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03/13/2018|LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool

Perfect tools thanks to laser machining

Thanks to its state-of-the-art laser technology the LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool enables contact-free and dynamic precision machining with no tool wear.

  • Highly dynamic 5-axis precision machine in portal design with < 5 μm positioning accuracy
  • Compact on a footprint of just 3.5 m²
  • Top dynamics thanks to the linear drives in X, Y, Z-axes and > 2 g acceleration
  • Integrated swivel rotary table (4th / 5th axis come standard) with torque technology, –15° / +130°
  • Precision cooling in all axes
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: ø 200 × 344 mm (restrictions depending on the position of C-axis)
  • CELOS with SIEMENS 840D solutionline
  • Contact-free precision machining with no tool wear
  • LASERSOFT software packages for laser machining of indexable inserts and turning tools, shaft and monolithic tools
  • Incorporation of chip breakers

The continuously rising demand for ultra-hard precision tools means that all tool producers are confronted with the challenge of ensuring the continuous, sustainable and cost-effective optimisation of their production processes. What is more, conventional, mechanical machining processes such as grinding and EDM have a negative impact on the quality of the cutting edges. Innovative laser technology has proved to be the most efficient and most reliable solution in both cases. As a pioneer and market leader in the machining of ultra-hard materials DMG has many years of experience in the laser machining of PKD, CVD-D and CBN as well as carbide. Its LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool, for example, creates perfect cutting edges, whereby the tools produced in this way have a service life that is up to two and a half times that of conventionally produced tools.

LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool: dynamics, precision, diversity and intelligence and a footprint of just 3.5 m².

With its compact construction and a footprint of just 3.5 m², the LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool combines dynamics, precision, diversity and intelligence. Its state-of-the-art equipment includes linear drives with acceleration rates of 2 g in the X, Y and Z-axes, precision cooling in all axes and an integrated swivel rotary table with torque technology. A and C-axes are included as a standard and the swivel range is from -15° to +130°. Thanks to the long-term stability of its monoBLOCK design plus its outstanding positioning accuracy and repeatability the LASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool is predestined for the production of perfect precision tools in unmanned 24/7-operation. The maximum workpiece size is ø 200 × 344 mm, which covers all standard clamping tool solutions on the market.

Where controls are concerned theLASERTEC 20 PrecisionTool operates with the intuitive control and user interface CELOS and a SIEMENS 840D solutionline. Added to this are LASERSOFT software packages for laser machining of indexable inserts and turning tools, shaft and monolithic tools. Chip breakers can also be incorporated. So in practice the precision machine excels through machining diversity, cost efficiency and highly accurate results. Defined cutting edge roundings, a free form surface quality of < Ra 0.1 µm and a machining speed of 1 to 2 mm a minute are all features that speak for themselves.