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DMG MORI Whitepaper

Please find below the latest issues of our DMG MORI Whitepapers for customers and interested readers.

Workpiece Aerospace

Due to their high rotational speed and temperature, turbine disks are the most stressed components in an aircraft engine. Since failure of their mechanical properties can have serious consequences for flight operations, turbine disks are classified as safety-critical components. Production, from the blank to the ready-to-install component, is carried out to very high quality standards and is fully documented.

Workpiece Robo2Go Head

Workpiece Robo2Go Head

With the ongoing automation of manufacturing processes, industrial robots are becoming increasingly important. In many automation solutions, they are the linchpin for the individual handling of workpieces.

Learn from the example of a robot head for the Robo2Go, how this sophisticated component can be manufactured highly efficiently using a combination of additive and subtractive processes and automated handling.

Whitepaper Grinding

whitepaper grinding

The machining industry hardly knows any limits anymore - the differences between machining technologies are becoming increasingly blurred. Whether milling or grinding is the better choice is now less a question of feasibility and more a question of cost-effectiveness.

Find out more about vertical and horizontal grinding machines, the grinding process and abrasives as well as various grinding technologies and their differences.

Workpiece Impeller

workpiece impeller whiteaper

Impellers control the flow of liquid or gaseous media in numerous technical applications. The spectrum ranges from small applications in cooling systems and turbochargers to large pumps in oil production or ventilation systems in buildings.

Find out how even such challenging components can be manufactured efficiently and competitively.

Needle Holder

gear cutting whiteaper

Needle holders are part of the basic equipment of surgical instruments in most operating rooms. Depending on the medical discipline, they sometimes fulfill very specific tasks, so that they are available in countless variants. The wide range of functions and ergonomic requirements for safe handling place just as high demands on production as the enormous quality requirements and regulatory specifications in medical technology.

Find out how DMG MORI demonstrates the potential in terms of productivity and precision by means of holistic, automated production of complex needle holders.

Spiral Bevel Gear

gear cutting whiteaper

Gear wheels are fundamental machine elements in many industries. Due to their complexity and increasing demands on precision, their manufacture is one of the most challenging tasks in metalworking. In the past, gear cutting was usually carried out on dedicated machines with special tools, but today 5-axis simultaneous machining centers are increasingly taking over the machining of gears.

With the integration of turning, milling and grinding in one work area, DMG MORI designs holistic manufacturing solutions for flexible gearing. Use the example of the spiral bevel gear to find out how much the entire production process can be rationalized.

Machining Transformation (MX)

gear cutting whiteaper

Machining Transformation (MX) took the stage in the manufacturing world at EMO 2023 in Hanover and established itself as DMG MORI's central guiding principle for the entire industry.

Find out more about how the four pillars of Machining Transformation – Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX) – work together to redefine CNC manufacturing.

Process Integration

gear cutting whiteaper

The integration of processes is more than just an ongoing trend in machine tool manufacturing. It plays a key role in enabling companies to manufacture their products more economically and sustainably.

Find out more about how you can use process integration as one of the key building blocks on the road to the future of manufacturing. 

What automation, digitization and process integration can do in machining

cnc automation whitepaper

The whitepaper shows how customized digital and automation strategies can solve the current challenges of reshoring, skills shortage, sustainability, innovation capability.

Find out about the latest developments in the topic of 5 axis and let us bring you up to date.

5-axis machining centers

gear cutting whiteaper

This whitepaper focuses on the advantages of 5-axis machining centers compared to 3-axis machining centers.

Find out about the latest developments in the topic of 5 axis and let us bring you up to date.

Workpiece Bone Screw

gear cutting whiteaper

This whitepaper focuses on applicationoriented manufacturing solutions with which bone screws can also be produced efficiently.

Find out about the latest developments in Bone Screw and let us bring you up to date.

Universal Gear Cutting

gear cutting whiteaper

This whitepaper focuses on the process of gear cutting with multi-axis universal machines.

Find out about the latest developments in universal gear cutting and let us bring you up to date.

With automation fit for the future

cnc automation whitepaper

This whitepaper on automation in manufacturing is intended to help you support investment decisions in the field of automation by providing the right information base. 

Find out about the latest developments in automation solutions and let us bring you up to date.