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Productive and flexible with future-proof automation solutions

Automated manufacturing processes do much more than reduce labor costs – they also increase efficiency, quality and flexibility.

  • Automated manufacturing solution for almost any DMG MORI machine
  • PH Wheel:
    • Highly productive pallet automation for up to 125 workpieces with workpiece change times under 7 seconds.
    • Very compact: less than 9 m² footprint
    • Double gripper for pallets with standard interfaces such as HSK 100, Capto C8 and Erowa ITS.
  • TH-AGV:
    • Driverless tool transport by means of laser navigation.
    • Up to 16 tools with maximum 50 kg and 650 mm length.
2101 Pressemappe Automationslösungen

Machine tools are most productive when they run around the clock. Automated manufacturing solutions are clearly in vogue and are one of the major future DMG MORI one of the major topics of the future. The modular portfolio comprises a total of 53 automation solutions in 13 product lines for workpiece or pallet handling – including the complete hardware and software. The latest developments in DMG MORI's automation portfolio include the PH Wheel, a standard automation system for pallet handling based on the proven and patented technology of the tool wheel magazine. On the other hand, DMG MORI has expanded the range of scalable automation with the TH-AGV, an Automated Guides Vehicle (AGV). The driverless transport system enables autonomous transport of up to 16 tools to the respective machines.​​​​​​​

2101 Pressemappe Automationslösungen
The modular portfolio comprises a total of 53 automation solutions in 13 product lines for workpiece or pallet handling – including all hardware and software.

PH Wheel: Highly productive automation for up to 125 workpieces on less than 9 m²

With the patented wheel magazine, DMG MORI launched a long-proven tool storage system in 2013 that inspires with its space-saving design and extremely fast tool changes. “It was a logical step to transfer this technology to the handling of workpieces as well,” Cornelius Nöß, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, explains the development of the new PH Wheel. He adds that the concept remains the same: “We have adopted the magazine and the double gripper. The table was designed to accommodate the pallet carriers - with standard interfaces such as HSK 100, Capto C8 or Erowa.”

2101 Pressemappe Automationslösungen
The PH Wheel is based on the proven technology of the wheel magazine for tools.

Designed for workpieces weighing up to 50 kg, the PH Wheel offers space per wheel for 25 carriers with a diameter of ø 150 mm. A total of five wheels, i.e. 125 carriers, are possible. With a beam diameter of ø 300 mm, twelve stations are available per wheel. The component height is up to 400 mm. “The high number of workpieces in an installation area of less than 9 m², combined with the extremely fast workpiece changeover of less than seven seconds, makes the PH Wheel an unrivaled automation solution in its class,” says Cornelius Nöß.

2101 Pressemappe Automationslösungen
Das TH-AGV erlaubt den fahrerlosen Transport von bis zu 16 Werkzeugen an die jeweilige Maschine.

TH-AGV: Autonomous transport of up to 16 tools

The driverless transport system enable efficient work between man and machine. Following the presentation of the PH‑AGV for the autonomous transport of pallets, DMG MORI now presents another AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle): The TH-AGV allows the driverless transport of up to 16 molds to the respective machine. It is designed for tools weighing up to 50 kg and 650 mm in length. They are picked up in two rows of eight tools each.

The TH-AGV travels entirely without guide rails and tracks. Laser navigation ensures safe transport through production. The same navigation technology is used here as in the PH‑AGV,´making both transport systems compatible. Mixed operation with manual vehicles and pedestrians is also possible. In addition, the TH-AGV has pushbuttons for pausing the machine as well as emergency stop buttons. Acoustic signaling devices, turn signals and a vehicle display for event messages allow easy interaction between man and machine.

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