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09/21/2015|EMO 2015, NLX 6000 | 2000

Heavy machining of long workpieces of 2000 mm turning length and up to ø 920 mm

With its new NLX 6000 | 2000 that boasts Big Bore spindles of up 12,000 Nm and ø 375 mm DMG MORI will be presenting the prelude to a new dimension of sophisticated turning at the EMO.

EMO world premiere NLX 6000 | 2000

Stability and rigidity have always been the key to maximum precision where universal turning is concerned. DMG MORI is now entering another dimension in the sophisticated production of turned parts with the NLX 6000 | 2000. As the successor of the successful SL series with its over 2,300 installed machines worldwide, the EMO world premiere is aimed in particular at customers from the field of energy technology, the oil industry as well as hydraulics and mechanical engineering. Users will benefit from the productivity and versatility of the new top-of-the-range model. A turning length of 2,000 mm, a Y-axis option with +/- 100 mm stroke plus the individual spindle variations as well as an optional BMT turret for demanding milling operations and the modern CELOS user interface are all features that add up to make the NLX 6000 | 2000 a guarantee for efficient processes and future-orientated large parts production.

The construction of the NLX 6000 | 2000 is based on a robust 45° slanted bed with flat guides of up to 180 mm in width in all axes for optimum damping properties and dynamic rigidity. Ball screws with a diameter of 50 mm and a headstock with integrated motor spindle and a built-in tailstock ensure additional stability during machining. The concept of the machine is also the basis for a generously dimensioned work area. With a maximum turning diameter of 920 mm and a turning length of up to 2,000 mm this largest model in the NLX series is predestined for turning applications reaching into the XXL range. The long 485-mm travel paths of the X-axis, 200 mm (±100mm) in the Y-axis direction, and 2,150 mm in the Z-axis direction are even further proof of this. The maximum chuck size is 600 mm.

EMO NLX 6000 Performance - The new NLX 6000 | 2000 manages the whole range of high-performance turning in the field of long parts with large diametres from 2-axes turning to 6-side complete machining

Like the work area, the available spindle bores are also largely dimensioned. The offer includes ø 185 mm (type B), ø 285 mm (type C) and ø 375 mm (type D). Thanks to their powerful drives the Big Bore spindles achieve torques of around 7,000 Nm in the case of type B and up to 12,000 Nm for the two larger versions. Where the turret is concerned the NLX 6000 | 2000 impresses with the chipping performance of a milling machine: the integrated drive motor with BMT technology has a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm and a torque of 117 Nm. There is space for 12 powered tools.

The joint DMG MORI design is another highlight of the NLX 6000 | 2000. The powder coated housing is scratch-resistance so it ensures a higher service life and in turn higher value retention. With the aim of enhancing user friendliness the door handles have been designed ergonomically and the view into the work area optimised. In addition the clearly arranged 21.5” control panel with touch screen and touch panel includes the future-orientated user interface CELOS with MAPPS V for the fastest way from the idea to the finished workpiece.

The new user interface with its six window display provides access to a variety of information simultaneously. Outstanding features of the extensive control intelligence include among other things the Tool Management System (TMS) for displaying all required tool information, the Visual Programming System (VPS) that combines the input of the G/M code and predefined cycles and that simulates the machining operation as well as the 3D interference check for automatic collision control that includes the spindles, workpieces, tool and clamping device. Automatic inclusion of already machined areas to enable shorter travel paths also reduces machining times.


Highlights of the NLX 6000 | 2000

  • Workpieces with turning lengths up to 2,000 mm
  • Maximum workpiece diameter Ø 920 mm,
    chuck sizes up to 600 mm (24")
  • 3 Big Bore spindles for optimum cutting performance
    • Type B: Ø 185 mm / max. 1,600 rpm, 45 kW, 7,021 Nm
    • Type C: Ø 285 mm / max. 1,000 rpm, 45 kW, 12,061 Nm
    • Type D: Ø 375 mm / max. 500 rpm, 45 kW, 12,082 Nm
  • BMT technology for outstanding milling performance of the powered tools that achieve up to 4,000 rpm and 117 Nm
ø 500 × 800 mm Flange // Ship building Material: SCM440 Machining time: ca. 1 h 30 min