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10/07/2020|World premiere: DMF 200|8

Innovative concept in the travelling column series

The world premiere of the DMF 200|8 sets new standards in high-precision and productive 5-axis machining of up to 2,300 mm long structural components and mold inserts.

  • Maximized stiffness through three linear guides in the X-axis
  • Constant milling performance due to constant projections
  • Best surfaces and accuracy through direct drives in the Y and Z axis
  • Highest flexibility in machining due to B-axis milling head with ± 120° swivel range
  • Large working area with travels of X = 2,000 / Y = 800 / Z = 850 mm
  • Unique and innovative tool change, fast, collision-free and process-safe behind the work table
  • Flexibility in the extensive configuration through a modular system and a high variety of options
  • Very high long-term thermal accuracy due to holistic cooling concept as standard
  • High dynamics with rapid traverses of up to 50 m/min as standard and up to 80 m/min with linear drive in the X-axis (optional)
World premiere: In the 5-axis machining of long workpieces up to 2,300 mm, the DMF 200|8 continues its success story among travelling column machines

“With the DMF 200|8, DMG MORI has succeeded in continuing the success story of travelling column machines in the 5-axis range, with over 2,700 machines installed in the market to date,” Markus Rehm, Managing Director DECKEL MAHO Seebach, says. Thus, the world premiere also stands for absolute precision machining performance, which takes the travelling column series to a level never seen before.

“With a rigid table measuring 2,300 x 850 mm and traverse paths of 2,000 x 800 x 850 mm, the DMF 200|8 offers users in die & mold and aerospace sufficient scope to flexibly machine even long structural components or mold inserts”, Markus Rehm explains. The table load is 2,000 kg. During the development of the new machine concept, the working area of the machine was optimized by the innovative tool change. This takes place behind the work table – fast, collision-free and process-safe, so that the entire clamping surface can be used. Compared to the predecessor model, the working area of the DMF 200|8 is over 50 percent larger, creating new possibilities for machining complex components. Equipping the DMF 200|8 with 400 mm long tools is a unique selling point in this machine class.​​​​​​​

Highest precision machining for lowest component tolerances

A main argument for the travelling column machines from DMG MORI has always been their stability, so that DMG MORI has also explicitly considered this area. The DMF 200|8 has been designed in such a way that the cantilevered Y-axis ensures a constant rigidity of the machine over the entire travel path. The three linear guides in the X-axis reinforce the stability of the machine and create the necessary basis for highly precise and productive machining. Even with the Y-slide fully extended, maximum spindle power can be easily accessed without the machine swinging up. Extensive cooling measures as standard ensure high thermal long-term accuracy with the smallest tolerances, while direct-driven ball screws in the Y- and Z-axes ensure the best surface finishes.

The DMF 200|8 travels at rapid traverse rates of up to 50 m/min as standard. With the optional linear drive in the X-axis, it reaches up to 80 m/min, ensuring dynamic and highly productive machining at all times. The B-axis milling head – its maximum clamping torque is 6,000 Nm – offers a swivel range of +/- 120° and thus the necessary flexibility in 5-axis machining. An extensive modular spindle system rounds off the equipment variety. A speedMASTER spindle with 15,000 min-1 is integrated as standard. “Naturally with a 36-month warranty, regardless of the running performance,” Markus Rehm adds. A high-torque version with 200 Nm is available in the modular spindle system as well as a 20,000 rpm spindle.

Automated and digitized

Future-oriented and competitive: The DMF 200|8 is equipped with an interface for automated production, for example for PH Cell pallet handling.

On the control side, the DMF 200|8 is equipped with CELOS and SIEMENS and comes with the latest version of CELOS as standard, so users are well equipped for digitized production. Markus Rehm refers to the future-oriented and competitive production on the travelling column machine: “The DMF 200|8 offers an interface for automated production, for example with our PH Cell pallet.”

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