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04/20/2015|CIMT 2015, DMG MORI Systems

Complete System Competence  for Maximum Productivity

Top customised engineering: DMG MORI Systems combines technology, machine tool, automation and peripherals in holistically coordinated 360° solutions for your production systems.

DMG MORI Systems

Flexible automation solutions guarantee process reliability and are fundamental for the success of a universally digitalised production world. DMG MORI Systems offers its customers the possibilities and competences to produce successfully here and now. This performance commitment applies to every segment of automation.

360° TOP Project Management combined with Engineering Competence

DMG MORI Systems has one face to the customer. Therefore, the company is offering a holistic range of services from a single source for technology, machine, automation and peripherals. This diverse service offer is bundling the unique experience of DMG MORI in the sector of technology design with the DMG MORI Systems automation know-how linked to TOP Project Management skills.

Furthermore, outstanding engineering competence and a strong partner structure with best experience enables DMG MORI Systems to configure and implement ideally aligned systems for every requirement of each customer. This means serial production solutions in all lot sizes for precision parts from small joints up to large six cylinder engine blocks in four segments:

Segment 1: Machine-integrated automation

  • Integrated in the machine
  • Universal production 

Segment 2: Standard automation

  • Solutions for work piece and pallet handling, buffer solutions and peripherals
  • Gantry and robot solutions 

Segment 3: Flexible manufacturing cells

  • Implementation of customer-specific machining processes combined with automation of in-house machines buffer solutions and third party products  

Segment 4: Production lines

  • Planning, simulation and implementation of turnkey solutions based on the DMG MORI standard reference type solution 
DMG MORI Systems

Process reliability with maximum productivity in the turnkey sector
The interaction of the different disciplines technology, machine, automation and peripherals make turnkey projects the supreme disciple of automation and system technology. In addition, to its wide range of products in the field of machine tools, DMG MORI Systems also offers proven expertise in all fields – in the engineering of technological applications as well as in material flow and the required peripherals.

This consistent integration is the basis for a high level of cost-efficiency, as Silvio Krüger, DMG MORI Systems General Manager, explains: “The convincing features of the production lines are low unit costs, outstanding machining performance and system availability of over 95 %. Our Systems achieve the shortest cycle times and offer impressive flexibility.” Parallel manufacturing processes can be realized and flexible programming leaves considerable scope in the production process.

Reliability and process stability are ensured by the use of constantly developed and proven technologies on the one hand and the global presence of DMG MORI on the other. “As a supplier for the automotive industry it is not necessary to say that we can rely on our worldwide service network and a specially established top-level support team to support customers when necessary”, Silvio Krüger points out.

New Technology and Competence Center in Wernau
With the aim of bundling system competences, currently a future orientated Technology Center for 250 employees is currently being built up in Wernau. “This investment is a strategic mile-stone for the group and shows our customers that we are setting up the basis to fulfill all their top level requirements completely“, Silvio Krüger explains.

The new production location in Wernau near Stuttgart is equipped with the state-of-the-art technological requirements for Machine Tool Automation Systems. The up to 21°C fully air conditioned production area of 12.000 m2 is equipped with six self-sufficient but capable central cooling emulsion lines as also with a 450 m2 measuring room for cmk and cpk acceptances. The new location does not have a showroom as the transparent approach of the DMG MORI Systems working style is also reflected in the architecture of the building, where it is possible to see the shop floor from every office and meeting room.

Highlights – DMG MORI Systems

  • Efficient combination of technology, machine, automation and peripherals
  • Planning, simulation and implementation of turnkey solutions
  • Core competences in controls, tool and clamping conception and process
  • Top machines for serial production
  • Top project management = one contact person for all customer needs
  • Strong partners for the integration of production systems 

Highlights of the new Technology Center of DMG MORI Systems GmbH in Wernau near Stuttgart

  • Total area of 47,000 m2
  • “Transparent Factory” with a production area of 12,000 m2
  • Fully air-conditioned up to 21°C ±1K
  • 6 self-sufficient but capable central cooling emulsion lines
  • 450 m² measuring room for cmk and cpk acceptances
  • Central extraction system for emissions from the dry machining process