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More than 20% higher productivity with the turning-milling spindle compactMASTER

With compact turning-milling spindle and 80 tools, the CTX beta 800 TC is an asset in the everyday production of MULTIVAC

When purchasing the CTX beta 800 TC, productivity and flexibility were crucial criteria for Uwe Glöckler, International Investment Manager at MULTIVAC.

As worldwide leading supplier of thermoformed packaging, MULTIVAC – with headquarters in Wolfertschwenden, Germany – has been developing and building customised solutions for over 50 years, amongst others for the food industry, the industrial and consumer goods markets as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company focuses on high manufacturing competence and innovative machining solutions at its production sites all over the world. For example, MULTIVAC invested in a CTX beta 800 TC from DMG MORI in its factory in Lechaschau in Austria in 2014, to further increase productivity in manufacturing.

MULTIVAC is what is generally called a hidden champion. Being a long way ahead of its competitors, the packaging experts are market leader in a branch of industry, which has been comparatively stable even in times of crisis. “Packaging solutions, particularly for foodstuffs, are always needed”, says Uwe Glöckler, Deputy Division Manager of manufacturing in Lechaschau. MULTIVAC proves this with continuous growth. Customers from various industries rely on the tailored solutions of the packaging experts. Uwe Glöckler states: “Almost every machine is one of a kind, as it is adapted with millimetre accuracy to the framework conditions at the customer”. This customer-oriented approach as well as the flair for quality are important properties with which MULTIVAC defends its pole position.

MULTIVAC combines its enormous development competence with a high degree of vertical integration, which is continuously improved: “While other companies outsource various tasks to service providers, we attach importance to internal solutions.” This makes the company faster and more flexible, and it is easier to control the quality of the products. Uwe Glöckler mentions another advantage: “We have also determined that we can produce more cost-efficiently compared to many service providers.” The result of this insourcing can be found in the company structure: With more than 70 subsidiaries and branch offices, MULTIVAC truly has a worldwide sales and service network, which ensures customer proximity. In addition, the many subsidiaries and branch offices guarantee that the in-house manufacturing capacities can always be fully used even in economically difficult times.

Insourcing on the one hand requires the willingness to be intensively concerned with new topics, and on the other, it requires comprehensive know-how to fully utilise strengths in already present fields of activity. Uwe Glöckler illustrates the importance of employees based on the example of Lechaschau: “We completely rely on good skilled personnel in all areas.” Out of about 360 employees, around 50 are currently in training – a proportion that MULTIVAC is going to increase further. “We will not be able to meet our personnel requirements on the labour market.”

Intelligent complete machining on the CTX beta 800 TC

The compactMASTER® is an ultra-compact turning-milling spindle with which MULTIVAC can also economically manufacture pure milled parts on the CTX beta 800 TC.

Good skilled personnel is a crucial part of any success-oriented production as much as modern manufacturing technologies. Uwe Glöckler, responsible for machine and system investments worldwide, refers to the example of chip removal: “If we want to work more economically than efficient contract manufacturers, we must use the CNC machines to their full potential.” Work often reaches the technological limits in this area. One of the most recent installations in the machine park is a CTX beta 800 TC from DMG MORI. MULTIVAC has been setting new standards since 2014 with the turning-milling centre in the highly productive complete machining of complex workpieces. The focus here is mostly on individual parts or very small batch sizes.

The space gain in the CTX beta 800 TC due to the compactMASTER® is thus large that up to 150 mm long workpieces can be drilled through horizontally or hollow turned.
The tool changer provides space for 80 tools, reducing retooling and thus idle times to a minimum.

The CTX beta 800 TC is characterised by an ultra-compact turning-milling spindle. DMG MORI has developed this compactMASTER to create more space in the work area. This has resulted in a space increase of 170 mm. The CTX beta 800 TC can thus drill through up to 150 mm long workpieces horizontally and turn them out. The HSK A63 fitting transfers the high torque to the tool. “The milling performance is so high that we even produce pure milled parts on the machine”, says Uwe Glöckler about the possible uses. Thanks to the counter spindle, 6-sided complete machining in one setup is possible, whereas the part would have to be manually retooled on a milling centre.

As MULTIVAC exclusively produces singe parts or very small batch sizes, the flexible and productive CTX beta 800 TC is an asset for production.

An important factor for productive manufacturing are the idle times for Uwe Glöckler: “The more we need to retool, the more machining time we lose.” For this reason, the large tool magazine of the CTX beta 800 TC was a crucial argument in favour of the acquisition. “We can machine a multitude of different components with 80 tool pockets, without constantly having to constantly load new tools.” The Trifix quick changeover system is also a great bonus in this case. Uwe Glöckler mentions the results of evaluations: “We were able to drastically lower idle times again.”

As with past investments in the field of lathes – MULTIVAC is already working with an automated CTX beta 1250 TC in Lechaschau – the CTX beta 800 TC has also quickly proven itself. “The turning-milling centre has absolutely met our expectations of flexibility and productivity”, says Uwe Glöckler. Complete machining will also play a big role for further investments. These take place regularly. On the one hand, additional acquisitions are required to manage the increasing number of orders, on the other MULTIVAC replaces CNC machines after about eight years. Uwe Glöckler adds: “We significantly increase our production capacity with the changeover to more modern manufacturing solutions.”

As versatile and complex as the customer-specific packaging machines of MULTIVAC are its components required for it.