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02/07/2022|K & B INDUSTRIES


Since 1974, K&B Industries originating from Houma, Louisiana, has been a trusted supplier of machining, manufacturing and assembly services for the oil and gas industry.

With 500 employees K&B serves these markets with an unwavering commitment to quality and responsive customer support. Furthermore, the company has become the leading supplier of premium threading, manufacturing, machining, engineering, and design services. Over 70 DMG MORI machining centers and turning machines help them to keep up with the industries’ demands. Using innovative 5-axis machining centers like the DMC 160 monoBLOCK, the DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK, and several DMU monoBLOCK models K&B also targets new sectors like the semiconductor industry.

5-Axis Mill & Turn complete machining in one setup on our
DMG MORIs is the most productive manufacturing solution for us.

Kenny Wood, Jr. K & B Industries CEO; Kenny Wood, Sr. K & B Industries

Holistic & customer-oriented services

“Help customers be successful, and you’ll be successful, too” has been K&B’s formula for success since the company was founded. “As a supplier for demanding industries we know the importance of holistic and customer- oriented services,” Kenny Wood, President at K&B says. Therefore, the portfolio includes turnkey manufacturing, premium threading, additive manufacturing as well as storage and inventory services. “This makes us a one-stop-shop, for example, in the oil and gas industry because of our premium thread licenses.” K&B supports customer from the development and construction of parts to machining and assembly.

The Oil and Gas industry was one of the leading sectors that helped K&B to thrive in the way it has done over the years. With nearly 50 years of experience inmanufacturing oilfield- related products, K&B can offer one of the broadest assortments of high-performance wellhead accessories around. Kenny Wood adds: “From casing hangers to riser components, K&B brings precision, rigorous quality control, and attention to detail to every project. Our API specs 6A and 16A license are evidence.”

5-axis high precision machining with perfect surfaces on DMG MORI machines

Being a privately owned and family run company K&B always focused on a healthy growth “concentrating on our core competence”, Doug Hemstreet, Vice President of Operations. He refers to K&B’s machining competence which make up 90 percent of the revenue. On the machine tools from DMG MORI they produce a wide range of parts from full length, oil country tubular goods all the way to aerospace components in titanium and aluminum. “Whether we are machining a simple 2-axis part or a complex 5-axis part, precision machining combined with excellent surface finish are a must. Most components we manufacture for the Oil and Gas industry employ metal to metal sealing and / or mating surfaces.”

Automation for Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has always placed high demands on productivity in manufacturing. That is why K&B, with the support of DMG MORI, implemented automated manufacturing solutions early on in order to ensure long-term competitiveness. “Our Large Outside Diameter (LOD) line, a fully automated thread line in our Houston facility designed with safety and efficiency in mind, was installed for threading of large diameter Range 3 pipe,“ Doug Hemstreet says. An NZL 6000 | 2000 from DMG MORI supports threading of 20″ OD pipe for production runs in Oil & Gas. “Instead of employees increasing the risk of injury by manually moving pipe, levers, conveyer belts, and rollers move joints weighing in excess of 6,000 lbs to the Mori machine tools.”

Perfect basis for precision machining with highest repeatability

With this experience K&B always tries to grow into new manufacturing markets like the semiconductor industry today. “Components in this industrial sector require most precise machining technologies,” Mike Moore, Vice President Advanced Manufacturing Group explains. This is where DMG MORI always convinces with very rigid and robust machine tools. “Their large masses are a perfect basis for precision machining with the highest repeatability.”

DMC 210 FD – Mill & Turn complete machining in one setup

K & B Industries values machine tools like the DMC 160 U duoBLOCK also for their flexibility as Mike Moore states: “The work envelope and the capacity of the tool magazines allow us to machine many different parts in a single machine.” Looking at the DMU 210 FD and other mill-turn centers K&B has installed, he adds: “The 5-axis mill & turn centers, in particular, are our most productive tools for extremely close tolerance machine parts destined for Ultra High Vacuum components utilized in semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment.” They offer precision surface finishes, multiple available approaches and excellent tolerance control for complex aluminum machined parts.

“Utilizing the DMU 210 FD and other DMG MORI DMC duoBLOCK Mill & Turn centers we have been able to achieve significant consolidation and reduction of machining operations,” Mike Moore adds looking at three DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK in a cell.

“Our experience with these machines shows that they offer strong reliability and precision repeatability.” Plus, the machines are virtually interchangeable should the need arise to rearrange the workload in the cell.

K&B Manufacturing Facility Schriever, LA

Regular investments as factor of future-oriented success

Regular investments into new and innovative machine tools are part of K&B’s strategy. “If we want to maintain our growth and stay competitive in the future, we have to be up-to-date in our production,” Nick Becnel, Vice President of Marketing and Development says. He is positive about K&B’s engagement in the semiconductor industry: “With our machining competence and experience from other industries we will master our customers’ challenges easily.”



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K & B Industries
208 Rebecca’s Pond Road
Schriever, LA 70395, USA

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