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09/21/2015|EMO 2015, WASINO A 150Y | 18 and WASINO G 100 | 480

Ultra-high precision lathes for the automotive industry

DMG MORI will be presenting two compact miracles of precision at the EMO in Milan – the A 150Y | 18 and G 100 | 480 that offer ideal features for production lines.

WASINO A 150Y | 18

With more than 75 years of experience WASINO, a brand of AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD, develops and constructs compact high-precision production lathes for the automotive and optical industry among others. DMG MORI took over the lathe business of AMADA on 1st April 2015 and the models that are popular in Japan are now also being integrated in the global sales and service network of the machine tool manufacturer. DMG MORI will be presenting the A 150Y | 18 and G 100 | 480 at the EMO in Milan as representative examples of the in total three series from WASINO. With their excellent reputation as miracles of precision in the field of chuck lathes the WASINO models stand a good chance of impressing demanding efficiency-orientated manufacturers worldwide.

WASINO lathes benefit from an absolutely consistent construction that focuses solely and exclusively on maximum stability and top precision. Flat and V-guides ensure best damping performance in this connection while minimum distances between spindle, tool and guideways maximise rigidity and thermal stability. In addition the work area with its stainless steel covers is completely decoupled from the machine bed, which of course minimises temperature influences.

A 150Y | 18 – Precision turning with powered tools, C and Y-axis
WASINO has the A-series in its program lineup especially for the machining of highly complex workpieces. DMG MORI will be presenting the A 150Y | 18 at the EMO in Milan as a typical example of this series. In both soft and hard machining its strengths come into their own where complexity and precision are concerned. It boasts a thermal displacement during a cold start of just 4 µm and a circularity accuracy of 0.8 µm.

Equipped with 18 tool stations – the highest number in its class – the A 150Y | 18 proves a multi-talent when it comes to the 6-sided complete machining of sophisticated components – including turning and milling. That is exactly what the A 150Y | 18 is equipped for when required with its turret, Y-axis and powered tools in all stations. Despite its compact design its offers a generously dimensioned work area with large travel paths: 180 mm in the X direction, 350 mm for the Z-axis and in the Y-direction 100 mm.

G 100 | 480 – Ultra-high precision lathes with linear tool holders
With its G-series, which DMG MORI will be presenting at the EMO in the form of the G 100 | 480, WASINO has the right solutions for hard turning and finishing in sequential manufacturing processes. Unique for lathes of this type is its symmetric structure with respect to the spindle centre. Its low centre of gravity and sturdy horizontal guideways, V-guideways in the Z-axis and dovetail guideways in the X-axis ensure high thermal stability and absolute rigidity, so users can be sure of impressive long-term accuracy. 3 µm thermal displacement during a cold start as well as a circularity accuracy of 0.5 µm both speak for themselves.

The compact design of WASINO lathes is also a trademark of the G 100 | 480. With travel paths of 480 mm in the X-direction and 285 mm in the Z-direction it is still offers an ample work area. Its maximum turning diameter is ø 170 mm. The rapid traverse of the G 100 | 480 achieves rates of 12 m/min in the X-axis and 20 m/min in the Z-axis. On top of this it has a fast speed of 6,000 rpm.

As part of a highly efficient manufacturing system the G 100 | 480 can be ideally equipped with numerous automation features. These include among others loading and unloading units and conveyor belts. A chip conveyor and extraction system round of the offer.