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DMQP partners for tools and tool management

As DMQP partners, specialized tool manufacturers and providers of efficient tool management solutions support DMG MORI in implementing holistic manufacturing solutions from a single source.

Together with around 120 DMQP partners, DMG MORI offers high-tech as well as holistically designed and proven manufacturing solutions from a single source. Experts from development and application technology continuously evaluate the product and technology expertise of these partners. The latest partners in the DMQP program include tool manufacturers such as Seco Tools GmbH and Utilis AG, as well as Günther Effgen GmbH and Heule Werkzeug AG. Suppliers of tool management systems, including Haimer GmbH and TDM Systems GmbH support the tooling sector. The same applies to OPEN MIND Technologies AG and Tebis AG, which contribute proven CAM software based on their many years of experience.

High-performance tools are essential in machining and, above all, highly customized. As a cooperation partner in the most important key industries, DMG MORI is very familiar with the challenges there. This applies in particular to the selection of suitable tools. That is why the machine tool manufacturer works with accomplished and specialized DMQP partners in this area. Recent examples are Seco Tools GmbH with tool solutions for titanium and nickel alloys in the aerospace sector and Utilis AG. They produce precision tools for micromechanics, the watch industry and medical technology. DMG MORI has also won a tool partner in ULTRASONIC technology with Günther Effgen GmbH. Their high-performance grinding tools ensure productivity and process reliability. Heule GmbH, on the other hand, increases economic efficiency with innovative products for front and rear bore machining in a single operation.

Part of the holistic solution configurations is a combination of smart DMQP products, including tool management. The DMG MORI Tool Management light plug-in exchanges tool data with the CAD/CAM systems from Siemens or Esprit. In the future, this will also work with the systems of DMQP partners OPEN MIND Technologies and Tebis via VMDE interface. This means that the tools intended and available for machining will be automatically stored for the respective CAD/CAM design processes. This will eliminate the need for manual maintenance and transfer of tool catalogs with different nomenclatures. In addition, this solution creates a basis for exploiting the potential of programming, post-processing, simulation and machining. This also applies to tool preparation, where DMG MORI Tool Management light harmonizes perfectly with the products of the long-standing DMQP partner HAIMER in the area of shrinking and balancing technology as well as tool presetting digitally.

From left to right: Christoph Grosch (DMG MORI), Dr. Thomas Wrede (Tebis)
From left to right: Christoph Grosch (DMG MORI), Dr. Thomas Wrede (Tebis)

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