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09/09/2020|KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Partner for the digital factory

Since 2015 KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been rapidly accelerating integral digitization. While the company initially focused its efforts in this direction on its products and services, it is now equipping its production plants for the era of Industry 4.0. To achieve this, it entered into a close innovation partnership with DMG MORI in 2017.

“With DMG MORI PLANNING and WERKBLiQ and more recently with CELOS and my DMG MORI we have taken a great step forward in the direction of the digital factory.”

Operators of the new CTV 250 can access WERKBLiQ directly via CELOS. Feedback of order information can also be sent to the PLANNING SOLUTIONS of DMG MORI directly from the control.

The status of the digital innovation process is clearly demonstrated by the KAMPF production site in Dohr, where DMG MORI PLANNING SOLUTIONS has been in use now for several months. “This has made us more efficient and flexible and with a 30% reduction in throughput times we can respond faster”, says an extremely satisfied Dr. Stephan Witt, Head of Engineering & Material Management.

High flexibility and fast response ​​​​​​​

Detailed planning is carried out on the basis of production-related (real-time) information received from the 19 machines and 10 workstations. In this context, Marc Jobelius, Plant Manager in Dohr, praises in particular the high degree of flexibility and response. Thanks to PLANNING SOLUTIONS, they are now in a position to take the actual capacity of resources into consideration at all times and even re-prioritize process steps while production is in progress.
The production planners are supported visually by PRODUCTION COCKPIT. “The clearly arranged visual display enables early identification of delivery delays and their possible impacts, allowing appropriate remedial action”, explains Marc Jobelius.

Detailed planning is carried out at KAMPF Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG on the basis of production-related (real-time) information received from the 19 machines and 10 workstations.

WITH CELOS into a new era of digital production ​​​​​​​

KAMPF has initiated entry into the next evolutionary stage of digitization with the installation of a CTV 250 vertical turning center from DMG MORI. “The result is greater integration and interaction between the office and the shop floor or rather between planning, machine tools and our employees”, says Marc Jobelius. Thanks to the Job Import function, the operator can import job orders directly from PRODUCTION PLANNING into the CELOS system and start processing them immediately. Also new: PDA information can now be fed back directly from CELOS application connector. “Resulting in wide-ranging options for the next level of digitization at KAMPF”, indicates Dr. Witt.

OT/IT control loop for data-driven improvement

In other words, the closed data loop will be used in future to bring planning more directly in line with reality. In a nutshell: Where the activities of production planners is currently based on rule of thumb or estimations, “real” knowledge will soon be used to ensure integral predictability for planning in the Dohr plant.

Maximum efficiency with machine learning

In another joint KAMPF and DMG MORI pilot project “real” data from the shop floor is now being recorded in PRODUCTION FEEDBACK and written into a central database via an integration layer. This will ultimately result in an extensive data pool from which realistic projected figures for previously unknown work steps will be calculated using algorithmic pattern matching and then transferred to new planning processes.

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