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09/19/2017|EMO 2017 - World premiere: CLX 550

The completion of the CLX range - now also with FANUC

The CLX 550 universal turning centre from DMG MORI impresses with its high level of stability, sturdy construction, a powerful 630-Nm spindle and a multitude of customer-orientated hardware and software options. In addition to Siemens the FANUC I series is now also available as a new and additional 3D control alternative.

  • Power: Heavy-duty machining with up to 630 Nm torque on the main spindle
  • Flexibility: 6-sided complete machining of complex workpieces thanks to counter spindle and 120 mm Y-axis
  • Design: Improved chip fall and impressive stability, optimal for heavy-duty machining at the limit of the range
  • Work area: ø 480 mm x 1,225 mm turning range, ø 80 mm bar capacity in the standard version (optional: ø 102 mm)
  • Precision: Linear guides for maximum precision and long-term accuracy, circular accuracy < 3 μm
  • CNC Controls: 19” multi-touch control panel with SIEMENS or (NEW) FANUC I-series CNC
The CLX 550 offers a 480 mm turning diameter and 1,225 mm turning length on a compact footprint of just 7.4 m2.

The CLX series represents the segment of high-performance universal machines with a diverse choice of options within the product range of universal turning centres from DMG MORI and since the AMB 2016 has set new standards in this segment. The CLX series is a modular solution offer for many different branches - including the automotive industry or general machinery and plant engineering. The new CLX 550 now joins the CLX 350 and CLX 450 to expand the spectrum of successful universal turning centres. With a 480 mm turning diameter and 1,225 mm turning length it offers users a larger work area on a compact footprint (7.4 m²). The sturdy cast-iron bed with its innovate design ensures the necessary rigidity, optimum vibration behaviour and improved chip fall. Powerful DMG MORI spindles and a VDI40 turret with twelve stations guarantee a high level of productivity. An extensive portfolio of technology solutions, DMG MORI software solutions and applications round off the offer of the high-performance CLX 550.

Its sturdy machine bed, large ball screws and the equally sturdy spindle bearing make the CLX 550 a flexible all-rounder through to heavy-duty machining with a torque of up to 630 Nm in the DMG MORI portfolio of universal turning centres. There is also a 280 Nm counter-spindle available that enables the 6-sided complete machining of complex workpieces. This new and now largest model in the CLX series enables bar machining with diameters of up to 80 mm (ø 102 mm as an option) with a high degree of accuracy (circular precision: < 3 μm). In its standard version the CLX 550 comes equipped with a VDI40 turret with twelve tool stations and six block tool holders.

Diverse options enable application-oriented equipping and upgrading of the CLX 550. In addition to the larger bar capacity and lower spindle there are also VDI30 or VDI50 turrets available as well as a tailstock and a steady rest. Both can be ordered alternatively as CNC controlled units. This means the manufacture of crankshafts is also possible on the CLX 550. DMG MORI underscores the high demand on machining quality with versatile equipment options such as direct path measuring systems and integrated workpiece measurement. Altogether the customer has a choice of over 100 hardware and software options which enable individual CLX machine configurations.

Completely new is the 3D control strategy for the CLX: In its standard version the 19” DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch control panel with SIEMENS 840D solutionline and Operate 4.7 ensures a high level of user comfort and reliable machining processes. In addition to this the FANUC I-series CNC is now also available as an option for all CLX machines. All machines with FANUC are built in the traditional plant GRAZIANO in Tortona, Italy.

Dr. Michael Budt, CSO for the DMG MORI plants in Poland and Russia, explains: “The decision to produce the CLX machines in Italy as well as in our plant in Poland means we can meet the enormous demand and also come a step closer to achieving our goal of selling up to 3,000 CLX / CMX machines worldwide in future.”

DMG MORI Technology Cycles, such as Easy Tool Monitoring, are also available in addition to the diversity of 3D control. These cycles boost machining efficiency and so of course customer benefit as well. Easy Tool Monitoring, for example, prevents damage by controlled stopping of spindles and axes in the case of broken or overloaded tools.

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