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08/15/2022|NASHERO SRL 

End-to-End bidirectional Access to the Process Chain

Founded in 2009, NASHERO designs, develops, produces and sells light aircraft and aircraft components

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At the same time, the company also uses its technical know-how to help customers that require high-precision and complex components for demanding industries, such as the medical sector. NASHERO uses machine tools from DMG MORI to efficiently manufacture such products, which are made of steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber, amongst other materials. In 2017, the company installed an automated DMU 50 3rd Generation equipped with the Digital Manufacturing Package.

Naresh Sharma, CEO of NASHERO
Dr. Naresh Sharma, Founder and CEO of NASHERO, Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Sciences from TU Delft in 1997

„Data is king in every company environment. Bidirectional data access in particular makes it possible for us to work with maximum efficiency. And the Digital Manufacturing Package from DMG MORI allows us exactly this type of bidirectional access to the process chain.“ 

High-precision for the aerospace industry 

Dr. Naresh Sharma dreamed of developing safe, efficient and faultless aircraft. “The development was based on our many years of experience in the aerospace industry,” he says looking back to the early days. “The experience we gained showed us what beneficial and desirable safety features were needed.” Today, the team has exceeded its initial dream. In addition to a light sport aircraft, the company also offers state-of-the-art production technologies to OEMs in the aerospace industry. “We placed great value on keeping all processes in-house to ensure we had complete control over the quality of our work,” explains Dr. Sharma. The requirements are extremely high, as NASHERO manufactures complex parts in small quantities and to tolerances right at the limit of the capabilities of the machine tools.

Digital Manufacturing Package: Any machine can be placed in a networked environment 

“The machine is one element in the process chain that achieves the required quality of the produced part. The machining strategy, tool holders, tools and their handling are just as important,” says Dr. Sharma. “DMG MORI is one of the few that can make end-to-end and bidirectional access to the process chain possible.” The DMU 50 3rd Generation is equipped with the Digital Manufacturing Package from DMG MORI, which can connect every machine in a networked environment: “Data is king in every company environment. Bidirectional data access in particular makes it possible for us to work with maximum efficiency.” The digitization solution gives the machines access to the company’s ERP system and to the data storage, which provides production with important data on tool, program and sub-routine.

Direct access to the machine 

Programmers also have access to the same data and the ERP system from their workstations. They and the plant manager have access to the CELOS panel of the machine tool via the VNC protocol from their own workstations. This connection enables the team to perform simulations both in NX CAM as well as at the machine – even from the programmer’s workstation. The part program is then released for production if it passes the simulation.

Real-time data from the machine tool sensors 

Alongside this bidirectional access, the Digital Manufacturing Package also offers other benefits that optimize day-to-day tasks at NASHERO. “The digital solutions provide status and process data from most of the machine tool sensors almost in real time,” adds Dr. Sharma. The status of the program sequence is also displayed through the Digital Manufacturing Package. DMG MORI Messenger provides a detailed overview of the machine at all times. NASHERO uses the digitization solutions from order entry through to its completion. “We have integrated our internal ERP system into the process chain, from creation of the quote through first article inspection right up to inline quality control and input of the finished parts into our ERP system.”

Automation and digitization solutions for the future

Dr. Sharma is confident that with the DMU 50 3rd Generation and the Digital Manufacturing Package, DMG MORI products will continue to play an important role in future acquisitions: “As we are a technology-oriented company, we plan to continue to invest in high-precision machines.” The digitization and – depending on developments in the market – automation solutions will also be an important factor. “We are expecting double-digit growth once the current COVID-19 pandemic is over.”

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