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09/18/2023|EMO 2023 - DMG MORI Technology Cycles

Measure faster and dovetail intelligently

DMG MORI is expanding its portfolio of exclusive technology cycles with Measuring Pro for faster and more accurate measuring on turning-milling machines and gearSKIVING AI for shorter setup times and higher accuracies in gear cutting.

Process Integration and Digital Transformation (DX) – alongside Automation and Green Transformation (GX) – are supporting pillars of DMG MORI's Machining Transformation (MX) framework. In both areas, the exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles have played a decisive role for many years. They offer significant added value in handling, measuring, machining and monitoring. Technology cycles simplify and accelerate shop-oriented programming. At the same time, additional machining technologies and process steps can be performed in one setup, which sustainably increases productivity. At EMO, DMG MORI is expanding the range of its more than 60 technology cycles to include Measuring Pro, a package with 23 measuring cycles, gearSKIVING AI for up to 50 percent faster setup in gear hobbing.

The new Measuring Pro is tailored to turn-mill applications and includes the package with 23 measuring cycles.

Measuring Pro: Up to 30 percent faster and more accurate measurement

Due to the advancing automation in machining, in-process measurements are becoming increasingly important. “In today's manufacturing concepts with high flexibility and low batch sizes, efficient and user-friendly in-process measurement is indispensable,” says Dr.-Ing. Edmond Basset, Head of Technology Development at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen. The trend towards 6-sided complete machining on single- or dual-channel turn & mill centers has a major influence on this development. Against this background, DMG MORI has developed the Measuring Pro technology cycle. It is specially tailored to applications in turn & mill machining.

23 integrated measuring cycles with their uniform and clearly structured operation for all CTX TC machines form an important toolbox for measuring tasks. These include, for example, the optimum calibration of any touch probes depending on the B-axis setting, setting or shifting the zero point and aligning the C-axis. Axial or radial workpiece measurement as well as radial and axial runout inspection of a workpiece are also possible. This speeds up the creation of measuring programs by up to 30 percent, while at the same time significantly increasing measuring accuracy.

gearSKIVING AI: 50 percent faster to the perfect component

With gearSKIVING 2.0, DMG MORI has long since established itself as a full-liner in the production of cylindrical gears. As an option to this technology cycle, gearSKIVING AI is now also available. This development is based on the interaction analysis carried out between tool and component with over 80,000 combinations. When a new component is run in, the AI-trained gearSKIVING AI technology cycle supports the operator with concrete correction values that can be entered directly into the cycle operator interface. 

In addition, gearSKIVING AI is used in series production. Here, the correct correction values are suggested from the determined wear-related profile distortions so that the tool remains in use for as long as possible without any loss of quality on the component. “Users can achieve the perfect component up to 50 percent faster thanks to the intelligent support,” says Dr.-Eng. Edmond Basset, emphasizing the advantage of gearSKIVING AI. “The intelligent corrections also increase the service life of the tools.”

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