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04/20/2015|CIMT 2015, Asian premiere – SPRINT 20|5

Turning complex parts efficiently

SPRINT 20|5 – automatic lathe for turning both short and long workpieces measuring Ø20 x 600 mm with 5 linear axes and a footprint of just 2 m².

Asian premiere – SPRINT 20-5

The SPRINT 20|5 that is built at the completely modernised plant of GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A. near Brembate di Sopra in Italy represents the addition of an attractively priced machine for machining bars with a diameter of up to 20 mm to the successful SPRINT series. It comes with 5 linear axes and a C-axis on the main spindle in the standard version. The working area can accommodate in total 23 tools, with 4 pockets equipped for driven tools. 2 of the 4 pockets can be equipped optionally for rear-side machining with driven tool stations, including a C-axis for the counter spindle.

Bar machining up to a diameter of 20 mm

The SPRINT 20|5 is designed for the serial production of workpieces of simple to medium complexity machined from the bar. The bar capacity of the main spindle is Ø 20 mm. The counter-spindle can be equipped optionally for shaft unloading of workpieces measuring Ø 20 x 600 mm. Another feature that promotes both reliability and precision is the extremely stable construction of the SPRINT 20|5.

Robust 25-mm widely spaced ball guides ensure consistent rigidity. The thermally stable cast base is designed as a flat bed and steep covers in the interior allow optimum chip flow. It also boasts up to 23 tools, including up to six live tools, which can achieve chip-to-chip times of less than 0.2 seconds thus ensuring maximum efficiency. This already high level of productivity is further enhanced by solutions for automatic workpiece unloading.

The main spindle is also equipped with a C-axis for the machining of complex operations. The counter-spindle is equipped with a C-axis when combined with the optional powered tools for rear-sided machining. Both drive spindles are designed as integrated spindle motors. The main spindle has a rating of 2.2 kW and 14 Nm with speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. Maximum 1.5 kW, 4.8 Nm and 10,000 rpm are available on the counter-spindle.

SWISSTYPEkit for short and long turning on a single machine
“In combination with our SWISSTYPEkit the stroke of the main spindle is extended from 60 to 180 mm allowing both short and long turning on a single machine. All it takes to make the conversion is to mount the guide bushing and change the control via the menu navigation. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes”, explains Paolo Musante, Managing Director of GILDEMEISTER Italiana S.p.A. “This extremely simple and speedy conversion from short to long turning offers our customers two decisive benefits. Firstly, they only need one machine for two different workpiece spectrums. Secondly, they reduce their variable costs. Short workpieces can, of course, be machined on a Swiss-type turning machine, but the residual length in the long turning configuration here is 170 mm in h9 quality and only 70 mm in h11 quality in the short turning configuration.“

Complex machining with up to six powered tools – 23 tools in total
In total the work area has space for 23 tools arranged on two independent tool carriages. This allows parallel machining on the main and counter-spindle. The main spindle has six pockets for front machining and six for radial turning operations. In addition another four radial stations are also equipped for powered tools. There are three pockets on tool carriage 1 for rear-side machining on the counter-spindle, with an additional four pockets on carriage 2. The carriage can also be equipped optionally for two powered tools including a C-axis for the counter-spindle.

A footprint of less than 2 m² thanks to production-optimised STEALTH design

The machine is equipped in the production-optimised STEALTH design to ensure minimum space requirement. The machine requires a space of just 1.98 m² including the control system MITSUBISHI M70 or FANUC 32i-B with 10.4 color display. “Our designers have worked a small miracle here: machining workpieces with a length of 180 mm with 23 tools is certainly a market standard, 600 mm long shafts are something special, but absolutely unique is the space requirement of less than 2 m²“, raves Paolo Musante about the small machine with the large work area. There is a wide choice of options available for serial production. Well worth mentioning in this respect is the bar machining package with a chip conveyor and bar loader. In addition, the tool stations can also be equipped with a quick tool-change system enabling 20 % shorter tooling or re-tooling times.

Automatic production lathe for short and long workpieces
The new SPRINT 20|5 is the ideal machine when it comes to the serial production of simple to medium complex components from the bar. Examples here include the medical, automotive and electrotechnical sectors as well as fluid and hydraulic components. Other special equipment is also available depending on requirements, a patented unit for external thread whirling with a direct drive, for example, or a high-frequency unit with speeds of up to 80,000 rpm for milling Torx profiles in bolt heads, drilling micro-holes or whirling internal threads.

Highlights – SPRINT 20|5

  • Machining of workpieces measuring up to Ø 20 x 600 mm on a footprint of less than 2 m²
  • SWISSTYPEkit for short and long turning on a single machine
  • 23 tools on 2 independent carriages, of which 4 driven tool pockets for the main spindle and 2 driven tool pockets for the counter-spindle*
  • 20 % shorter tooling times thanks to the quick tool-change system*
  • Optimum chip flow thanks to the steep covers in the work area or direct downward chip flow
  • Unloading unit for long workpieces up to 600 mm through the counter-spindle*
  • High-pressure coolant supply* up to 120 bar
  • CNC-control M70 from MITSUBISHI or 32i-B from FANUC with 10.4“ colour display 

* optional