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04/27/2022|K. H. Maske & Söhne GmbH

Process Optimization from a single Source

Established in 1967 in Bönningstedt, near Hamburg, K. H. Maske & Söhne GmbH has always been a trustworthy partner for wellknown customers in the medical, marine, oil and shipping sectors.

The NTX 3000 allows 6-sided turn & mill complete machining to be carried out with minimal setups.

The manufacturing service provider employs about 100 specialists who, with their experience and high level of expertize, primarily produce sophisticated implants and medical devices. The capacity includes about 50 machining centers and lathes from DMG MORI. The latest acquisitions are two NZX 2000 | 800s with gantry loader and two automated NTX 3000s. Maske invested in these two systems as part of a turnkey project for manufacturing the casing of an X-ray tube. From programming to commissioning and training of employees, DMG MORI has sustainably optimized the entire process. 

With all the challenges over the past twelve months, many companies have clearly felt the importance of local production and regional suppliers in overcoming global bottlenecks. “As a manufacturing service provider, we continuously review our flexibility and profitability so that we can work more competitively than ever,” explains Maik Maske. Together with his father Michael and sister Melanie, he is the third generation to manage the family business. Quality is more important than profitability: “We consistently machine complex, high-quality components that are often made from sophisticated special alloys.”

Maximum Efficiency thanks to 6-sided Turn & Mill Complete Machining

The casing for an X-ray tube and the associated cover are such components. “Until now, five setups on lathes and machining centers were required to manufacture the casing alone,” says Maik Maske, looking back at the previous lengthy process. The switch to 6-sided turn & mill complete machining was only a matter of time. “However, we went a step further and commissioned DMG MORI to undertake a turnkey project for the entire process.” The aim was to make it as efficient as possible.

DMG MORI als Turnkey-Partner: One Face to the Customer

As a turnkey partner, DMG MORI provides everything from a single source, from machine tools and automation solutions to CAM programming and the design and procurement of tools and fixtures. So it was in the case of the Maske project. Within six months, DMG MORI engineers at the Wernau facility developed the entire solution and implemented it using products from the group's extensive portfolio: two NTX 3000s from Japan. One machine is automated with a Robo2Go from Bielefeld and the second NTX 3000 is automated with a MATRIS robot from Japan.

We were impressed with the result of the two automated NTX 3000s. DMG MORI delivered the entire package: Machine, automation, process, tools and fixtures from a DMQP partner. 

Maik Maske, Management Member, K. H. Maske & Söhne GmbH

Optimal processes: experienced DMG MORI engineers and an extensive equipment portfolio 

“The fact that DMG MORI looks after everything in a turnkey project is a tremendous advantage for us,” says Maik Maske. The design is completely in the hands of experienced engineers: “Projects such as this are their everyday business and they know inside out both their group's portfolio and the products from their suppliers.” In the areas of tools and workholding, DMG MORI relies on DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Products) partners that work in accordance with the same quality standards as the machine tool manufacturer. Additionally, a turnkey project frees up capacity: “The process design and coordination with all of the suppliers would have been at the expense of other important tasks in our everyday work.”

60 % fewer setups thanks to 6-sided turn & mill complete machining

Thanks to Robo2Go and MATRIS, the two NTX 3000s can work autonomously for many hours.

Maik Maske is impressed with the result of the turnkey project. The casing is manufactured on an NTX 3000 which, thanks to MATRIS automation, works completely independently for several hours. The cover of the X-ray tube is also manufactured on an NTX 3000. A Robo2Go looks after the automation for many hours. The raw parts are fed in via the integrated stacking magazine. The finished parts are automatically put into transport boxes. “In the long term, we will continue to reduce our third shift with the aid of automation solutions such as this,” says Maik Maske. The two turning-milling centers make a significant contribution to the efficiency of the manufacturing solutions. Maik Maske says about the improvement: “Thanks to 6-sided turn & mill complete machining with B-axis, we have reduced the number of setups in casing production from five to two. This minimizes our setup times as well as the 78 cutters in each of the tool magazines of the two NTX 3000s.”

In-process measurement and DMG MORI technology cycles

The casing and the cover of the X-ray tube are turned eccentrically using an exclusive DMG MORI technology cycle.

There is also a Renishaw touch probe for carrying out final quality control. “We are improving accuracy because manual measuring is a thing of the past.” The complex machining of both components also includes eccentric turning. “For this, DMG MORI uses an in-house technology cycle which makes complete machining possible.” Maske will also benefit from the versatility of the NTX turning and milling centers when producing other components in the future.

Future-proof manufacturing with automation and digitization

For Maik Maske, automated production solutions are the way to future-proof production. The same applies to progress in the field of digitization: “It is no longer just a matter of paperless working, but rather continuous evaluation and analysis of data.” DMG MORI Messenger allows him and his team to access information transparently regarding the performance of individual machine tools, for example. “From this we can identify optimization potential. Even the little things make a ifference overall”. Maske also uses NETservice from DMG MORI: “With the remote service, many problems can be solved quickly and easily without a service engineer having to travel here.”

DMG MORI Messenger shows us the performance of individual machines in a very simple and transparent way. This allows us to optimize production in a targeted manner.

Maik Maske, Management Member, K. H. Maske & Söhne GmbH

Integrated turnkey projects provide competitiveness

In December 2019, the turnkey project was not expected to be implemented during the year of the pandemic. Maik Maske is therefore all the more pleased that everything went well – on the part of DMG MORI and also in his own company: “Thanks to our medical customers and the help of strict hygiene measures, we survived 2020 comparatively well. A recovery of the situation was already noticeable at the beginning of 2021”. He also wanted to adhere to the strategy of optimizing processes with turnkey projects. “There will always be roducts for which this is absolutely the right way of proceeding to remain competitive.”

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