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DMG MORI SAILING TEAM unveils the new yacht’s design for Vendée Globe 2020

DMG MORI CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as DMG MORI) launched “DMG MORI SAILING TEAM (hereinafter referred to as “the team”)” on October 30, 2018 and welcomed a marine adventurer Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi as the team member. The team will join Vendée Globe 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “the race”), a non-stop, solo, round-the-world yacht race without assistance. A France-based boat maker Multiplast is constructing a new yacht for the race, and the completion is planned in September 2019.

DMG MORI Global One (image with the main sail open) “IMOCA60”: 60 ft (18.28 m) in length, 5.85 m in width, 28 m in height (mast)

The yacht is named “DMG MORI Global One.” It represents our “Global One” spirit, under which DMG MORI employees, customers, partner and associated companies, the team members, and fans around the world are united together to support the team. Mr. Masaki Takayama, Managing Director of Etre Design Co., Ltd. and the designer of Mr. Shiraishi’s racing boats since 2002, created the new yacht design.

The black-and-white-based body incorporates DMG MORI brand image, rigidness to sail through raging waves, high speed achieved by latest technology, and solidarity of DMG MORI, the team members, and all the other relevant parties. It also emphasizes our determination to overcome any hardships together in the race.

A comment from the team’s skipper, Mr. Shiraishi: I had been dreaming of participating the race for 30 years, and the dream came true in 2016. As the first Asian who joined the race, I wanted to cross the finish line but failed to do so. I was deeply disappointed, but from the moment I accepted and overcome the sorrow and decided to run the race again, I became a challenger, not a loser. I am honored and grateful to sail with DMG MORI. Under the team slogan “Global One,” we will create the best team ever and complete the round-the-world course. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Some parts in the yacht are machined by DMG MORI’s latest 5-axis and mill-turn machines. DMG MORI, the provider of cutting-edge machine tools and total solutions, contributes to the development of the world’s manufacturing industry with the activities of “DMG MORI SAILING TEAM.” 


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