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02/06/2023|AMOB S. A.

45 % faster Throughput Times with CLX and CMX U Machines

With 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of bending machines for tubes and profiles, AMOB is one of the leading suppliers in this industry. The family business is managed today by the third generation and supplies customers from the oil and gas, shipbuilding and automotive industries with its extremely wide range of products. 

Precise, fast and cost-effective production with CLX and CMX
Precise, fast and cost-effective production with CLX and CMX

160 employees are responsible for the development and production of the complex CNC bending machines in the 18,000 m² factoy. AMOB relies on innovative CNC technology from DMG MORI for their machining: A total of six 5-axis CMX 70 U machines, a CLX 350 and a CLX 550 have been installed since 2018.

Manuel António Barros (links), Operations Director und Manuel Barros (rechts), Inhaber und Geschäftsführer AMOB S. A.
Manuel António Barros (links), Operations Director und Manuel Barros (rechts), Inhaber und Geschäftsführer AMOB S. A.

„The new CLX and CMX U machines ensure our customers are able to get new tool sets quickly and even more economically.“

Insourcing for a long-term and trusting partnership 

Fanuc Touch für einfachste Programmierung
Fanuc Touch for Simplest Programming

As a solution provider, AMOB continuously supports its customers. “This also applies to the manufacture at our plant of new tool sets for our bending machines,” cites Manuel António Barros, operations director and grandson of the company founder. Competitors would generally outsource this function. AMOB has drastically increased its production capacity to ensure it is able to supply customers with high-quality tools at short notice using six CMX 70 U machines, one CLX 350 and one CLX 550.“Our business philosophy and that of DMG MORI are very similar,” says Manuel António Barros about their relationship. “We place great value on long-term, trusting and particularly close partnerships with our customers. The new CLX and CMX U machines ensure they are able to get new tool sets quickly and even more economically.”

5-axis complete machining on six CMX 70 U machines 

Because tool sets are essential components of bending machines, AMOB has always relied on powerful machining centers and lathes that efficiently machine parts in small to medium batch sizes. According to Eleutério Fernandes, industrial manager responsible for production, the CMX U and CLX models are the ideal solution: “5-axis machining on the CMX 70 U enables us to manufacture complex geometries in one clamping.” The throughput time ranges from a few minutes to several hours depending on the workpiece. “We have been able to reduce throughput times by up to 45 % with the new machines compared to the previous manufacturing process.” The rigid table design of the universal machining center, temperature compensation, MAGNESCALE linear encoders for direct feedback of axis position and the IoTconnector as standard ensure accuracies down to 5 μm for AMOB workpieces. The latest CMX U machines already feature the new inlineMASTER spindles with 36-months warranty without any hourly limit. They are available in 12,000 or 15,000 rpm versions and achieve better cutting performance thanks to 53 % higher spindle power and 45 % higher torque.

CLX – 6-sided complete machining of complex turn-milled parts 

Cables and tubes are bent into the desired shape on AMOB machines using these customer-specific tools.
Cables and tubes are bent into the desired shape on AMOB machines using these customer-specific tools.

Further advantages of the CLX series include stability and versatility – AMOB has one CLX 350 and one CLX 550. The counterspindle with 168 Nm and 5,000 rpm (CLX 350) or 630 Nm and 3,250 rpm (CLX 550) enables machining on the reverse end of a component without the need to manually reclamp. The Y-axis enables more efficient milling, for example of the lateral surfaces. Travel is ± 40 mm for the CLX 350 and ± 60 mm for the CLX 550. All CLX series models are available as turning (V1), milling (V3), Y-axis (V4) and counter-spindle (V6) versions and, like all CMX V and CMX U models, also feature the IoTconnector as standard in addition to linear scales – ready for digitized production processes. “We now also manufacture more complex turn-milled parts very economically,” says Eleutério Fernandes, summing up the extensive equipment.

DMG MORI Multitouch 3D controls for maximum operator convenience

Above all, the ergonomic design and user friendliness of the innovative CLX and CMX machines mean they enjoy an excellent reputation amongst in the AMOB team. Eleutério Fernandes refers to the convenient 19″ DMG MORI SLIMline Multitouch controls: “FANUC on the two CLX turning centers offers 3D simulation with simple contour drawing and HEIDENHAIN on the CMX 70 U guarantees easy and efficient programming. The great thing is that all CLX and CMX machines have the same ‘look and feel’ for our operators and ensure maximum operator convenience.”

Investment with foresight – into the future with automation and digitization 

The two turning centers along with two of the CMX 70 U machines are prepared for automation. Manuel António Barros sees great potential here: “We would like to modernize our factory and take a step toward digitization in the next few years.” Automation solutions from DMG MORI are an integral part of this. “We will also be able to continue to increase our capacity in this way. And thanks to the IoTconnectors, we will be able to easily connect the machines to our systems in the future.”

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