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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - World premiere: CTX 2500|700

Universal turning in the high-performance class with the best of two worlds.

The CTX 2500|700 excels with excellent performance data, flexible automation options and intelligent control technology

  • Accurate: High-performance turnMASTER main spindle with accurate C-axis (0.002°), active bed cooling and linear scale from MAGNESCALE in the X-axis
  • High performance: Complete machining with counter spindle and torqueDRIVERevolver (85 Nm) or speedDRIVE Revolver (12,000 rpm)
  • Stable: Flat guides in all axes for demanding high-performance turning and grooving up to a 12-mm groove width.
  • Intelligent: CELOS with SIEMENS and DMG MORI technology cycles
The CTX 2500|700 unites the stability, power and precision of the NLX 2500|700 and the CTX beta 800.

As a world premiere at the EMO 2017, the CTX 2500|700 by DMG MORI represents the new standard in universal turning. The best of two worlds combines the precision, performance and stability of two well-known successful models. The rigid machine bed and the stable guidance concept originated from the 10,000-times tried-and-tested NLX 2500|700, while the VDI turret and the SIEMENS 840D solutionline were adapted from the CTX beta 800. The high user friendliness and digital intelligence of the APP-based control and operation interface, CELOS, as well as the ergonomic design, round off the CTX 2500|700 and are teamed with customer-orientated automation options.

With its robust and rigid construction, the CTX 2500|700 offers the perfect basis for powerful heavy-duty machining combined with high surface qualities. The machine design was developed using FEM analysis. Robust guides in all axes ensure dynamic rigidity – the rapid traverses achieve up to 30 m/min – as well high vibration damping. Large-scale ball screw spindles as well 4-fold bearing of the spindle motors result in up to 50 percent higher overall rigidity compared with its predecessor.

Flat guides for maximum stability for example in grooving up to a 12-mm groove width in CK 45.

“This is certainly the most stable as well the most powerful machine we have built in this class in the last 25 years at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH”, confirms Managing Director Harry Junger. For the first time, grooving up to a width of 12 mm and solid drilling with Ø 80 mm will be able to be carried out with process reliability.

DMG MORI combines the rigidity of the CTX 2500|700 with high thermostability. A spiral-shaped oil jacket fitted around the spindle unit controls the temperature increase. Coolant also circulates in the cast components, minimizing thermal displacements. This is only 2.0 µm. The incremental length measuring system from MAGNESCALE, with a standard resolution of 0.01 µm, underscores this mark of quality.

When it comes to performance, the CTX 2500|700 excels with its turnMASTER main spindles. A 10″ model with 4,000 rpm, 26 kW and 525 Nm and optionally a 12″ model with 3,500 rpm, 30 kW and 1194 Nm are available. The counter spindle is 6″ as the standard model and achieves 7,000 rpm, up to 11 kW as well as 70 Nm. An 8″ spindle with 5,000 rpm, 32 kW and 360 Nm is offered as an option here.

The precision disk turret with active disk cooling and VDI-40 interface is the standard of the MC models and Y models with an additional Y-axis. The rotational speed is 6,000 rpm. The torque achieves a maximum of 32 Nm. The SY expansion stage with counter spindle is equipped with the 6,000 rpm star turret torqueDRIVE with up to 85 Nm torque as standard. The BTM interface is available as an option. The speedDRIVE turret with 12,000 rpm and 56 Nm is also available. All turrets offer space for either 12 or 16 tools in the optional VDI 30 design (not for torqueDRIVE).

With ø 366 mm turning diameter and 705 mm turning length in the case of the CTX 2500|700k, the new turning centre offers enough space for a broad range of tools. The chuck size for the standard model is 250 mm with a bar capacity of 76 mm. The travel paths in the X-, Y- and Z-axis are 260 x 100 x 795 mm.

The ergonomic design of the CTX 2500|700 makes the work area easily accessible, which also enables crane loading of heavy components from the top. A pocket for long tools is built into the wall of the spindle gear box to prevent collisions. The oil cooler and hydraulic unit are mounted at the rear and easily accessible.

The user friendliness of the operating system offered by the turning centre is continued in the control system. A ERGOline Control with 21.5″ multi-touch screen and CELOS with SIEMENS inclusive ShopTurn 3G are put to work here. CELOS enables integral administration, documentation and job planning in work preparation and workshop on the one hand and, on the other, CELOS APPs, such as the “CONDITION ANALYZER” or “PERFORMANCE MONITOR”, offer our customers a detailed insight into the machining processes and the status of the machines as the basis of a continuous improvement process. Moreover, CELOS functions to an ever-greater extent as an IoT interface and creates the basis for cross-company interaction in the production networks of the future.

A topic for the future is automation. DMG MORI offers a flexible connection to various automation solutions for the CTX 2500. In addition to integrated tool unloading, a bar loader connection and the option of using the Robo2Go, DMG MORI has now taken over the GC gantry loaders from the NLX series.

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