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09/18/2023|EMO 2023 - World Premiere: CTX beta 450 TC

Better equipped – today and in the future

Ease of use, efficiency, technology and automation – with the CTX beta 450 TC, DMG MORI sets new standards in Process Integration.

6-sided complete machining on turn & mill centers of the CTX beta TC series has been a tradition at DMG MORI for many years. The new CTX beta 450 TC impressively continues this success story. Ease of operation, efficiency, the integration of technologies and processes, and automation options were the focus of development. This makes the new turn & mill center a perfect example of Machining Transformation (MX) and its four pillars of Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX). With it, DMG MORI is shaping the future of manufacturing. 5-axis simultaneous milling, 6-sided complete machining with main and counter spindles, and the integration of grinding, gear cutting and measuring ensure maximum productivity and technology on the workpiece.

turn-mill center CTX beta 450 TC
The new turn-mill center is a perfect example of Process Integration as a pillar of Machining Transformation (MX)

With a footprint of just 10 m², the CTX beta 450 TC marks the new entry into the series of high-tech turn & mill centers from DMG MORI. The work area offers space for workpieces with diameters of up to ø 500 mm and lengths of up to 1,100 mm. The bar capacity is ø 76 mm or optionally ø 102 mm. The heart of the new model is once again the compactMASTER turn & mill spindle with a speed of 15,000 rpm as standard and 20,000 rpm as an option. The speed of the main and counter spindles is a maximum of 5,000 rpm or a torque of up to 720 Nm.

Higher precision through Process Integration

The equipment of the CTX beta 450 TC guarantees highly flexible and productive machining of complex workpieces. On the one hand, this is due to the proven combination of turning and milling in one workspace. On the other hand, the integration of further technologies and processes, for which special machines were previously required, sets new standards in terms of efficiency. For example, sophisticated components for drive technology can now also be ground or splined – in one and the same setup. The result is shorter throughput times and higher component quality, adds Harry Junger, Managing Director of GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen: “Because significantly higher accuracies can be achieved without manual reclamping operations and with reliable in-process measurement.”

CTX beta 450 TC
With a footprint of just 10 m², the CTX beta 450 TC marks the new entry into DMG MORI's series of high-tech turning/milling centers. 

Full automation for low-manpower production

For DMG MORI, end-to-end process optimization includes the topic of automation. The CTX beta 450 TC optionally offers an integrated gantry loader that can handle two components weighing up to 15 kg simultaneously. The tool magazine can be loaded in parallel with machining time, so that tools can be added at any time – process-safe with an integrated tool identification system. The magazine can hold up to 200 tools – 60 tools as standard – and thus supports particularly varied production. In addition, flexible universal automation solutions are also available for the CTX beta 450 TC – for example, the Robo2Go Turning robotic automation system with its proven, intuitive operability.

3D Shopfloor Programming: Support in shop floor oriented programming 

Powerful features and integrated processes increase the efficiency of the CTX beta 450 TC, as does the software equipment. The faster SINUMERIK ONE control, app-based workflows with OP Workbench and 3D Shopfloor Programming support processes related to work preparation and workshop-oriented programming. It plays a major role, especially in medium-sized companies. 3D Shopfloor Programming, a joint development by DMG MORI and SIEMENS, uses the 3D models of the component to be manufactured from the design department and creates an NC program largely automatically on the basis of the underlying data. Automated feature recognition speeds up programming by up to 80 percent, freeing up time for other manufacturing-related activities. 

With reduced energy consumption to more efficiency

A further contribution to increased efficiency is made by the almost 30 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to a reference machine of similar design. The CTX beta 450 TC recovers braking energy and features LED lighting. Added to this are frequency-controlled coolant and hydraulic pumps and a minimization of compressed air requirements. Intelligent control and monitoring of the machine through efficient energy management with Advanced Auto Shutdown, sealing air shutdown and energy monitoring complete the measures to increase efficiency.

 optional gantry loader
The optional gantry loader can handle two workpieces weighing up to 15 kg handle at the same time.

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