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09/23/2021|PRE-EMO Show in Pfronten 2021 - Digital Engineering

Integrated double for maximum customer benefit

DMG MORI relies on Digital Engineering and Digital Twins in the development of flexibly automated manufacturing systems.

  • Digital Twin: Comprehensive networking of industrial manufacturing technology with data-driven information and communication technologies
  • 4 x faster: Digital Engineering by DMG MORI
  • Upcycling: Environmentally-friendly disposal or reprocessing of components at the end of the product life cycle

Industrial digitization marks a paradigm shift from classic multi-stage manufacturing to comprehensive networking of industrial production with information and communication technology. For DMG MORI, this opens up immense opportunities to digitally refine and holistically accelerate its own transformation from product manufacturer to provider of customer-oriented product service systems.

At DMG MORI, the Digital Twin is at the center of the paradigm shift from classic mechanical engineering to comprehensive networking of industrial manufacturing technology with data-driven information and communication technologies.

This is particularly evident in the engineering of flexibly automated manufacturing solutions. For DMG MORI, the simple principle applies: The more demanding the task and the more complex the resulting machining system, the greater the efficiency of digitization. And this applies both to interdisciplinary project development in-house and to the process of system implementation in close dialog with users. And internally, especially for the interaction of the various “trades” from mechanical engineering, automation, application and process engineering as well as control and software development.

In this regard, DMG MORI has now created the prerequisite with the tools of Digital Engineering to transparently bring together the status and knowledge of all those involved at a central “point of truth”. This reduces the need for coordination on the one hand and prevents misunderstandings on the other. Above all, this intelligent form of digital engineering opens up the data-based option of using virtual prototyping to test and validate the system architecture as well as machines, technologies, procedures, processes and all system-internal workflows at an early stage. In addition to the increased quality and efficiency of the development process, the time advantage adds up to weeks or even months, depending on the system complexity.

In total, DMG MORI is now 4 times faster with Digital Engineering of flexibly automated manufacturing systems. 1. faster on the market, 2. faster at the customer, 3. faster at the component and 4. faster at the optimum.

This leads directly to the all-important added value: All the plus points of digital engineering can be added 1:1 to the customer’s benefit. This applies in particular to the virtual design and specification of the system in close dialog with the user and the positive effects before and during installation and commissioning. For example, the digitally finalized system can already be used in full functionality for training employees or for planning, programming and simulating the tasks ahead, while the real counterpart is still being created. In principle, the customer only has to connect the power on site to get started productively.

In addition to performance, DMG MORI is also focusing on sustainability when it comes to operating the system. For example, it is indisputable that there is no more efficient machine than one that runs automatically around the clock. Secondly, it is obvious that manufacturing systems with digital transparency can be continuously improved over the duration of their use. And thirdly, DMG MORI is working on creative concepts both for upcycling systems and for the environmentally friendly disposal or reprocessing of components at the end of the product life cycle.

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