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09/17/2019|EMO 2019 - Integrated Digitization / DMG MORI Connectivity

End-to-end digitization across all processes

DMG MORI offers digital connectivity as standard for networked production and integrated service optimization.

  • EMO 2019: Over 30 digital innovations
  • Integrated Digitization: Intelligent services and applications with integral connectivity for networked production
  • DMG MORI Connectivity: As of the EMO 2019 free of charge for all DMG MORI machines in the standard version
  • DMG MORI Digital: Service and support for all DMG MORI Connectivity solutions
  • CELOS Update: Open integration of the customer's own systems and complete update of all existing versions
  • DMG MORI MESSENGER: All machines and devices at a glance
With CELOS DMG MORI has an integral digitization strategy across all levels of value creation – from planning and job preparation to production right through to monitoring and service.

For DMG MORI “connectivity” constitutes one of the core features on the path to the digital factory, because open interfaces and standardized communication protocols ensure future-oriented end-to-end integration and interoperability of machines and processes. That is why in future all new DMG MORI machines in their standard versions will be equipped free of charge with an IIoT interface, which depending on requirements supports all common protocols such as MQTT and MTconnect as well as the new umati industry standard based on OPC UA. Under the banner of open integration DMG MORI will be presenting the new CELOS APPs APPLICATION CONNECTOR for the use of the customer’s own systems and applications directly on the CELOS machine and the new Job Import feature, with which orders can be imported directly from MES or ERP into the CELOS JOB MANAGER. The digital offers of DMG MORI Monitoring establish the bridge between connectivity and customer-oriented transparency. The new DMG MORI MESSENGER, for example, now enables unlimited status monitoring of all equipment and machines networked via DMG MORI Connectivity.

As a pioneer in the digitization of machine tool construction DMG MORI takes an completely holistic approach to this topic. “We see ourselves as an end-to-end partner for digitization and automation and as such show how the entire manufacturing process can be consistently digitalized with the modular Digital Factory products from DMG MORI”, explains Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. The spectrum ranges from planning and job preparation to production right through to monitoring and service. He goes on to stress that connectivity is the basic requisite for further digitization, taking as an example the DMG MORI Connectivity program, which includes a free standardized MDA interface for all DMG MORI machines.

DMG MORI Connectivity: As of the EMO 2019 free of charge for all DMG MORI machines in the standard version

DMG MORI Connectivity ensures the connectivity of DMG MORI – and selected external machines. “We support all internationally relevant protocols here such as MQTT, MTconnect and OPC-UA, plus the new “umati” standard”, says Christian Thönes. umati is the new standard in the machine tool industry for open and unrestricted communication within the shop floor and with higher-order IT systems. DMG MORI has actively promoted, advanced and played a significant role in co-developing “umati” together with VDW (Association of German Machine Tool Factories) and selected partners.

DMG MORI Connectivity makes it possible to connect to all of the main IoT platforms, including ADAMOS, MindSphere and FANUC Field. The customer himself chooses the direction, DMG MORI then uses this as the base for developing an individual, open and flexible solution. During implementation, DMG MORI Connectivity supports a multi-stage concept. Christian Thönes assures customers: “Since secure operation of the digital products and the trustworthy handling of customer information is extremely important to DMG MORI, we have integrated an “Industrial Control System”, so-called ICS Security, in our product development as an elementary constituent of the digitalization strategy.” The machine tool manufacturer has established DMG MORI Digital, which is specialized in the networking of machines, to provide service and support for all DMG MORI Connectivity solutions. DMG MORI Digital supports customers directly on site with advice and qualification and through rapid implementation of digital DMG MORI and partner products.

The result that will presented at the EMO on the DMG MORI booth in Hall 2 and by other umati partners is a so-called “OPC UA Companion Specification” especially for the machine tool industry. In future it will be possible to integrate machine tools into user-specific value creation systems independently of manufacturer via the “umati” standard.

CELOS Update: Open integration of the customer's own systems and complete update of all existing versions

PLC-independent CELOS Update
The PLC-independent CELOS Update offers two major innovations: the APPLICATION CONNECTOR and the JOB MANAGER.

The latest developments in the app-based CELOS control and operating system focus on the topic of connectivity. DMG MORI has increased the functionality significantly with a total of 25 apps, and has made open integration of customers’ own systems possible for the first time. With a PLC-independent update to the latest CELOS version all 15,000 installations on the market and all versions from the previous six years can be brought to a common status. So DMG MORI has kept its utilization promise. The new CELOS version offers two major innovations: the APPLICATION CONNECTOR and the JOB MANAGER.

With the new APPLICATION CONNECTOR customers can use their own applications, such as ERP and MES systems, or even their own NC and production data management directly on the CELOS machine. Access to information on the Internet or the Intranet can also be enabled. For example, the machine operator can immediately examine shift or holiday plans or information about hazardous materials and important links via the direct connection to the Intranet. A total of up to 20 links to CELOS can be set up as independent “apps”.

Even deeper integration is made possible by the new job import functionality of the JOB MANAGER. Orders can be directly imported into CELOS in this way. The customer no longer needs to manually transfer his jobs from the MES system into CELOS, but can set up an automatic transmission, which makes the data transfer from his system to CELOS possible. A prerequisite for direct importing is that the customer MES system provides the orders in the job-specific .cba format, and stores it in the defined directory within CELOS.

DMG MORI MESSENGER: All machines and devices at a glance

DMG MORI MESSENGER: All machines and devices at a glance.

With DMG MORI Monitoring the machine tool manufacturer has established the bridge between connectivity and customer-orientated transparency. The new DMG MORI MESSENGER will be launched on the market together with the CELOS update. For the very first time this offers CELOS functionality not only for DMG MORI machines but for all devices on the shop floor networked using DMG MORI Connectivity, i.e. also for third party machines. A great deal of customer feedback has augmented the redevelopment of the DMG MORI MESSENGER. The MESSENGER now makes simple machine data recording possible, for example, and provides an open database for third party software. Reports can be generated automatically and clearly displayed on a page. The dashboard of the MESSENGER can be configured individually. Customers can see all of the relevant information about the status of the machines at a glance.

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