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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - Automation

Automation ex works in the VERTICO design

From a single source: heading towards future-oriented production with standardised and individual automation solutions ex works.

  • An intelligent combination of the machine tool and the automation solution
  • Automation solutions for all DMG MORI machines
  • Production plants supply the machine and the automation system from a single source
  • Hardware and software – perfectly coordinated
  • The range of services extends from standard automation and customer-specific automation solutions to turnkey solutions
  • Over 2,000 machines with automation supplied already
  • At the EMO: over 30 machines with automation
  • New, uniform VERTICO design
  • GX gantry loader developed based on the proven NLX gantry automation system
  • Increase in cost effectiveness, quality and flexibility

Automated machines are crucial components of a digital factory and are therefore an integral part of Industry 4.0. DMG MORI is the pioneer of digitalisation in machine tool construction, and considers automation to be a core topic. Even today, the innovation leader is selling one in every four machines with an automation solution. This share of the market will only continue to grow, because in future DMG MORI will be able to supply ex works all the machines from its wide and varied portfolio either with a standard automation system or as a customer-specific automation solution. Intelligent linking of the machine tool and automation is a key focus at the DMG MORI production locations, to ensure customers receive their automation solution from a single source. At the EMO, the machine tool manufacturer will be presenting the proven PH 150 pallet handling system, the RS 3 rotary pallet magazine and the WH 3 workpiece handling system, as well as the newly developed, flexible GX gantry loader in the new VERTICO design. Robo2Go extends the portfolio as a mobile robotic automation system for a large number of turning machines. Integrated turnkey offers that link any number of machines and process-supporting work steps complete the automation range from DMG MORI.

Future-proof automation – ex works and from a single source

Up to eight machines and up to five setup stations can be integrated into a linear pallet pool. The solution is designed for a maximum of 99 pallets on two levels and enables parallel handling of three pallet sizes measuring up to 1,000 × 1,000 mm and weighing max. 3,000 kg.

“Automated machine tools as part of future-oriented production guarantee users a high degree of competitiveness,” affirms Alfred Geißler, the Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH. He then goes on to explain that this is precisely why DMG MORI has helped its customers to create the best possible automation solution for every application. “This applies to almost all manufacturing companies nowadays – from small contract suppliers to global players.” After all, he adds, every market participant is competing in a global environment.

The reasons for automation are as diverse as the possible automation solutions. Cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability are just three examples of the possible benefits. “Only an automation solution has a higher level of repeat accuracy than any manual workpiece clamping and unclamping operation,” Harry Junger, Managing Director of GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, explains providing an example.

The introduction of automation solutions requires extensive planning following an initial needs assessment. At DMG MORI, this will be carried out in future in the relevant production plants by specialised contacts. “In these plants, the conditions are ideal for perfectly coordinating and testing both the machine and the automation system before delivery,” adds Harry Junger, before going on to explain that this applies to both hardware and software in the field of integrated system operation, for example. “After all, the complete solution only makes the desired contribution to productivity if all the components dovetail perfectly.”

A solution promised for all applications

The new GX 06 gantry loader for the machines in the CLX series was developed based on the NLX gantry automation system and handles workpieces weighing up to 6 kg.

The machine tool manufacturer is achieving its goal of enabling automation solutions for each and every DMG MORI machine with a wide range of pallet and workpiece handling systems. DMG MORI will be showcasing this extensive portfolio of products in the new, uniform VERTICO design at the EMO. The long-proven standard automation systems include the PH 150 pallet handling system, the RS 3 rotary magazine solution and the WH 3 workpiece handling system.

With its Robo2Go, DMG MORI has a workpiece handling solution in its range which can be put to flexible use on a number of universal turning machines and which cuts an impressive figure as it is easy to program with CELOS.

A new addition to this range is the GX 6 gantry loader, which is suitable for all models in the CLX series. DMG MORI developed the gantry automation system based on the proven gantry loader for the NLX series. It handles workpieces that weigh up to 6 kg. Another new addition is iLoading, an automation system for large quantities and small components weighing up to 5 kg. With its Robo2Go, DMG MORI also has a workpiece handling solution in its range which can be put to flexible use on a number of universal turning machines and which cuts an impressive figure as it is easy to program with CELOS. DMG MORI creates larger manufacturing cells comprising several machines using linear pallet pools (LPPs) and robotic automation systems.

Using robotic automation systems or linear pallet pools (LPPs), several machines can be combined with one another in flexible manufacturing cells.

DMG MORI is supplementing its wide range of standard automation systems with application-specific solutions, which can be individually tailored to customers’ needs with the aid of robots. “These are turnkey offers which link any number of machines and process-supporting work steps to one another,” explains Alfred Geißler. “Our integral range of services extends from planning and simulation, to the final handover of the turnkey complete system.”

A uniform VERTICO design for all automation solutions

The vertically aligned perforated plates are what give the new VERTICO design from DMG MORI its name. With an unmistakeable and independent triangular perforated plate pattern, the design can be used on all automation solutions and is suitable for both machines with a premium design and models with a stealth design. The CI strip with the inscription DMG MORI AUTOMATION perfectly underlines the fact that the machine and the automation system for the customer are always one complete solution from DMG MORI.

A single contact from start to finish

Like the GX 06 gantry loader, the PH 150 pallet handling system and the RS 3 rotary pallet magazine are also available in the new VERTICO design.

The fact that automation solutions will in future be designed and implemented in the supply plants is beneficial for customers, as Alfred Geißler explains: “We supply the automation solution from a single source. In other words, in each and every plant, there is a single automation specialist who is responsible for the customer project from start to finish.” Within a matter of days of a customer making a request, the specialist visits the customer, creates a customer-specific solution with his team of experts, and coordinates all the other steps as the customer’s single point of contact.

The extensive support provided during the automation solution purchase process ranges from selecting the ideal products and installation, to issues relating to the 24-month guarantee and service matters. For Harry Junger, there is one thing in particular that generates genuine added value: “Management of the entire project by a single automation specialist reduces unnecessary interfaces and cuts costs too.”

A key element of Industry 4.0

With the “Path of Digitization”, DMG MORI is pushing digitalisation in machine tool construction forwards. One key component in this regard is the automation of machine tools. “The CNC technology must be directly integrated into a networked production environment,” explains Alfred Geißler. “In this situation, operators only have to monitor and manage operations, while the machines independently work through the orders according to their priority.” And, as he adds, it is precisely this aspect that characterises a digital factory: “The necessary components are completely machined – automatically and at the push of a button.”

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