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03/27/2023|CIMT 2023

Local production for innovative manufacturing solutions

Modern machine tools for process integration, automation, digitization and sustainability will be the highlights at CIMT 2023.

For DMG MORI China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), the country’s most prestigious machine tool exhibition, is an ideal platform to present innovative solutions for the production of the future. From April 10 to 15, 2023, visitors will get an impression of DMG MORI’s technology excellence in the most important key industries. Process integration, automation, digitization and sustainability will be the major issues at DMG MORI’s booth. The exhibition consists of 8 machine tools: the turn & mill center CTX gamma 2000 TC, the Vertical Mate 85 for efficient grinding, and several machining centers – among them the models produced locally like the NHC 5500 and CMX 1100 Vc made in Tianjin. With a MATRIS light on an NLX 2500 and a NHC 5000 with a RPS two automation solutions work as examples for a holistic portfolio in this future topic. In addition to the eight exhibited machines, the new ALC series turning center produced in Tianjin will be introduced to the public in the exhibition.

Automation:  Solutions for every purpose from a single source

Flexible automation of production processes is high on the agenda of an increasing number of companies. The quest for productivity and efficiency in order to remain competitive on the global market is driving this development. After all, the better the utilization of a production facility, the better its economic as well as ecological balance. DMG MORI has been shaping this development towards increasingly autonomous processes for many years with innovative automation solutions. The portfolio now comprises 57 automation solutions in 13 product lines for workpiece or pallet handling – including the complete hardware and software. In addition, there are the PH‑AGV and WH-AMR driverless transport systems. DMG MORI can thus equip and in many cases retrofit 150 different machine models.

DMG MORI will be showing two examples of the automation portfolio at CIMT in the form of an NLX 2500 with a MATRIS light and a NHC 5000 with an RPS. The MATRIS light is a highly flexible and collaborative robot for the handling of workpieces of up to 5 kg. It can be teached directly without robot knowledge. The RPS is machine-integrated and space-saving automation for the handling of up to 21 pallets which is produced by Tianjin factory. It can handle workpieces of up to 700 kg.

Integrated Digitization & Technology Integration - Innovative solutions for the digital transformation of a modern production

As a technology leader in machine tool manufacturing, DMG MORI can align all activities in the area of digitization along the entire value chain. CELOS and the Messenger support work on the shopfloor while the IoTconnector guarantees a safe connectivity for the use of monitoring and remote services. Another example of digitization is the DMG MORI DIGITAL TWIN. By simulating whole machining processes in virtual space – from controls over tools and clamping devices to workpieces – the DIGITAL TWIN reduces the risk of collisions during the actual machining process. Component costs and cycle times can be reduced, as well, which makes machining significantly more productive.

DMG MORI is also helping to involve employees in digitization: The no-code platform TULIP makes it possible to quickly create interactive APPs entirely without programming knowledge. Unpopular paper documents on the store floor thus become superfluous. This increases motivation for digitization, boosts the productivity of manual processes, improves product quality and creates sustainable efficiency throughout the entire process chain.

Also, with exclusive technology cycles DMG MORI enhances the efficiency of machining processes. 3D quickset guarantees easy measuring and correcting of the machine tool’s kinematics, whereas MPC 2.0 Machine Protection Control monitors vibrations and initiates an immediate shutdown in case of a crash. Additionally, DMG MORI Technology Cycles make programming easier – up to 60 percent faster – and even allow machining complex workpieces. gearSKIVING 2.0, for instance, helps machining straight and helical external or internal spur gears and splines on standard mill-turn machines.

Technology Excellence: Experts in aerospace, semiconductor, medical, die & mold and new energy

DMG MORI has decades of experience in many key industries. In recent years aerospace, semiconductor, medical, die & mold and new energy are becoming increasingly important. Thus, the machine tool manufacturer bundles this experience in its DMG MORI Technology Excellence Centers. With their technical know-how, their experts design individual manufacturing solutions with a continuous process chain based on the innovative product portfolio. In the medical industry, for instance, DMG MORI use turn & mill centers and compact 5-axis universal machines for the production of medical products like implants. The medical sector also profits from advanced technologies such as ULTRASONIC machining and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. Similarly, the production of semiconductor components requires highly precise manufacturing solutions like rigid 5-axis machining centers and the ULTRASONIC technology in the production of technical glasses, for example.

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