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10/16/2023|SHINWA CO., Ltd

More Productivity by means of 5-Axis Machining and Automation of ist Machine Inventory

SHINWA CO., Ltd. was established in 1974 as a machining company, and has its headquarters in Sayama City, in the Saitama prefecture. With its many years of experience in machining, SHINWA now manufactures not only metal components for machine tools, but also products for its own “muraco” brand. 

The innovative and sophisticated design of the fledgling Outdoor brand is very popular. The product range already consists of 200 products. SHINWA places considerable value on quality. The accuracy is within the range of hundredths in the manufacturing of high-precision machine tool components. The same claim applies to the globally recognized “muraco” products. They stand for a long service life and easy handling.

Lower set-up costs and shorter throughput times by means of 5-axis machining 

Because of its variant-rich small series production of machine tool components, SHINWA was faced with the challenge of reducing time-consuming set-up times. At the same time, the mass production for the “muraco” product range required an efficiency increase in the existing machine park. In order to minimize the set-up cost during the production of small series, in 2020 SHINWA purchased a 5-axis DMU 50 3rd generation center from DMG MORI for productive precision machining. In this way, the company succeeded in integrating the machining processes for complex parts in a single work room, and reduced throughput times considerably. More demanding machining were also made possible by using 5-axis technology.

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„There are many ways of increasing the efficiency of machine operation. We have found the best solution for us with MATRIS Light. It has allowed us to minimize the setup and other machine stop times and extend production in unmanned night shifts.“

„SHINWA will continue with process integration and automation in the future in order to further increase our machining accuracy and production capacity. And this will take place using DMG MORI machines which improve the working environment and motivate our employees.“
Takuya Murakami, President of SHINWA CO., Ltd.

MATRIS Light as a simple solution for automating inventory machines 

In the following year, SHINWA also invested in the MATRIS Light from DMG MORI. Since then, the robot-based automation system has been used to increase mass production efficiency for “muraco”. The MATRIS Light is a simple solution for automating existing machine parks – particularly in tight production areas with a fixed layout. All the operators have to do is place the MATRIS Light in front of the required machine and carry out a quick set-up. Automated workpiece handling can then begin.

More efficiency by means of automation and process integration 

The MATRIS Light is the optimum starting point for automation for DMG MORI customers, since it can be retrofitted to numerous DMG MORI machines without problems. At SHINWA the MATRIS Light operates on an existing NLX 1500. It automatically takes care of the loading and unloading of workpieces, and carries out unmanned operation overnight. By introducing a 5-axis machining center and a robot system from DMG MORI, SHINWA made both its variant-rich small series production and its mass production more efficient.

Automation for minimizing stop times 

“We place a great deal of value on minimizing machine stop times – loading and unloading of workpieces, set-ups, breaks and nighttime. There are many situations in which conventional machines cannot work. The introduction of MATRIS Light has allowed us to make use of idle times such as these for additional machine operation”, says Takuya Murakami, president of SHINWA CO., Ltd. He is also satisfied with the continuous overnight production: “It is a great feeing to go home and know that the robot will keep production running overnight.” Takuya Murakami also explains why the decision was made to go with DMG MORI: “We have used DMG MORI machinery for quite some time, and already trusted the rigidity and accuracy thereof.” They company found the machine design to be very modern and appealing. “The machine tools are used by our employees on a daily basis, so we want them to be pleased with them. I have the feeling that DMG MORI machines improve the working environment and motivate our employees to meet new challenges.” SHINWA was impressed by the performance and the innovative design of the DMG MORI machines. Takuya Murakami describes the company's future vision: “We want to develop the international market presence of the “muraco” Outdoor brand. We will use our expertise and creativity to develop other unique products which will impress our customers.” The spotlight will also be on optimizing the manufacturing. “SHINWA will continue with process integration and automation in the future in order to further increase our machining accuracy and production capacity.”

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