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09/18/2023|EMO 2023 - Automation

More autonomy in manufacturing and on the shop floor

With the modular PH Cell 800 for the flexible handling of pallets and the AMR 2000 for the autonomous transport of tools and material pallets, DMG MORI is presenting two innovative automation solutions at EMO that ensure greater efficiency in production.

Automation solutions such as the AMR 2000 form one of the four pillars in the Machining Transformation with which DMG MORI is shaping the future of manufacturing,” explains Cornelius Nöß, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten. Three further pillars are Process Integration, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX). DMG MORI is demonstrating the continuous further development of its automation portfolio at EMO with two world premieres. The PH Cell 800 is a flexible pallet handling system with individual configuration options, while the AMR 2000 is an autonomously moving robot that, as a modular platform, allows the handling of tools, material pallets and chip weighers.

58 automation solutions in 14 product lines: Automation solutions form one of the four pillars in Machining Transformation (MX).

PH Cell 800: Easy handling for heavier workpieces

PH Cell 800
The modular PH Cell 800 accommodates up to 18 ø 800 mm or 30 smaller components on 400 x 400 mm pallets.   

The PH Cell 800 expands the family of modular pallet handling systems and ranks between the PH Cell 300 and the PH Cell 2000. Like the smaller PH Cell 300, the medium variant is based on rack modules that users can configure individually. “This means that the highly flexible PH Cell 800 offers space for up to 18 components with a diameter of ø 800 mm or 30 smaller components with a diameter of up to ø 460 mm,” says Cornelius Nöß, describing the great added value of the pallet handling system. It is compatible with the DMU 65 and 75 monoBLOCK of the second generation, the DMU 80 or 90 P (FD) duoBLOCK, as well as with the DMU H monoBLOCK series. 

The PH Cell 800 modular system offers users maximum flexibility in the autonomous handling of transfer weights of up to 800 kg. It includes rack modules with two or three shelves. The shelves optionally offer space for three, four or five pallets – depending on the pallet size as well as the component size. The range of pallet sizes allows capacities from six pallet spaces with one shelving module with large pallets to 30 pallet spaces with two shelving modules for the production of smaller components. The individual configuration options of the rack modules thus allow the PH Cell 800 to be designed to meet specific requirements.

Easy retrofitting with second shelf module

The maximum workpiece height is 800 mm in the case of the shelving modules with two shelves. If three shelves are installed, the space on the two lower levels is sufficient for components up to 420 mm high. The top shelf still allows a workpiece height of up to 800 mm. Customers can install the PH Cell 800 with one shelving module and only add a second if required. Retrofitting the entire pallet handling system is also easily possible for machining centers with automation preparation.

High ergonomics and durability

The PH Cell family impresses with its very high reliability and ergonomic operation. These strengths were consistently implemented in the development of the PH Cell 800. Thus, the automation has a rotatable setup station and separate operation via touchscreen as standard. A particular advantage of the PH Cell 800 is its stable design and the handling of steel machine pallets. These are equipped with a clamping cone technology that has already proven itself over many years and are exchanged directly onto the machine table. Durability and process reliability are particularly in focus.

AMR 2000: Holistic automation of the shop floor

AMR 2000
The modular platform of the AMR 2000 was designed for handling material pallets and chip carts.  

DMG MORI's Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are driverless transport systems that move independently on the shop floor in collaboration with humans. Their layout can be freely designed and quickly adapted to a new production environment if required. The WH-AMR for workpiece handling is already successfully in use. The AMR series is a further development of the AGV models for handling pallets. These models can now also bypass obstacles independently. DMG MORI is expanding its portfolio with the new AMR 2000. “The modular platform was designed for handling tools, material pallets and, in the future, machine pallets,” says Cornelius Nöß. “Likewise, the AMR 2000 handles the replacement of chip carts.” DMG MORI will demonstrate the possible applications of the AMR 2000 live at EMO. In its basic version, the autonomous transport system is designed to transport material pallets measuring up to 1,200 x 800 mm. The loading weight is 2,000 kg. During the show, the AMR 2000 will supply a CTX gamma 2000 TC with Robo2Go Max with material. It moves at a top speed of 6 km/h and can maneuver on the spot without a turning circle.

AMR 2000
Equipped for autonomous tool transport, it offers space for a maximum of 24 tools with a length of up to 650 mm, a diameter of ø 280 mm and a maximum weight of 30 kg.  

DMG MORI demonstrates automated chip removal with the help of the AMR 2000 on a DMU 100 FD duoBLOCK. The AMR 2000 transports both chip weighers and material pallets in one system. Separate AMRs are not required. On the other hand, several AMRs can operate in one system. If the AMR 2000 is also to change and transport tools, a module can be added to the base of the platform to allow the tools to be transported. An AMR 2000 Tool Handling 30 demonstrates tool handling live at EMO on a DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK. This modular expansion stage offers space for a maximum of 24 tools with a length of up to 650 mm, a diameter of ø 280 mm and a maximum weight of 30 kg. The SK50 and HSK-A 100 tool holders are available to customers.

Flexible and reliable operation with the highest safety standards

The common feature of all Autonomous Mobile Robots from DMG MORI: They all move completely independently and collaboratively with people on the shop floor. This requires a high degree of maneuverability with minimal space requirements. The AMR are able to move omnidirectionally, virtually eliminating the turning circle. Navigation is based on SIEMENS' proven SIMOVE technology. Sensors and scanners ensure that the entire automation solution operates in accordance with European safety standards. In the event of obstacles, they reduce the speed and, if necessary, initiate an immediate stop or a bypass of the obstacle. Like other DMG MORI automation solutions, the AMR is controlled via the user-friendly Cell Controller LPS 4.

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