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11/25/2016|GO Seoul 2016 - NVX 5000

NVX 5000 - Vertical machining centers with stiffness and durability

The NVX 5000 series, embodying unprecedented rigidity and durability, now has come to a new evolutionary stage with the adoption of a touch panel and the integration of CELOS, the user interface is composed of optimal menus for each stage in the production process.

The new ergonomic cover design flexibly supports all expected operating needs for machine operation. The advanced NVX 5000 series materializes machining solutions at any production site with the highest precision, quality, and reliability.

By using slideways for all axes, the NVX 5000 Series offers improved vibration damping performance and dynamic rigidity. The slideways with high damping performance have increased machine rigidity, minimizing chatter during heavy-duty cutting of difficult-to-cut material and offering high surface quality.

In the spindle, air and cooling oil pipes and bolt mounting positions are arranged symmetrically relative to the center of the spindle. We have also taken measures against heat sources, with coolant piping around the spindle and coil end cooling for the motor. The spindle drive uses DDS (Direct Drive Spindle) motor gearless technology to bring out its full power at all speeds.

As a countermeasure against thermal displacement that directly affects machining accuracy, DMG MORI has developed an environmental thermal displacement control device. Thermal displacement is caused by various factors including non-uniform expansion and contraction due to difference in thickness of the casting; uneven heat generation in the slideways; operating environment; and changes in ambient temperature due to season and time of day. The coolant circulation maintains a uniform temperature inside the casting parts, and minimizes deformation in the machine.

The NVX5000 uses a spindle with an advanced labyrinth structure to prevent coolant from entering the spindle. This durable spindle offers highly reliable machining of difficult-to-cut material, including advanced material, which requires operations using short tools and high-pressure coolant. Additionally, an external chip conveyor -equipped with a drum filter + a cyclone filter, designed in-house and capable of handling any chip in any shape- is available. The cyclone filter allows the conveyor to collect fine sludge*, reducing the frequency of cleaning inside the tank. With excellent chip disposal capability, this conveyor ensures high reliability and productivity.

The machines can be equipped with the Magnescale direct scale feedback system on all axes as option to provide high-precision positioning using absolute magnetic linear scales. The magnetic linear scale has better vibration- and impact-resistance characteristics than those of an optical scale and is far less affected by condensation or oil, which is inseparable from machining operations. It offers high-accuracy measurement with a resolution of 0.01 μm even in a severe environment. What’s more, the magnetic linear scale has the same linear expansion coefficient as cast iron used for machine tool components, so it exhibits the same behavior as the machine body on which it is mounted, thereby providing highly stable machining accuracy even in a temperature-fluctuating environment.


  • Slideways are used for all axes
  • Environmental thermal displacement control device(option)
  • The DDRT rotary table is available (option)
  • About 30% reduction in total power consumption

Main specifications



NVX 5080 | 40

Axis travel(X/Y/Z)



Table working surface



Table loading capacity



Max. spindle speed



Tool storage capacity



Rapid traverse rate(X/Y/Z)



Floor space (width×depth)


3,247×3,734(External chip conveyor specifications (drum filter type+cyclone filter))

[ ] Option

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