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09/23/2021|PRE-EMO Show in Pfronten 2021 - Integrated Digitization

Holistically digitalized

DMG MORI: Digital and holistic for maximum transparency, efficiency and sustainability.

  • DIGITAL MANUFACTURING PACKAGE: Maximum availability across the entire value chain
  • my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ: Integrative double for service optimization
  • TULIP: Your own interactive apps without programming knowledge
  • NEW – up2parts: AI-based software for production optimization

In the digital transformation of industrial digitalization, DMG MORI acts as a strong and reliable pioneer for its customers. Today, the portfolio includes both customer-oriented offerings for connectivity and interoperability up to the IIoT platform as well as digital products and services.  These include, among others, solutions for production planning, tool management and NC programming including simulation, as well as for supporting skilled workers in everyday processes and workflows. Maximum customer orientation is ensured in all cases by the development-accompanying testing of DMG MORI's digital offerings in the company's own production plants.        

DIGITAL MANUFACTURING PACKAGE: Maximum availability across the entire value chain

With the Digital Manufacturing Package, DMG MORI offers its customers an entry into digitization for maximum availability across the entire value chain.

The Digital Manufacturing Package offers a perfect introduction to becoming a digital leader on the store floor. It includes the IoTconnector for networking machines with DMG MORI Connectivity. The performance promise applies to both DMG MORI and third-party machines. The performance package also includes the PLC-independent update to the current CELOS version and the DMG MORI NETservice. This opens up the possibility for customers to access web- or cloud-based software applications directly from the control system.

In addition, DMG MORI Messenger records and visualizes the status of all connected machines on the store floor. Customer experience to date has shown that this transparency benefit alone can increase machine utilization rates by up to 30 minutes per week. At the same time, the NETservice can reduce downtimes enormously by allowing users to connect directly to DMG MORI Service via a highly secure remote connection in the event of a problem. As has been shown, this solves on average up to 30 percent of unexpected service cases in direct online interaction, for which a technician would previously have had to be on site.

my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ: Integrative double for service optimization

Since EMO 2019, more than 25,000 customers are already using the free my DMG MORI online service portal.

The use of the my DMG MORI online service portal enables faster help and absolute transparency in the event of service – and free of charge. Since EMO 2019, over 25,000 customers have already been using the digital service. Service requests can be started via my DMG MORI at the push of a button using an interactive request form. Specified service requests with optionally attached photos or videos are sent directly to the right DMG MORI service expert. Meanwhile, the "Tracking & Tracing" function ensures transparency across all service processes and procedures. Even spare parts orders can be tracked to the minute. All commercial and technical documents are stored in my DMG MORI. With the free use of my DMG MORI, customers receive access to a 30-day trial of WERKBLiQ. my DMG MORI and WERKBLiQ have been developed according to the same logic. As a result, WERKBLiQ can be used to optimize all internal as well as external service and maintenance processes for the entire (heterogeneous) machine park. All master data and functions from my DMG MORI are automatically available in WERKBLiQ.

PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL: Efficient planning and control of production orders

PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL provides the optimal basis for delivery reliability, transparency of production capacities, reduction of planning times and thus for the improvement of capacity utilization. The bundle, consisting of three coordinated products for planning, feedback and visualization, keeps production planning up-to-date at all times. Interfaces to initial ERP systems enable the direct exchange of already existing data with PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL, thus avoiding duplicate effort for setting up the planning solution and forming the first step towards barrier-free digitization. The web applications of the cloud-based version can be used immediately, are maintenance-free and enable digital planning after just one week. The digital planning solution also supports the management of complex production and logistics processes. With PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL, manufacturing companies can react directly to delivery bottlenecks and reschedule orders efficiently. Either manually with assistance functions in the cloud-based version or fully automated via PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL - PRO. In this way, companies reduce their dependencies on external suppliers and secure their delivery reliability.

TULIP: Without programming knowledge to own interactive apps

With TULIP's no-code platform, manual workflows or interactions can be mapped in a self-written APP on the store floor or directly on a DMG MORI machine without programming knowledge.

TULIP offers a deeper step towards the digitalization of the store floor. With TULIP's no-code platform, users are able to map manual workflows and interactions in production or even directly on a DMG MORI machine in a self-written, process-related app without any programming knowledge. For this purpose, the system provides creative and simple digital tools with which customers can write their own personal virtual script and visualize each individual scene in segments. Comparable to stage directions on a film set, the TULIP system then virtually guides employees step-by-step through their work tasks. Where appropriate, certain scenarios can be linked via drag-and-drop with key data from digital sensors, measuring devices and machines. With this “mirror image” of production, customers can perform live analyses and subsequently derive a wide range of improvement measures that sustainably conserve resources and comprehensively increase overall effectiveness on the store floor.

NEW – up2parts: AI-based software for manufacturing optimization.

Today, the calculation of components and the preparation of quotations is still carried out manually in most manufacturing companies and workshops and is therefore time-consuming on the basis of individual expert knowledge. In this area, too, the trend is clearly pointing in the direction of a digital process chain and data-based value creation. Together with its strategic partner up2parts GmbH and its up2parts cloud basic and up2parts calculation offerings, DMG MORI is now demonstrating how the competitiveness of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies can be increased enormously in this way. With up2parts cloud basic, customers manage their company-specific database and maintain their machines, materials, customers and components centrally in one software. With the geometric similarity search, identical or similar components can be found automatically within seconds. Even data-intensive 3D models with a high degree of complexity can be processed without any problems. up2parts calculation builds on this to increase efficiency in work preparation. For this purpose, work plan and calculation proposals are generated fully automatically on the basis of individual company data through an AI-supported analysis of 3D models. With each component calculation, the user automatically trains his company-specific intelligence so that the results in work preparation become increasingly precise and thus more accurate. "With up2parts cloud basic and up2parts calculation, users can calculate up to 80 percent faster," promises Marco Bauer, Managing Director at DMG MORI partner up2parts GmbH. And this is cloud-based without expensive implementation, with a set-up within just two minutes.

With up2parts, users digitize the calculation of components and the creation of quotations.

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