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01/14/2021|DMG MORI DIGITAL EVENT 2021

Interactive, live and digital from Pfronten – the DMG MORI DIGITAL EVENT

Traditional kick-off – digital and even more interactive with live presentations, expert talks in six languages and a digital showroom with over 25 exhibits.

  • Paving the way for automation and digitization along the entire value chain
  • Available in 6 languages: live presentations and expert talks from the technology center Pfronten
  • Meet your Expert Online: arrange live appointments with DMG MORI experts and explore the Digital Showroom together
  • Digitization : innovative software products for a future-proof manufacturing environment
  • Automation: higher flexibility and efficiency through PH Wheel and TH-AGV
  • World premieres
    • CLX 450 TC: future-proof entry in 6-sided complete machining
    • M1: the new master class for every shop floor
    • DMF 300|8: constant milling performance on 3,000 mm traverse path
DMG MORI DIGITAL EVENT: From February 2 to 4, 2021, DMG MORI will present groundbreaking trends and developments in the industry – live, digitally and even more interactively.

From February 2 to 4, 2021, DMG MORI will offer their customers and interested parties a contemporary alternative to the traditional open house at their Pfronten location. On their event platform, the technology leader will be showing live presentations as well as expert talks on the industry's groundbreaking trends and developments – available in six languages and supplemented by market-specific content. To kick things off DMG MORI will present the latest technological developments with the world premieres 2021. The other days will focus on automation and digitization. In this way, the machine tool manufacturer is underlining its position as a pioneer in the future fields along the entire value chain for future-proof manufacturing for its customers. Under the motto "Meet your Expert", visitors have the opportunity to discuss specific topics online with their contacts. In the Digital Showroom, DMG MORI presents over 25 exhibits as realistic high-tech machines - many of them as automated manufacturing solutions.

Available in 6 languages: Live presentations and expert talks from the Pfronten Technology Center.

"As long as physical events are only possible to a limited extent, our focus will also be on interactive exchange with our customers and interested parties," says Irene Bader, Director DMG MORI Global Marketing, looking ahead to the upcoming DIGITAL EVENT in Pfronten. "That is why we are continuously developing in the area of digital product presentations." The popular live presentations will be expanded to include expert talks, as well as the range of languages on offer to six - supplemented with market-specific content. "These include Q & A rounds, where viewers can ask live questions of the speakers in the studio in Pfronten." The increased interactivity means that viewers can be targeted even more specifically when topics are presented, he added. In addition, customers and interested parties can conduct personal online video chats with their contacts under the motto "Meet your Expert" to go into more depth on specific topics. A joint tour of the Digital Showroom is also possible in this way. Dr. Masahiko Mori, President of the DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED, and Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of the DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, will open the event with an interview on the most important future fields: Digitization, Automation and Sustainability.


Digitization: Innovative software products for a future-proof manufacturing environment

Industrial digitization continues to gain speed; also in machine tool manufacturing and especially at DMG MORI. The technology leader aims to enable its customers comprehensively and holistically for the digitization of their process chain. Starting with the high-tech machine, the traditional core of its own business model, DMG MORI has dynamically expanded its competencies. The spectrum of digital products and services ranges from the intelligence and connectivity of manufacturing machines to data-based systems for work preparation, production planning, and maintenance and repair, to the barrier-free integration of corporate networks into decentralized value creation systems. The experts at DMG MORI Digital GmbH accompany users from consulting to the partnership-based implementation of new platform economy business models.

Automation: Greater flexibility and efficiency through PH Wheel and TH-AGV.

Automated manufacturing processes do much more than reduce labor costs – they increase efficiency, quality and flexibility even with local production DMG MORI can offer almost every CNC machine in its range as an automated manufacturing solution that meets the increasing demands for productivity and flexibility. The latest developments in DMG MORI's automation portfolio include, firstly, the PH Wheel, a pallet handling system based on the proven and patented technology of the tool wheel magazine. On the other hand, DMG MORI has expanded the area of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) with the TH-AGV. The driverless transport system enables autonomous transport of up to 16 molds to the respective machines.

World premiere CLX 450 TC: 100 percent setup time reduction thanks to B-axis factor

World premiere CLX 450 TC
World premiere CLX 450 TC: In order to meet increasing production requirements with smaller quantities and greater part diversity, DMG MORI is establishing a new series with the CLX TC, in which a B-axis with compactMASTER turning/milling spindle replaces the traditional tool turret.

Universal machines from DMG MORI have been an integral part of the machine park of numerous CNC operations for decades. With the new CLX 450 TC, the machine tool manufacturer has once again succeeded in redefining universal turning. In order to meet increasing production requirements with smaller quantities and greater part diversity, DMG MORI is establishing a new series with the CLX TC, in which a B-axis with compactMASTER turning/milling spindle replaces the traditional tool turret. On board are an automatic tool changer with tool magazine, the usual powerful main spindle and the tailstock or an optional counter spindle. This world premiere is therefore the perfect entry into setup time minimization with the B-axis factor.

World premiere M1: The new master class for every store floor

World premiere M1
World premiere M1: On only 6 m², the M1 combines a stately working area of 550 × 550 × 510 mm and a table measuring 850 × 650 mm for workpieces weighing up to 600 kg.

With 45 product lines, DMG MORI offers its customers a globally unique variety of machine tools for every metalworking application. Even in this impressive wealth of possibilities, there are always starting points for new developments and significant improvements. One of these is the world premiere of the M1. As an all-purpose weapon for everyday use, 3-axis CNC universal milling machines belong in every workshop. They need to be as versatile as possible, but must cost little - like the M1. As a new master class for every store floor, this world premiere is aimed at the decidedly mass market. The high static and dynamic rigidity, perfect damping behavior and high thermal stability of the vertical machining center are unique in this class. This results in clear added value for customers: The M1 impresses with its performance even under difficult milling conditions, it achieves excellent precision and offers sustainably longer tool service lives.

World premiere DMF 300|8: Constant milling performance on 3,000 mm traverse path

World premiere DMF 300|8
World premiere DMF 300|8: A 3,000 mm long table offers users maximum flexibility in the machining of long workpieces – across the entire table width or by means of cut-off wheel in two separate workspaces.

After DMG MORI catapulted its moving column series into a new era with the DMF 200|8, the world premiere of the larger DMF 300|8 now follows. An enlarged worktable gives users the ability to machine workpieces up to 3,000 mm long and take the productivity to a new level. With the partition option customers get two separate workspaces and eliminates non-productive time. Another highlight is the optionally available mill-turn machining. The DMF 300|8 benefits from the same innovative machine concept as the DMF 200|8: A constant cantilever ensures consistent milling performance across the entire workspace, and the newly developed tool change takes place behind the worktable in a process-safe manner – with a tool length of up to 400 mm. Rounded off with an integrated cooling concept, the DMF 300|8 ensures very high long-term thermal accuracy.

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