULTRASONIC News 01.2016

LASERTEC 65 3D - From the CAD/CAM-programming to the hybrid-machining up to the process control / -regulation and -documentation

On this years Open House Pfronten (26.-30.01.), the LASERTEC 65 3D will be on of the highlight exhibits in the large showroom of Deckel Maho.

At this years Open House Pfronten (26- 30 January), the LASERTEC 65 3D will be on of the highlight exhibits in the large showroom of Deckel Maho. The focus will be the holistic process chain - from the idea, to the workpiece construction in CAD/CAM, the programming of the NC-paths for laser and milling operation, the hybrid machining itself, up to the process monitoring and regulation as well as the documentation.

LASERTEC 65 3D - Von der CAD-CAM-Programmierung

As an absolute innovation in the sector additive manufacturing of complete workpieces up to Ø 500 mm, SAUER LASERTEC offers a consistent, hybrid CAD/CAM-solution, which combines the programming of the additive laser machining as well as the 5-axis milling process in one software package. The special laser machining strategies were intelligently integrated into the CAD/CAM system. This is why the LASERTEC 65 3D is able to do intermediate milling operations between the laser deposition processes. Workpieces can be machined completely without additional clampings, because areas that cannot be reached at the finished part are finished directly by milling operation.

An intelligent In-Process-Control continuously monitors the laser deposition process and provides important measuring data for analysis and inspection. The target is to guarantee an constant welding process to reach highest process security and a homogeneous workpiece quality. This is realized by an automatic adaption of the laser power in realtime to a complete "Closed Loop"!

The Additive Manufacturing material data base provides basic parameters for the user that allow the hybrid CAD/CAM programming with various materials, like Inconel 718, stainless steel, tungsten carbide.nickel-matrix materials or also bronze and brass-alloys. The current data base, based on qualified acceptance parts for material qualification, includes helpful process parameters for machining of surfaces, bars or 3D-parts.