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12/12/2023|Alu Metall Goeke GmbH & Co. KG

50 percent faster and improved ergonomics thanks to modular automation Solution

With the installation of a MATRIS system, which autonomously loads two NZX 2500s, AMG Goeke has ushered in the production of the future. AMG Alu Metall Goeke GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1980 in Wickede / Ruhr, Germany, has its origins in surface finishing. The company increased its range of capabilities in 1988 with its entry into CNC production. AMG Goeke mainly supplies customers in the commercial vehicle sector, in particular the truck building industry. With technical competence and many years of experience, the 25-strong team manufactures high-precision components and sophisticated assemblies. For machining, AMG Goeke has always relied on DMG MORI. The company operates 15 models from the world’s leading manufacturer of machine tools, including several CTX and NLX lathes. The latest investment is an automated manufacturing cell consisting of two NZX 2500 twin-turret lathes and a MATRIS automation system for the machining of stub axles.

Alu Metall Goeke GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas Goeke, Managing Director, Ralf Goeke, authorized signatory (in the middle), Tim Goeke, future Managing Director (right), Alu Metall Goeke GmbH & Co. KG  

Thanks to the MATRIS system, we can now deploy our employees more effectively and the work is also much more attractive for new skilled staff.

Andreas Goeke, Managing Director

High demands on production are part of AMG’s daily business. “We have been producing safety-related components for truck building for 15 years,” says Ralf Goeke, who is an authorized signatory and responsible for quality management. His brother Andreas Goeke, also a second-generation family member who has led the company since 2003, adds: “Long-standing customer relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers from the industry are proof of our high quality.”

DMG MORI: Consistently reliable turning centers 

In order to be able to meet the high demand, AMG always works three shifts. “This means we can make optimum use of our machines,” explains Ralf Goeke. A good example is the production of stub axles in commercial vehicle building. The component is exposed to high loads and at the same time serves as a mounting for wheel bearings and brakes. In other words: each and every part delivered must be perfect. “We have been producing stub axles continuously for 15 years – most recently using a total of eight CTX 420s.” Satisfied with the reliable turning centers, AMG Goeke has remained loyal to DMG MORI to this day.

NZX 2500: 50 % faster throughput times 

As part of an impending machine replacement in the summer of 2022, AMG Goeke rethought the manufacturing concept. Andreas Goeke recalls: “We decided in favor of two NZX 2500 turning centers. Thanks to their second turret, we were able to speed up throughput times by 50 percent.” DMG MORI developed the NZX series for horizontal production turning. Box ways in all axes and a thermally stable structure guarantee reliability and consistent precision. “This makes the NZX 2500 an optimal solution for the demanding components”, judges Ralf Goeke.

Another new feature that AMG Goeke introduced with the purchase of the two NZX 2500s is automated production with the modular MATRIS system. DMG MORI implemented a manufacturing cell, in which a robot loads and unloads both turning centers with the left and right hand variants of the hand respectively. A blow-off station and a station for optical measurement of the bearing seats, the thread core and the flank diameter are also integrated. “Of course, we have to fully document this data for our customers,” adds Andreas Goeke. “In addition, all essential dimensions as well as the shape and positional tolerances are checked daily in the inspection room.”

Ergonomic working environment thanks to automation 

Ralf Goeke sees several advantages in autonomous production: “The fact that we can utilize the machines more efficiently and increase our productivity is only one of several beneficial aspects.” Another is the more ergonomic working environment: “Manual handling of workpieces is of course far more strenuous than moving Euro pallets into the MATRIS cell.” The robot with the attached vision system reliably handles the forgings and deposits the machined components in the same place again: “All our employees have to do is change the indexable inserts regularly and replace the Euro pallets of workpieces.” The MATRIS system is controlled from a central control panel, accessible from the outside.

Solid partnerships 

Andreas Goeke looks back with satisfaction on the installation and the first months using the MATRIS automation: “DMG MORI installed the system within three months and autonomous production was up and running faster than expected. So the decision in favor of automation was absolutely right, especially as our customer automated the assembly of the stub axles as well,” adds Ralf Goeke. “We took this step together, so to speak, which has again strengthened our cooperation for the future.”

Automated into the future 

The good experience with the first automation project was groundbreaking for AMG Goeke. “Since the advantages are obvious, we will continue our cooperation with DMG MORI and in the next two years intend to install another production cell like this one,” says Andreas Goeke looking ahead and also mindful of the shortage of skilled employees. “On one hand we can better deploy existing personnel, while on the other we make the work in a modern production facility more attractive for new skilled staff. This means we are ideally prepared for future business development.”


  • Founded in 1980, since 1993 at the current location in Wickede an der Ruhr (Germany)
  • Manufacture of safety-related undercarriage components, e. g. for commercial vehicles
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Alu Metall Goeke GmbH & Co. KG
Am Stadtwald 8
58739 Wickede / Ruhr

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