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04/16/2016|Preview Intertool 2016

Innovative CNC solutions for demanding users

DMG MORI takes a look at the future of manufacturing technology at Intertool 2016 with eleven high-tech exhibits, focusing on Industrie 4.0.

With eleven exhibits and the main focus on Industrie 4.0, DMG MORI is emphasising its innovation-oriented claim at the Intertool in Vienna from 10th to 13th May 2016. On the 400 m² exhibition stand, the globally leading machine tool manufacturer is presenting its reactions to the manufacturing technology challenges of future-oriented users. The spotlight is on CELOS as the main building block for the customer-oriented digitisation strategy. Other highlights are the NLX 2500SY | 700 in the area of high-volume and high-precision turning, plus the models in the revolutionary ecoMill V series and the ecoTurn 450 as attractive investment options for price-conscious customers.

Industrie 4.0 and CELOS – Products and solutions for the digital transformation

CELOS, the app-based control and operating system from DMG MORI, is as easy to use as your smartphone and networks all machines within a manufacturing organization

The topic “Industry 4.0” is currently dominating the discussion of the future like no other, even in the sector of machine tool construction. The digital change is also taking place in machine tool construction with increasing momentum. This in turn means that software is also becoming more and more important even in the manufacturing environment. DMG MORI is therefore faced with the associated challenge of supporting its customers with specific solutions for the digital transformation. Companies in the industry are keeping a close eye on the developments and are fully aware that the foundations for Industrie 4.0 must be laid in everyday manufacturing now and in the near future. In order to make headway here users need above all holistic, universal solutions with quantifiable customer benefits.

As the leading manufacturer of metal removing machine tools worldwide, DMG MORI supports its customers on their way to digital transformation with the app-based CELOS system and other intelligent software solutions. A key building block in DMG MORI’s customer-oriented digitalisation strategy is the app-based CELOS system, which the machine tool manufacturer first presented around three years ago and which it has consistently continued to develop in a targeted manner ever since. Using this uniform user interface for machine and office PC, employees from shop floor and job scheduling can manage, document and visualise all job order, process and machine data.

NLX 2500SY | 700 – solid perfection in every way​​​​​​​

NLX - The success stories in universal turning with unrivalled stability and precision

Stability and precision are the key to excellent manufacturing results and efficient processes for lathes. These are the core features DMG MORI has focused on for the development of the NLX series. The result is convincing in all aspects. DMG MORI is already performing simulations at the development stage by means of finite element analyses to make the machine design as stable as possible. Flat guides with optimum damping characteristics and highest dynamic strength are used for the X, Y and Z axis, which contributes significantly to the impressive performance of the machines. The larger ball-thread drives also crucially contribute to this, as together with the equally enlarged bearings, they increase the rigidity of the X-axis by up to 50%. But DMG MORI could also improve the thermal stability of the machines. The cooling system integrated in the machine bed reduces thermal effects to a minimum.

Part of the top models of the NLX series are the NLX 2500SY | 700 with CELOS, 21.5“ ERGOline and a control from MITSUBISHI. As is usual in this performance class, this machine is already equipped with main and counter spindle. The BMT turret provides space for 12 driven tools, which can work with rotational speeds of up to 10,000 min-1 during manufacturing. Turrets with 10, 16 or 20 stations are also available as an option. Another option for the tool turret is the TRIFIX quick change system. The Y-axis of the machine has a travel range of 100 mm (±50 mm). To enable as broad a range of machining processes as possible, DMG MORI has provided generous travel ranges for the NLX 2500SY | 700. The turning length of 705 mm and a maximum diameter of 366 mm speak for themselves here. Without the Y-axis, even diameters up to 460 mm are possible. The feed-through of 80 mm also makes machining of large bar material possible. With regard to the precision of the NLX 2500SY | 700, the sophisticated temperature management should also be mentioned. The coolant flows through the machine and the machine bed in an integrated cycle, which ensures an even temperature of the entire system.

ECOLINE - The standard for users of powerful entry-level systems

The unique new ecoMill V series with the new DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control
The unique new ecoMill V series with the new DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control

With the new ecoMill V series and ecoTurn 450, DMG MORI ECOLINE presents its latest innovations in the area of powerful entry-level machines. The ecoMill V series comprises three machine sizes, namely ecoMill 600 V, ecoMill 800 V and ecoMill 1100 V for workpieces with a weight of 600 kg, 800 kg or 1,000 kg. In the X-axis, the three vertical machining centres provide travel ranges of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1,100 mm independent of their size. The highlight of the ecoMill V series is the completely revised ECOLINE design, with which DMG MORI could significantly increase the working ergonomics as well as the system’s stability of value. The robustness of the machines is based on the FEM-optimised cast machine bed with C-frame and a strength of up to 1,000 kg, but also on the sturdy and thermally stable construction, which was optimised by means of finite element analysis. The new 19" DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control with Operate on SIEMENS, but also the 15" DMG MORI SLIMline with MAPPS IV on FANUC provide an innovative and modern operator interface.

The unique new ecoMill V series with the new DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control

ecoTurn 450
ecoTurn 450

With the new ecoTurn 450, DMG MORI emphasises the high quality demands that are made of entry-level machines within the company. The CNC universal lathe in the new ECOLINE design for example has significantly gained in the area of ergonomics and stability of value. But DMG MORI has also managed to meet the growing demands of customers and users with a number of technical advancements. The improved possibilities for machining bar material of now up to 80 mm diameter as standard provide sufficient options for the production of nozzles, bushes or other rotational-symmetric workpieces. The cast bed tilted at 45° ensures optimum chip disposal, and in combination with the 45 mm wide guides ensures the stability that is desirable for a perfect machining process.

DMG MORI LifeCycle Services – high machine availability thanks to integrated services

DMG MORI Spindle service – Professional skills from the manufacturer for maximum reliability
DMG MORI Spindle service – Professional skills from the manufacturer for maximum reliability

Machine standstills can be reliably minimised with regular inspections and preventative measures. This topic is addressed by Inspection Plus, Maintenance Plus and Service Competence Plus from the latest product range of DMG MORI LifeCycle Services. Inspection Plus and Maintenance Plus are agreements that include regular inspections or maintenance specified by the manufacturer at a fixed price. Furthermore, in addition to higher machine availability, the maintenance and operating costs that can be planned are a significant advantage for users. Service Competence Plus is provided by DMG MORI for customers who want to maintain their machines themselves. Based on the example of a comprehensive and machine-specific maintenance, the required know-how is conveyed to your staff.

This product campaign is complemented by DMG MORI together with the insurance partner Allianz. From now on, when purchasing a new or used machine, customers can take out machine insurance. With our Insurance Plus, customers benefit from optimum cost control and immediate support as well. In the event of damage, the costs are covered 100% without having to pay excess.

The high reliability of the spindle is another important factor in everyday manufacturing. Here, in addition to preventative spindle maintenance products and a new generation of spindles, DMG MORI also provides quick support with at the same time high technical competence with the spindle service. A team of specialists is already at hand via the 24/7 service hotline to find a suitable solution as quickly as possible. Services range from spindle repair in the factory, new and replacement spindle service to deployment of the spindle mobile, with which an engineer can quickly and easily repair many faults directly at the customer’s premises. Furthermore, the reliability of the spindle and machining is increased by the new spindle types like speedMASTER, compactMASTER and powerMASTER. Here, amongst others more robust bearings and a tool clamp are installed, which will support more clamping procedures in future. This reduces sensitivity and thus increases the service life of the spindle.

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