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07/01/2016|CCMT 2016 - Medical / SPRINT 20|5

Innovative, comprehensive and global

DMG MORI excels in the field of medical engineering with its comprehensive high-end manufacturing technology and global sales and service

In the continuously growing market of medical engineering, innovative CNC solutions have a fixed place in the production of all major medical engineering manufacturers. As a competence partner, DMG MORI closely accompanies the dynamic further development of medical engineering products, ensuring that complex implants and instruments are manufactured efficiently by using increasingly powerful machine tools. At CCMT 2016, DMG MORI is exhibiting t w o models from the extensive product range that are popular in medical engineering with the SPRINT 20|5 and the DMU 50.
Medical engineering is a melting pot of different products, competences and technical services. The range of instruments, implants and devices in medical engineering is enormous. It encompasses simple to complex geometries, the production of standardised or customised small to large workpieces made from materials that are extremely difficult to machine and that sometimes make extremely high demands of accuracy and surface quality. Furthermore, the quantities range from one-offs in the dental sector, for example, to the production of variants in small to medium quantities such as surgical instruments and hip and knee joints, and the mass production of bone screws, among other things.

Anyone wishing to maintain a competitive edge in this innovative market must adapt to the visions and growth of its customers. In it is exactly in this respect that DMG MORI has been demonstrating its strengths for many years now. With its expertise and product portfolio the machine tool manufacturer is the ideal partner for the efficient production of first class medical instruments, implants and devices. State-of-the-art CNC technologies and automation solutions guarantee perfect qualities and efficient processes while the experienced specialists in the global DMG MORI network guarantee a high level of service availability. And they do this at the same consistently high level worldwide. The strategic importance of this is sure to be appreciated by international concerns in particular, while regional users are more than satisfied with the sales and service offer of “their” nearby DMG MORI branch.

SPRINT 20|5 – Cutting complex workpieces efficiently

The SPRINT 20|5 is designed for the highly productive serial production of workpieces of simple to medium complexity machined from the bar.

The SPRINT 20|5 is designed for the highly productive serial production of workpieces of simple to medium complexity machined from the bar. The bar capacity of the main spindle is Ø 20 mm. The counter-spindle can be equipped optionally for shaft unloading of workpieces measuring Ø 20 x 600 mm. Another feature that promotes both reliability and precision is the extremely stable construction of the SPRINT 20|5. Robust 25-mm widely spaced ball guides ensure consistent rigidity. The thermally stable cast base is designed as a flat bed and steep covers in the interior allow optimum chip flow. It also boasts up to 23 tools, including up to six powered tools, which can achieve chip-to-chip times of less than 0.2 seconds thus ensuring maximum efficiency. This already high level of productivity is further enhanced by solutions for automatic workpiece unloading.

The main spindle is also equipped with a C-axis for the machining of complex operations. The counter-spindle is equipped with a C-axis when combined with the optional powered tools for rear-sided machining. Both drive spindles are designed as integrated spindle motors. The main spindle has a rating of 2.2 kW and 14 Nm with speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. A maximum of 1.5 kW, 4.8 Nm and 10,000 rpm are available on the counter-spindle.

In combination with our SWISSTYPEkit, the stroke of the main spindle is increased from 80 to 180 mm, which allows both short and long turning to take place on the same machine. All it takes to make the conversion is to mount the guide bushing and change the control via the menu navigation. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes. This extremely quick and easy conversion from short turning to long turning gives users two decisive benefits. Firstly, they only need one machine for two different workpiece spectrums. Secondly, they reduce their variable costs.

DMU 50 – Compact universal milling machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining

The DMU 50 opens up a new era in workshops, training, laboratories and demanding areas such as medical engineering.

The DMU 50 opens up a new era in workshops, training, laboratories and demanding areas such as medical engineering. Highlights such as digital drives in all axes and the main spindle, a fast speed of up to 30 m/min, acceleration of 5 m/s² and motor spindles up to 18,000 rpm give the DMU 50 additional dynamics. As well as the standard rigid table, other table options are available in the form of motorized swivel rotary tables with hydraulic clamping and a simultaneous table, which bring two additional machining axes into play. The modern cross-slide design with an inherently rigid ribbed cast iron frame provides a basis for achieving appreciably greater precision.

The swivel rotary table of the DMU 50 provides further options for manufacturing complex workpieces such as many medical engineering instruments with a maximum of two setup operations. Making savings on expensive equipment does not just save money, but the precision of the parts is increased considerably. The large swivelling range of up to 115° (–5° / +110°) makes undercuts of up to 20° possible. Guides, drives, measuring systems and tools are positioned outside the working area, where they are protected.

The new machine design of the DMU 50 provides additional functionality, maximum user friendliness and high value stability. State of the art control technology with ERGOline Control with a 21.5" multi-touch screen and CELOS are also the guarantee of maximum user friendliness, precision and reliability.