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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - Path of Digitization

Heading towards the digital factory with “Open Connectivity”

The digital products of the CELOS Ecosystem enable consistent, customised end-to-end solutions

  • CELOS Ecosystem with new prospects
  • Path of Digitization: from vision to reality
  • CELOS Machine with “Open Connectivity”
  • Keeping workflows under control with CELOS Manufacturing
    • CELOS PROtab – a mobile assistant in networked production
    • CELOS NETbox – paving the way towards the Cloud
    • CELOS COCKPIT – the entire production process at a glance

The trend towards industrial digitalisation is fundamentally altering the framework conditions even for metal cutting production technology. In this respect, DMG MORI has been making its machines fit for digitalisation since 2013 with the CELOS app-based control and user interface. At the same time, it has been consistently expanding the range of solutions it offers to create an open ecosystem for the digital factory. On top of this, DMG MORI is expanding its range of CELOS services with intelligent software solutions and connective hardware. Open Connectivity includes digital IoT services and products to integrally network processes and machines with one another.

Since 2013, CELOS has already been playing a key role in the DMG MORI Group’s digitalisation roadmap. More than 10,000 CELOS machines have been installed on the market in the meantime. Well over 100 high-tech machines from DMG MORI’s portfolio now speak CELOS today, whereby overall availability is implemented within a short space of time.

The number of CELOS APPs has also steadily grown over the years. Thanks to the ten new apps, there are now a total of 26 CELOS APPs for tooling, machine configuration and digital interaction in the workshop available. With CELOS, customers receive intuitive, consistent solutions as an integrated basis for paperless digital production.

CELOS Ecosystem with new prospects

With „Open Connectivity“ towards a digital factory.

DMG MORI has also consistently further developed its CELOS control and user interface to create an open and consistent ecosystem for digital production. Among other things, in the current CELOS version the focus is on digital workflows for adaptive production planning and integrated tool management.

At the same time, DMG MORI is working on the topic of Open Connectivity and, in this regard, it is offering specific products such as the CELOS NETbox and the CELOS PROtab for consistent networking in production.

From vision to reality on the “Path of Digitization”

DMG MORI’s current digitalisation initiatives are based on the vision of the digital factory, which is characterised by adaptive factory structures. The digital factory’s key feature is the automatic, data-based adaptation of processes in production to changing framework conditions.

“We are focusing on SMEs in particular here,” emphasises Dr. Holger Rudzio, the Managing Director of DMG MORI Software Solutions GmbH. He explains that the possibility of gradual and, above all else, individualised entry into digitalised manufacturing and production is the reason why they are doing this. In this regard, the performance commitment now no longer just applies to the company’s own high-tech machines, as even existing machines from DMG MORI and other manufacturers can be networked with the CELOS Ecosystem.

CELOS Machine with “Open Connectivity”

Machines from other manufacturers, machines in complementary technological areas and manual workstations can, therefore, be integrated in the CELOS network from now on. Even older machines have to be connected to a certain degree. The new “Open Connectivity Solutions” are responsible for this development.

DMG MORI has therefore added a mobile assistant in the form of the new CELOS PROtab and an intelligent IIoT connector in the form of the CELOS NETbox to its digital portfolio. “This means that, now, almost any machine and any workstation can be upgraded to become a member of the CELOS network, and this in turn opens up completely new levels of freedom to our customers with regard to optimising their digital workflows,” promises Dr. Rudzio.


Keeping workflows under control with CELOS Manufacturing

As a result, even the latest software developments are decisively gaining in importance and added value. After all, workflows and machining processes can now only be digitally mapped, controlled and optimised based on a consistent flow of data in the shop floor area.


Digital order planning for advanced users

One example is CELOS Factory Planning, the interactive planning tool, with its standardised interfaces for order acceptance from the ERP system. “Various dependencies – such as machine, material or tool availabilities and tooling costs – have to be taken into account for optimum planning of order processing in production.

This task becomes next to impossible to perform manually as order numbers increase,” explains Dr. Rudzio in an introductory remark. On the contrary, CELOS Factory Planning enables software-aided and central scheduling and, if necessary, rescheduling of available orders, all the while taking actually available resources and capacities into account.

Even when orders are rescheduled manually, Factory Planning considers the existing order structure and the available machine capacities and shift schedules.


Consisting tool management

“Digital Tooling” from DMG MORI is another example of the new digital CELOS workflow. All of the tool information necessary for the production process is managed centrally and available throughout the entire manufacturing process: during NC programming and simulation, and even during tooling, reading and loading or for in-process measuring.

In this regard, tool data can be accessed by various systems at the same time. Additionally, all the process-related data is saved in a central tool management memory, which makes a tool’s history transparent and completely traceable.


A gradual or integral way towards the digital factory

In the overall picture of the “Path of Digitization”, DMG MORI offers its customers the opportunity either to implement comprehensive, customised end-to-end solutions with the CELOS Ecosystem’s digital products and software systems, or even to gradually go from strength to strength and transform their company into a digital factory – for high transparency, effective processes, maximum availability and the best possible production reliability.


Digital expertise for workshop and work preparation

“DMG MORI’s software products and services help our customers to standardise and automate individually designed processes,” explains Dr. Rudzio. Necessary information about work preparation, planning and production would be presented in a consistent, clear and easy-to-understand manner for this purpose.


  • CELOS from DMG MORI with 21.5” ERGOline and HEIDENHAIN TNC 640
  • 22 introductory-level CELOS APPs available
  • Global program setting – subsequent adaptation of a CAM NC program directly on the machine
  • DXF converter – CAD import
  • Tool-based machining
  • Simple and efficient use of face grinders

FACTORY PLANNING – advanced planning and scheduling

  • Order organisation taking an extremely wide range of dependencies – such as layers, linked processes, maintenance, etc. – into account.
  • Standardised interfaces for order acceptance from the ERP system
  • Connection between the office floor, shop floor and CELOS PROtab

DIGITAL TOOLING - Digital tool management during work preparation

Digital tool management during work preparation.​​​​​​​
  • Use of necessary tool information throughout the entire production process
  • Complete digitalisation of tool data
  • Central management of all necessary tool information

CELOS PROtab – a mobile assistant in networked production

New: CELOS PROtab – a mobile assistant in networked production.​​​​​​​
  • Solutions for networking to the digital factory
  • App-based control and operating interface
  • CELOS for other machine manufacturers for the first time ever
  • The CELOS PROtab satisfies the IP54 and MIL-STD-810G industrial standards
  • Use of CELOS applications throughout the entire production process

CELOS NETbox – paving the way towards the Cloud

New: CELOS NETbox – paving the way towards the Cloud.
  • Networking of older-generation DMG MORI machines and machines from third-party providers with CELOS
  • Interfaces enable data exchange between the CELOS NETbox and CELOS APPs
  • Selection of CELOS NC programs in conjunction with the CELOS PROtab
  • Thanks to its integrated firewall, the NETbox increases IT security and protects the machine from access by unauthorised third parties

CELOS COCKPIT – the entire production process at a glance

New: CELOS COCKPIT – the entire production process at a glance.
  • Control throughout the production process in the production control console
  • Production transparency: all order statuses, bottlenecks, waiting times and causes
  • Status of the relevant order in the production process with the remaining time
  • Production planning and control in conjunction with CELOS Factory Planning
  • Flexible use in companies as a pure software solution
  • Charging and synchronisation station for CELOS PROtabs, in conjunction with the control console

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