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WE LOVE AUTOMATION – fit for the future with automation

Workpiece and pallet handling, robots and automated guided vehicles - at AMB, DMG MORI will be demonstrating its automation expertise in a variety of ways.

Automation solutions DMG MORI
Technology expertise, machine and automation from a single source: DMG MORI presents current innovations and holistic technology solutions for the future of manufacturing on more than 2,000 square meters and with 22 high-tech machines as well as 10 automation solutions.

Automated manufacturing promises greater productivity, quality and safety – factors that promote sustainable competitiveness. With the integration of hardware and software, DMG MORI is consistently gearing its entire product portfolio towards automation in machine tool manufacturing. The performance spectrum ranges from standard solutions with standardized modules (for measuring, marking or deburring, for example) to customized, fully integrated manufacturing systems. At AMB, DMG MORI will present a cross-section of its automation portfolio, including workpiece and pallet handlings, robot-based solutions and driverless transport systems, for example for tool supply.

The DMG MORI campaign "We love Automation" hits a nerve in many industries that are looking for more efficiency in times of rising costs: With holistic automation solutions from a single source, DMG MORI implements manufacturing systems that are optimally coordinated with each other. The goal is, on the one hand, uniform and integrated user interfaces that allow convenient operation. On the other hand, only reliable products certified by DMG MORI are used in the periphery. In addition, the machine tool manufacturer puts all manufacturing solutions through their paces so that customers can manufacture smoothly.

World premiere: PH Cell Twin – Compact pallet handling for two machines

PH Cell Twin with DMU 50 and DMU 65 H monoBLOCK
PH Cell Twin with DMU 50 and DMU 65 H monoBLOCK

With the PH Cell Twin, DMG MORI is expanding its successful PH Cell 300 concept, which has been implemented many times, for a maximum of 40 pallets and pallet sizes from 300 mm to 500 mm. The consistent development of the successful, compact and modular concept is designed to flexibly automate two machining centers. Depending on the design of the storage unit, the PH Cell Twin offers space for up to 30 pallets and is compatible with various models of the DMU monoBLOCK, DMU H monoBLOCK and DMU eVo series as well as with the CMX U series. At AMB, it will be on display with two DMU 50 that are also compatible. Both the pallet handling itself and the second machine can be retrofitted.

PH Cell 300: Modular automation concept for up to 40 pallets

The compact PH Cell 300 offers maximum flexibility. The modular design allows an individual number of pallets in different sizes. It is compatible with a wide range of machining centers. For example, it will be on display at AMB on a DMU 65 monoBLOCK. With a footprint of 10.7 m², the PH Cell 300 is a space-saving automation solution with a transfer weight of up to 300 kg. In tight production spaces, the pallet system allows highly autonomous production.

Pallet handling with PH Cell 300
PH Cell 300: With a footprint of 10.7 m², the PH Cell 300 is a space-saving automation solution that allows highly autonomous production even in tight production spaces.

NHX 5000 and RPS 14: Maximum machine utilization in horizontal machining

The proven combination of NHX horizontal machining centers and pallet handling ensures efficient production of a wide range of components. On the NHX 5000, the RPS 14 round pallet storage system provides space for 14 pallets, each measuring 500 x 500 mm. Setup in parallel with production maximizes the runtime of the horizontal machining center. Depending on the component, this combination also allows the use of clamping towers, enabling entire series to be manufactured productively and doing so in a minimized footprint with maximum benefit.

NHX 5000 horizontal machining center
Thanks to 14 pallet positions and setup during machining, the runtime of the NHX 5000 horizontal machining center is maximized even in unmanned shifts.

Robo2Go: Flexible robot automation for many applications

DMG MORI has successively expanded the Robo2Go family, so that flexible robot automation is now available for both lathes and milling machining centers. At AMB, DMG MORI will be demonstrating the Robo2Go Max on a CTX gamma 2000 TC. It enables handling of workpieces weighing up to 115 kg. Feeding and removal of the unmachined and finished parts is uncomplicated by means of a pallet or workpiece carriage. DMG MORI will also present the Robo2Go Milling on a DMU 40 eVo. This has a payload of 25 kg or 35 kg and can handle components with dimensions from 20 to 200 mm. Thanks to the lateral positioning, accessibility to the machine is fully maintained. A turning station for automated 6-sided complete machining can also be integrated.

Workpiece handling with Robo2Go Max
Robo2Go Max: Strongest version with 210 kg payload and 115 kg workpiece weight.

WH 3 Cell and MATRIS light: Compact automation solutions for tight production spaces

Workpiece handling with MATRIS Light
Extremely compact solutions: Including workpiece storage requires MATRIS Light requires a minimum footprint of 900 x 1,550 mm.

With the WH 3 Cell on a DMP 35 and the MATRIS light on an NLX 2000|500, DMG MORI proves that its automation portfolio also includes extremely compact and flexible solutions. For example, the WH 3 Cell increases the footprint of the DMP 35 by just 1.66 m².  With up to 45 additional tools, the new, integrated additional tool magazine of the WH 3 Cell again significantly increases the flexibility and autonomy of the DMP 35. With MATRIS light, DMG MORI now presents a very space-saving and collaborative automation system for workpieces weighing up to 5 kg, which can be connected to various machine tools from DMG MORI prepared for this purpose within five minutes. With its small dimensions of 900 x 1,550 mm including workpiece storage, the MATRIS light requires about as much space as an operator. Additional floor space as with other automation solutions is therefore not required.

TH-AGV: Driverless transport system for flexible mold handling

On a DMC 80 FD duoBLOCK, DMG MORI demonstrates fully automatic and flexible tool handling using a driverless transport system. The system allows absolutely free layout design and does not require any guide rails or tracks at all. Safety on the store floor is ensured by laser scanners that detect people and obstacles in good time. The TH-AGV always adapts its speed to the environment and, if necessary, can reach its destination within a very short time.

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