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04/06/2016|Preview – Elmia Machine Tools Jönköping // Hall B, position 01:34

ECOLINE DMG MORI with ten high-tech machines at Elmia Machine Tools

From 10 to 13 May 2016, DMG MORI will be presenting CELOS and 10 high-tech machines from different technology sectors live in operation at Elmia Machine Tools trade fair in Jönköping. The unique service portfolio of DMG MORI LifeCycle Services that maximises the productivity of their customer’s machines rounds off the trade fair presentation of DMG MORI at its 315 m2 booth in Hall B (position: B01:34).

CELOS for Industry 4.0

With CELOS, DMG MORI is offering a cutting-edge user interface that can be expanded with new APPs and updates and which provides an immediate solution to Industry 4.0. CELOS is as easy to use as your smartphone, networks all machines within a manufacturing organisation and therefore simplifies the process from the idea to the finished product. 16 APPs help the operator prepare, optimise and process production jobs without any errors and enables the consistent administration, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data, consequently holistically improves the profitability of production.

24 DMG MORI technology cycles – software offensive in workshop programming

Workshop-oriented programming is still of great importance especially in single item production and the production of small and medium-sized quantities – and it will remain just as important for a long time to come. Whereby working with cycles is now state of the art and standard cycles for turning, milling and drilling have long been included in the performance range of modern controls.

Based on its decades of application experience DMG MORI has gone far beyond the standard and currently has 24 exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles for the fields of turning / turning-milling or rather milling / milling-turning in its portfolio. These enable the operator in the workshop to programme complex machining him/herself up to 60 percent faster directly on the machine via a dialog using parameterised context menus.

The new ECOLINE generation

For years, DMG MORI has defined a new standard of performance in the sector of entry-level machines with the ECOLINE product line. In line with its tradition of innovative performance, DMG MORI will be presenting the ecoMill 800 V with the new DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control at Elmia Machine Tools in Jönköping as a revolutionary milestone. Even at the very first glance, the vertical machining centre impresses with its new ECOLINE design that ensures further improved work ergonomics and a higher level of value retention. The ecoMill V series is based on a C-frame cast iron bed for the best stiffness and vibration characteristics ensuring highest precision. Ball screws of the highest quality and a powerful 12,000 rpm spindle were combined to meet the highest standards in production. The performance of the ecoMill V machines even in the smallest size is outstanding already in the standard version. The highest precision (without direct scales) can be realized, due to direct coupling in X / Y, no belt drive for no backlash. An optimized machine structure also increases stability during machining, and a high degree of manufacturing flexibility is provided in the standard version by having 30 tool pockets in the tool magazine. The new 19 – inches DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control with Operate on SIEMENS represents the next advanced step for a modern user interface. The practical and ergonomically optimised 19" multi-touch display with its maximised resolution and 45° swivel range offers decisive user benefits.

NLX – Premium class universal turning

Stability and rigidity are the key to excellent machining results, long tool service life and efficient processes when it comes to lathes. And this is exactly what was taken into consideration in the development of the NLX series. Thanks to the overhauled machine bed and flat guides with their high damping capacity, the NLX models achieve a rigidity that is up to 30 percent higher than that of the predecessor series. This is also true of the NLX 2500SY|700 that will be showcased in Utrecht, with its counter-spindle, Y-axis (100 mm) and its turning length of 705 mm.

In particular, the larger ball-thread drives, which together with the enlarged bearings make the axes up to 50 percent more rigid, play a decisive role in the top performance achieved by this machine. In addition, DMG MORI has also improved thermal stability. The cooling system integrated in the machine bed reduces thermal displacement to a minimum. Add to all this the modular design of the NLX machines and you get the perfect basis for optimum turning operations. A special highlight in this context is the BMT turret for 12 powered tools and speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

All new NLX models are equipped with CELOS as an intelligent human-machine-interface. CELOS from DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product. CELOS apps also enable continuous and digitalised management, documentation and visualisation of job, process and machine data. In addition, CELOS is compatible with PPS and ERP systems; it can be networked with CAD/CAM applications and is ready for trendsetting CELOS app expansions.

CTX beta 800 TC – Turn & Mill complete machining with the new ultra-compact turn-mill spindle compactMASTER

Complete machining in a single setup is one of the hot topics in the field of production technology. DMG MORI excels here as a full-liner with an extensive program also for the machining of rotation symmetric components: starting with the “normal" multi-axis lathes with driven tools and on through to the premium class of turn-mill machining centres with turn-mill spindle and where applicable an additional turret for 5-axis and (with counter-spindle) up to 6-sided full machining. The CTX beta 800 TC expands the DMG MORI portfolio here in the field of smaller work pieces with up to Ø500 x 800 mm.

DMU 75 monoBLOCK

As an example demonstrating its position as the world market leader in the sector of 5-axis and 5-axis simultaneous machining, DMG MORI will be presenting the DMU 75 monoBLOCK in Utrecht; the machine will feature top equipment including a 750-mm X-travel, NC-swivel rotary table, 20,000 rpm speedMASTER spindle and a vertical chain magazine with 60 stations for SK40 tools. Workpieces with a diameter of up to 840 mm and weighing 600 kg can be machined on a space of less than 8 m². Whereby the work area can always be loaded from above without any limitation. Another impressive feature of the DMU 75 monoBLOCK are its intelligent control systems, which translate the performance of the machine construction into maximum process efficiency, top component precision and optimum user-friendliness.  This applies above all for CELOS from DMG MORI with a 21.5" ERGOline and SIEMENS.

NHX 4000 2nd Generation – Horizontal machining centres with outstanding rigidity, precision, and speed

With the new NHX 4000 2nd Generation, DMG MORI will be presenting a horizontal machining center that is as compact as it is dynamic; a machine ideally suited for the manufacture of complex and demanding components and on through to highly efficient serial production, e.g. in the automotive industry or machine and plant engineering. Together with its bigger sister machine - the NHX 5000 2nd Generation – the new NHX series boasts a Direct Drive Table (DDM technology) with speeds of up to 100 rpm and direct distance measurement systems from MAGNESCALE in all axes in its standard versions. The construction of the machines has also been optimised with regard to the use of shorter tools. The distance from the spindle nose to the centre of the pallet has been minimised to 70 mm thus ensuring longer tool service life and higher process stability. The new NHX 2nd Generation machines also offer all the advantages of the new joint DMG MORI design and CELOS with MAPPS V on Mitsubishi.

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