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07/22/2016| Innovation Days Chicago 2016 - NLX 2500SY|700

Solid perfection across the entire range

The NLX series from DMG MORI offers 51 differently configured versions in total, from a single-spindle lathe up to a 6-spindle mill/drill center with CELOS and the fastest way from the idea to the finished product.

One of the most popular models of the NLX series is the NLX 2500SY|700.
One of the most popular models of the NLX series is the NLX 2500SY|700.

The NLX series launched by DMG MORI in 2010 constitutes a consistent continuation of the highly successful NL series that was already a best seller on the international market. Today over 1,200 of these universal lathes are sold every year. Its impressive technical performance and modular design are the main factors that account for its broad market acceptance. The latter feature enables a total of 51 differently configured versions based on ten models, each of which offers maximum performance, flexibility and reliability in its area of application. Finally yet importantly, with the latest further development the new NLX machines are now available with the new joint DMG MORI design and CELOS. At the Innovation Days in Chicago DMG MORI will show one of the series’ most popular models – the NLX 2500SY|700.

When it comes to lathes, stability and rigidity are the key to excellent machining results and efficient processes. This is exactly what was taken into consideration in the development of the NLX series. The results are convincing across the board. Thanks to the even more rigid linear drives, the updated machine bed and flat guides with their high damping capacity, the NLX models achieve a rigidity that is up to 30 % higher than that of the previous series. In particular, the larger ball-thread drives play a decisive role, because combined with the enlarged bearings they make the axes up to 50 % more rigid. In addition, DMG MORI has also improved thermal stability. The cooling system integrated in the machine bed reduces thermal displacement to a minimum.

All of the above and the modular design of the NLX machines provides the perfect foundation for optimum turning operations. An extensive range of advanced high-tech features enables individual solutions for virtually every application. DMG MORI offers
51 differently configured versions based on the ten available models. These range from a simple universal lathe up to turn/mill machining with a counter spindle, Y-axis and directly driven tools in the proven BMT turret. Both chuck and bar machining are possible with all versions.

NLX 2500SY|700 – efficient complete machining

One of the most popular models of the NLX series is the NLX 2500SY|700. The standard version is equipped with main and counter spindle while the BMT turret has space for 10 driven tools. Turrets with 12 stations are also available as an option.

In order to cover a wide range of parts DMG MORI has provided the NLX 2500SY|700 with a generous travel range. The turning length of 27.8 in. and maximum diameter of 14.4 in. speak for themselves. A spindle bar capacity of 3.1 in. also enables bar machining of even larger parts.

The temperature management of the machine should be emphasized with regard to the precision of the NLX 2500SY|700. The coolant flows in an integrated circuit through the machine and machine bed ensuring a uniform temperature in the entire machine.

CELOS and the new DMG MORI design

The new NLX models are equipped with CELOS, the 21.5” ERGOline and a MITSUBISHI control. CELOS from DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product. CELOS APPs enable continuous and digitized management, documentation and visualization of job, process and machine data. In addition, CELOS is compatible with PPS and ERP systems, can be networked with CAD/CAM applications and is ready for future, trendsetting CELOS APP expansions.

The new joint DMG MORI design introduced in 2014 will become the benchmark for all new NLX models. It reflects the holistic high quality standard of the innovative leader and impresses with even more functionality and increased user friendliness. The large viewing windows enable optimum monitoring of the manufacturing process. The accessibility of the work area and chip flow during machining are also indications of this high degree of user comfort.

Another outstanding feature of the new DMG MORI design worthy of note is the premium machine housing with its special fine structured coating. These long-life surfaces feature higher scratch resistance and better overall protection against damage thus further boosting the high value retention of these high-tech machines. In addition to all these technical features, customers can choose between two machine designs. The new DMG MORI design is available in either “BLACK” or “WHITE” at no extra cost.

Highlights NLX series

Integrated cooling system in the machine bed for improved thermal stability

Rigid flat guides with a high damping capacity in all axes
Milling performance comparable to machining centers thanks to BMT technology
Available in 51 different configurations (e.g. directly driven tools, Y-axis,
high-performance counter-spindle, etc.)