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04/25/2023|Seriomould Srl

Error Analysis in just a few Seconds thanks to DMG MORI NETservice

Since 1974, the Northern Italian Serioplast Group has grown into a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of plastic bottles for the hygiene, personal care and beverage industries. Since 2016, Seriomould, a subsidiary based in Seriate, Italy, has been manufacturing the corresponding mold tools for bottle production as a service provider within the Group. 

Reduced Downtime thanks to SERVICEcamera.

A total of eleven DMG MORI machine tools are in use, including a DMU 50 that was installed in 2019. They were purchased together with DMG MORI NETservice and SERVICEcamera in order to handle service requests quickly and easily.

The multi-user conference with live images enables effective remote service.

Mario Bettineschi, Managing Director, Seriomould

A large number of diverse orders made it important for Seriomould to be able to react flexibly. “We need skilled specialists who develop intelligent manufacturing solutions,” explains Mario Bettineschi, managing director of Seriomould. Reliable machines are also important. “The stability, machining flexibility and good long-term accuracy of the DMG MORI machines impresses us, as well as the extremely fast service: “Rapid supply of spare parts, in particular, keeps our downtimes short.” The DMG MORI Hotline also provides fast and straightforward assistance.

Multi-user conference with service experts and operators

Seriomould emphasizes the importance of the good service provided for the DMU 50 installed in 2019 via the associated DMG MORI NETservice and SERVICEcamera. These enable the machine tool manufacturer to provide a remote service that guarantees immediate support. Mario Bettineschi cites the multi-user conference as an example: “The respective DMG MORI service experts and technicians work together with our operators on a problem via a chat feature.” The conference enables drawings, circuit diagrams and other documents helpful for troubleshooting to be shared.

Live images for fast error analysis

Mario Bettineschi considers the multi-user conference to have even greater added value through the use of the SERVICEcamera: “It transmits live images from the machine directly into the chat, where it is also possible to mark and identify the relevant points in the image.” In an ideal situation, the SERVICEcamera could replace the DMG MORI service technician on site. “At the very least, it’s possible to determine which spare parts are needed, so the technician only has to travel once for maintenance and not beforehand for error analysis.” This results in time savings and lower service costs. DMG MORI also benefits from the fact that the availability of the service technician increases this way. Seriomould has already been able to eliminate a minor malfunction in the electrical system effortlessly using the SERVICEcamera. “The service technician was able to use the images to determine the problem and provide us with instructions on how to remedy the error using the corresponding circuit diagrams,” recalls Mario Bettineschi. “The time saved in cases such as this or even more serious ones is considerable as we are able to reduce our machine downtime to a minimum.”

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