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05/08/2023|Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Innovative and sustainable air compressors

Compressed air is one of the most important driving forces in production. Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. (EAMI) with headquarters in Xiamen, Fujian province, has been focusing on this topic since its foundation in 1991. The range of services covers research, development and manufacture of air compressors and their sale.

cnc milling machine - DMG MORI NHC 4000
The small and medium sizes are manufactured on two production lines, each consisting of four NHC 4000s. Loading and unloading here takes place fully automated via a mobile robot.
cnc milling machine - horizontal machining centers from DMG MORI
EAMI relies on horizontal machining centers from DMG MORI to manufacture the housings for the air compressors.

To keep up with increasing production requirements, EAMI purchased two DMC 75 Hs from DMG MORI in 2010. The machine fleet now comprises 42 models from the machine tool manufacturers, including 30 horizontal machining centers such as the NHX 8000 and several NHC models. EAMI also operates vertical machining centers and CNC turning centers. Moreover, two fully automated production lines per mobile robot, each consisting of four NHC 4000s, were purchased at the end of 2021. Also here, the concept and installation were performed by DMG MORI from a single source.

Machines, automation and training by DMG MORI ensured a smooth company development

Looking back at the many years of cooperation between EAMI and DMG MORI, Han Wenhao, General Manager of EAMI, is sure: “It is true to say that DMG MORI accompanied the expansion of EAMI and provided us with a lot of support along the entire way.” The machines are stable, reliable and very resilient. “In addition, the expert support and tailor-made training has enabled verifiably efficient production and a smooth development.”

High-precision processing for oil-free air compressors

At EAMI, chip removal is an important link in the manufacturing processes of mechanical products in EAMI. It has a direct impact on the product quality. This means the requirements on the processing machines are also very high. Particularly in the case of new products from EAMI, such as oil-free dry compressors, eliminating lubricating oil during air compression generates more heat, which results in high temperatures and high operating speeds. “This means that the machining accuracy of the core parts has to be improved to ensure the stability and service life of the compressor at high speeds,” says Han Wenhao. EAMI uses DMG MORI machining centers primarily for manufacturing housings and bearing blocks, which are the core components of the company’s products. With their precision, performance and stability, DMG MORI machines perfectly fulfil the machining requirements of EAMI. These machines can ensure the concentricity, parallelism, squareness, flatness, and surface quality of the housing parts, even under harsh working conditions. Housing parts are one of the components whose geometries are complex and that tend to deform if not properly clamped. “DMG MORI machining centers have considerably improved our machining results and repeatability,” reports Han Wenhao. “We were able to increase the mold and position tolerance from the original 0.04 to 0.06 mm to 0.01 to 0.02 mm. We can now also achieve concentricity of 0.01 to 0.02 mm. Machining efficiency has been considerably improved compared to the previous horizontal machining center with slide guidance.”

cnc milling machine - NHX 8000 and NHC 8000
All housings are measured on coordinate measuring machines as part of quality control. These large housings are manufactured on the NHX 8000 and NHC 8000 machines.

Automated manufacturing enables efficient production

Automation is an important way to increase manufacturing efficiency with low levels of personnel,” is the opinion of Han Wenhao. “It is all about achieving intelligent manufacturing.” Above all in recent years, it has become increasingly challenging to recruit qualified workers. At the end of 2021, EAMI chose a proactive approach to counteract this problem. Together with DMG MORI, two production lines for machining bearing blocks and housings were completely automated.

Two production lines with four horizontal machining centers and a mobile robot

Every production line is made up of four NHC 4000s and a mobile robot, which feeds workpieces set up on the pallets into the machine and unloads the finished parts. While the machine is producing, the operator is able to prepare new pallets parallel to main machining. “Both production lines are ideally suited for long, lightly manned manufacturing,” Han Wenhao says, evaluating the process. After the workpieces has been positioned, the machine can run autonomously for long periods of time. “We also use it for unmanned night shifts.” Multi-machine operation is also possible. The results speak for themselves: Only one operator is required to operate a production line at full capacity for a 24-hour period. Previously four employees in two shift were needed.

Automated series production of different components with small batch sizes

The project involving automated manufacturing of bearing blocks and housings demonstrated to EAMI how forward-looking a production approach like this is. EAMI is now in a position to manufacture a very diverse range of small series of workpieces. “Although it is generally small batch sizes.” DMG MORI has thus also met the requirements for flexible production. In addition, DMG MORI has been able to deepen its know-how about the interaction of hardware and software in automated processes. Both companies plan to maintain this trusting cooperation in the future.

Partnership for a green future

DMG MORI automation - improved accuracy of our workpieces
Han Wenhao, General Manager, Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

The broad product range, the quality of the machines, the technical support and the reliable customer service were the main factors for EAMI to cooperate with DMG MORI. A common vision is also the basis of the continuing cooperation, emphasizes Han Wenhao: “As a traditional, multinational company, DMG MORI has always maintained strong creativity. And the same is true for EAMI.” Working together with DMG MORI and expert partners provides the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of large companies. “Like DMG MORI, we will also continue to strive for innovation and excellence – not least in the area of sustainability.” DMG MORI had already achieved carbon neutrality from raw material to delivery by the beginning of 2021. This makes it a true green pioneer for sustainable development in the machine tool industry. For its part, EAMI produces sustainable compressors such as the permanent magnet compressor with variable frequency (PM VSD). Han Wenhao looks to the future: “We would like to engage in an active dialogue with DMG MORI, further consolidate deep cooperation and work together on sustainable developments for a green future.”

DMG MORI machining centers have considerably improved the accuracy of our workpieces. Thanks to automation, we have been able to minimize the effects of a shortage of skilled workers and also expand production in unmanned night shifts.

Han Wenhao, General Manager, Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
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