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06/13/2018|World premiere: DMC 1850 V

The new size of vertical machining centres with 1,850 mm X-axis and max. 3,000 kg load capacity

As the largest model of the successful vertical machining centres of DMG MORI, the new DMC 1850 V fills the gap between the smaller DMC 1450 V and the DMF travelling column machines.

  • 36 month warranty on all MASTER spindles with no operating hours limitation
  • inlineMASTER spindle with 15,000 rpm, optional speedMASTER up to 20,000 rpm as well as 40,000 rpm high-speed motor spindle
  • Optional SK 50 / HSK-A100 as powerMASTER spindle with 288 Nm
  • toolSTAR tool magazines with 0.9 sec. tool change time up to 120 pockets
  • <5 µm circular accuracy and thermal stability due to integrated cooling concept and SmartSCALE measuring system from MAGNESCALE
  • Increased stability & accuracy due to one-piece machine bed of grey cast iron and directly coupled drives with 42 rpm rapid traverse
  • 3,000 kg max. workpiece weight
  • Workpieces up to 1,850 x 700 x 550 mm (2,160 x 750 mm table size)
  • New DMG MORI Stealth Design
DMC 1850 V
DMG MORI positions the new DMC 1850 V between the smaller sister models and the larger DMF travelling column machines.

The DMC V series has impressed for many years in vertical machining with a sturdy machine design, an innovative cooling concept and a modular design providing solutions for precision machining and heavy-duty cutting. DMG MORI has implemented and further improved these advantages for the DMC 1850 V as well. “The machine impresses with an enormous stability and rigidity, which is achieved with the one-piece machine bed of grey cast iron”, says Markus Rehm, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH. Furthermore, the DMC 1850 V makes an impression with high mechanical precision, which is reflected in the accuracy that can be achieved on the workpiece. The result is a circular accuracy of under 5 µm on all three levels as well as higher metal removal rate of 20 percent. The large X-axis traverse path of 1,850 mm positions the DMC 1850 V precisely between the smaller sister machines of the DMC V series and the larger DMF series. The new vertical machining centre thus enables versatile applications in mechanical engineering, die & mold and the aerospace sector.


Different industries require individual machine solutions. “Based on a detailed market analysis, we have managed to bring together the different requirements in the area of vertical machining in the machine concept of the DMC 1850 V with targeted optimisations”, explains Markus Rehm. This makes the machine highly flexible in the field of 3 and 4 axes.

With the DMC 1850 V, DMG MORI is responding to the market demands for a vertical machining centre with large working area and high table load. The traverse paths are 1,850 x 700 x 550 mm in X-, Y- und Z-direction, while the 2,160 x 750 mm table takes workpieces of up to 3,000 kg. With a door opening of 1,967 mm and a distance of the door opening to the table centre of just 677 mm, the working area is designed ergonomically and easily accessible.

A high variety of spindles for every area of application, rapid traverses of 42 m/min and an acceleration of 5 m/s² in all axes support the high productivity of the DMC 1850 V. In addition to the inlineMASTER spindle as standard, the range comprises accurate spindles with speeds of up to 40,000 rpm and powerMASTER spindles for the heavy-duty cutting with up to 288 Nm torque. The models of the MASTER spindles are available from the second half of 2019. DMG MORI grants a warranty of 36 months for the MASTER spindles – independent of the operational performance.

The standard version of the DMC 1850 V provides space for 20 tools. Optionally larger magazines have up to 120 pockets. The maximum tool length is 400 mm. DMG MORI has positioned the tool change system on the outside of the working area to avoid collision points and to protect against chips. Steep inclines of 35° in the machine bed, combined with chip conveyor and working area flushing ensure reliable chip removal. Bed flushing is available as an option, further improving chip conveyance.

Due to the directly driven ball screw drives on both sides in all axes, the DMC 1850 V achieves impressive surface qualities and a circular accuracy of under 5 µm on all three levels. Direct absolute travel measuring systems as standard contribute to this precision as much as the innovative cooling concept to protect against thermal influences. The cooling measures include cooling of the motor as well as the spindle flange of the work spindle, the cooling of the bearing block of the ball screw drive nut of the Y- and Z-axis, the sleeve cooling of the drive motors as well as the ball screw drive bearing flanges of the X-,Y- and Z-axis. Furthermore, the DMC 1850 V has internal cooling of the ball screw drive of the X-axis and cooling of the pressure rails of the linear guide in X, Y and Z. This enables high long-term accuracy of the machine.

On the outside, the function-oriented stealth design of the DMC 1850 V catches the eye. The lightline clearly shows the respective machine status, the tool magazine can be optimally reached, and perfect insight into the machine room is made possible at any time by the large viewing panels, also on the right side of the cabin. The moveable 21.5” multitouch display also enables permanent frontal insight of the operator into the working area. On control-side, customers can choose between CELOS with Siemens 840D solutionline and CELOS with HEIDENHAIN TNC 640.

Mold plate
Mold plate for a car mat.

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