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11/25/2016|GO Seoul 2016 - CMX 600 V

More quality and technology for basic machines

As part of a strategic product evolution within the DMG MORI group, we developed the CLX series ,CMX V series and CMX U series.The series is divided into the CLX series of basic universal turning centres, the CMX V series of basic vertical milling machines and the basic universal milling machines of the CMX U generation.

The CMX 600 V profits from an extensive portfolio of technology, software solutions and applications

Whereas the fundamental performance criteria of a machine used to be the key issues for an investment decision, the overall performance of a machining solution is more important for the users of today. This applies worldwide and independently of the performance class of a machine or the industry segment of the customer. That is why DMG MORI is now consistently changing its basic machine program from a product to a solution offer in an evolutionary process – with a new portfolio of technology, software solutions and applications that, as part of a time and development schedule, will gradually be expanded to a comprehensive modular building block system offering a multitude of possibilities. As a result, DMG MORI’s entire range of technological performance will be opened up for the users of these new basic machines such as the CMX 600 V.

CMX 600 V – compact and versatile in vertical machining

CMX 600 V

The compact built CMX 600 V is ergonomically designed with a wide door opening. Thanks to rigid construction, it is capable of heavy-duty machining. The standard spindle works at 12,000 min-1 and the toolSTAR magazine from DMG MORI offers enough tool stations and, thus, a high versatility. The optionally available 4-axes and 5-axes rotary tables guarantee additional flexibility.

And it also applies to the multitude of 3D control options including access to the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles as well as other revolutionary software solutions. This makes DMG MORI the only manufacturer in the world that equips its machines with the leading 3D control systems from FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS and HEIDENHAIN. In addition, a completely new dimension in automation ability is to be realised. Plus, customers from all over the world will be given access to the extensive training and advanced training programs of the DMG MORI Academy.

Thanks to its integration in the overall portfolio, the basic sector will gain greatly in importance within the framework of the DMG MORI global innovation strategy.

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