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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - DMG MORI Qualified Products

Perfectly co-ordinated peripherals and accessories from one source

Certified quality, maintained prices and comprehensive guarantee – customers and suppliers benefit from the integrated solution approach of DMG MORI Qualified Products.

Customer benefits

  • Everything from one source – machine, peripherals and service
  • Perfect co-ordination – connectivity of all DMQP products tested and guaranteed
  • DMQP partners have to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of innovation, expertise and quality
  • Certified quality and standardised interfaces
  • All DMQP products at market-price level
  • Full processing (warranty, service, etc.) via DMG MORI
  • Same warranty conditions as with DMG MORI new machines

Supplier benefits

  • Already this year > 15,000 sales with a value of > € 100 million
  • Certification as DMQP partner and worldwide marketing by DMG MORI
  • Use of the DMQP label by certified suppliers
  • Exhibition of DMQP products in selected DMG MORI showrooms and fairs
  • Regular product training for all DMG MORI sales staff
New products with a high added value are granted admission as DMG MORI Qualified Products.

As an integrated solution provider DMG MORI, in combination with their technologically leading machine tools, has been offering high-tech peripherals and innovative accessories of selected suppliers for a long time. DMG MORI are now enhancing their activities and offering innovative complete solutions from one source under the label DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP).

Certified DMQP partners have to satisfy the most stringent requirements relating to innovative capacity, technological expertise and quality. Co-ordinated interfaces, securing connectivity, price maintenance and defined warranty conditions ensure ongoing productivity increases for the manufacturing solutions of DMG MORI customers.

Customer benefits with DMQP

The concept of DMG MORI Qualified Products is not new at DMG MORI because high-quality peripherals and accessories together with new machines have been sold for a long time. The machine tool manufacturer is now highlighting the significance of this theme by establishing specific requirements and interfaces for these products and undertaking the entire process for the customer from installation to service.

DMG MORI places special value on innovation, quality, reliability and connectivity for their machines. For this purpose the latest technologies are tested and thoroughly examined by certified suppliers and DMG MORI experts. New products with a high added value are granted admission as DMG MORI Qualified Products. This also includes clearly co-ordinated interfaces for the machine, defined warranty conditions and market-level prices. DMG MORI undertakes the entire process from installation to service.

More than 15,000 DMQP sold already in the first half of 2017

The combination of DMG MORI machine tools with the most diverse peripherals and accessories increases productivity of the integrated manufacturing solution: for example, bar feeders in the sphere of automated processing or long-life tool systems provide more machining flexibility. Customers' responses have been extremely positive. Already in the first half of the year more than 15,000 DMQP have been sold with a value in excess of € 100 million.

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