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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf, COO, DMG MORI Service

We found out why the new remote service ensures quick, secure and intuitive support in an interview with Thomas Wolf (COO Service). 

“Remote service” as a topic has been followed for a long time in DMG MORI Service. What hopes do you have for NETservice, the brand new successor? 

We have had a simple form of the remote service solution in our range for a long time now. But with the introduction of the new NETservice, we are setting a new benchmark that is simply incomparable with the previous tool. We will be able to identify, or even solve, the problems of our customer far more often over the phone, which in turn will allow improved planning of service capacity. Both sides benefit from this. 

That sounds interesting. How does the new NETservice differ from its predecessor?

The new NETservice permits in-depth access to CELOS, IPC and NC, which in itself promises a higher resolution rate over the DMG MORI hotline. Also, the new multiuser conference can be used to add more DMG MORI experts to the session so the problem can be solved quickly together. But the highlight is the plug-and-play connection of the SERVICEcamera, which DMG MORI developed itself. Visual support due to live streaming from the machine straight to the DMG MORI hotline allows for significant time savings during the problemsolving process.




  • NETservice: The new remote service for DMG MORI machines
  • Messenger on ADAMOS: All the machines at a glance
  •  IoTconnector: Preconfigured for your machine

But, conversely, the service expert on the hotline can provide helpful documents such as wiring diagrams or instructions directly within the NETservice session.

How does the customer benefit from the new NETservice?

The NETservice is already pre-installed on every IoTconnector and will therefore be an integral part of DMG MORI machines delivered from now on. What’s more, the IoTconnector and therefore the NETservice can be retrofitted with extreme ease with the DMG MORI Service and Monitoring Package. Put in simple terms, the IoTconnector is a gateway, which connects CELOS and CNC to the Internet via a secure architecture.

Thinking of the keyword “security”, there are always concerns when it comes to this topic, aren’t there?

The new NETservice is based on a certified security architecture which guarantees a maximally encrypted connection via a VPN tunnel. The integrated firewall and the IoTconnector’s virus scanner are additional features.

The new SERVICEcamera is naturally already seamlessly embedded into this security architecture. 

What’s the next step for DMG MORI at this point?

We are keen to exploit the diverse possibilities of NETservice by providing user support, online training with a visual component and also, in the near future, software upgrades or installation of new CELOS apps. We are working tirelessly to achieve this.

Practical retrofitting of the IoTconnector including magnetic holder, USB port and Ethernet connection.


  • Shorter waiting times due to routing calls directly to the next free service expert
  • Higher resolution rate due to extensive access to CELOS, IPC and NC
  • Maximum data security due to a certified security architecture (VPN tunnel, virus scanner, firewall)
  • Live-stream visual support with an optional SERVICEcamera
  • Swifter solutions by adding other DMG MORI experts to the session
  • More intuitive operation compared to previous remote tools
  • Direct transfer of documents and updates
  • Retrofit kit for existing machines