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07/29/2016|Loll Feinmechanik GmbH

Customer wishes as the standard of quality

Loll Feinmechanik ensures top standards in production with expertise and high-performance CNC technology from DMG MORI

Jens Loll, Managing Director of Loll Feinmechanik with a structural aerospace component that was produced on a DMF travelling-column machine from DMG MORI.

With almost 70 years of experience in metal cutting Loll Feinmechanik GmbH from Tornesch near Hamburg ranks as a quality-orientated toll manufacturer with an integral approach in demanding branches such as the energy and medical equipment sector and the aerospace industry. Its offer ranges from development services to metal cutting and on to include component assembly. 230 employees guarantee expertise and competence while 60 CNC machines form the technical backbone of the company. The majority of the machining centres are from DMG MORI. In the last eight years alone Loll Feinmechanik has invested among other things in six travelling-column machines from the DMF series.

Loll Feinmechanik has purchased six DMF machines from DMG MORI over the last eight years.

Even the Loll Feinmechanik maxim – “Quality with Passion” – gives a hint of the strengths of the North German company. “As 100-percent customer satisfaction is our target, customer demands, of course, define our quality standard”, explains Managing Director Jens Loll. In view of its advanced target branches the work of the Loll Feinmechanik team is carried out with a consistent degree of expertise. In order to maintain this high standard the company invests in both its employees and a modern manufacturing facility.

The competence of the employees is reflected in the entire range of products and services. When necessary the toll manufacturer even acts, for example, as a partner for its customers in the development phase, where it helps find innovative solutions for individual components, assemblies or complete systems. The sophisticated and extensive quality management system begins with the inspection of incoming goods and ends with final inspection of every single component. “Fault-free products are the be-all and end-all for us”, adds Jens Loll. Where production is concerned Jens Loll also places great importance on skilled workers: “Even state-of-the-art machining centres need trained specialists, who know and can implement the entire potential of CNC technology.”

Loll Feinmechanik has its own fully-equipped training centre for ensuring sufficient young specialists for the future. With a share of 16% the company employs an above-average number of trainees, who even during their apprenticeship as precision machinists receive hands-on training in the responsible work on the CNC machines. “In this way we ensure that the newly-qualified specialists can be integrated in day-to-day production as soon as they have finished their training”, explains Jens Loll the intensive training program. Loll Feinmechanik starts its long-term promotion of young future specialists even before actual training begins: with its award-winning “All-in-One" internships the company awakes the interest of future trainees at a very early stage.

Flexible and productive with state-of-the-art machining centres

Dynamics and positioning accuracy of the linear technology help Loll Feinmechanik with the machining of large workpieces.

Where manufacturing technologies are concerned Loll Feinmechanik also plans with foresight. The Managing Director explains: “If we are to maintain our high standard of quality in the long-term, we need innovative and long-lasting solutions that we can rely on for years.” High-performance machining centres that are reliable and guarantee consistent long-term precision are a must. In this respect DMG MORI has been a key supplier for many years now. There are around 40 of its machines installed at Loll Feinmechanik, including universal milling machines from the DMU eVo series and DMF travelling column machines. The DMU 50 eVo linear, which is classed as the standard production machine, contributes greatly to the level of flexibility. “With many different components in lot sizes of between 1 and 30 pieces we must be in a position to respond quickly and spontaneously”, says Jens Loll giving us an impression of the diversity of the products machined by the company.

Demanding and complex components are all part of day-to-day business at Loll Feinmechanik.

The DMF machines are used for machining large pieces and can be found in the machine park in virtually every construction size. The most recent models include a DMF 260 linear and a DMF 360 linear, that Loll Feinmechanik has ordered in the heavy-duty versions with large Y-travel paths. “Stability and speed were the decisive factors for the purchase of the DMG MORI travelling column machines”, recalls Jens Loll. Large structural parts made of aluminium for the aerospace branch often have to be machined. “Metal removal rates can be over 90 percent for such parts.” Powerful spindles and the dynamic linear drives are ideal for the efficient production of these components. But the precision of the linear technology is also an important factor for the Managing Director: “The high level of positioning accuracy is decisive for the demands we place on quality.” The sturdy construction of travelling column machines plays a key role in this respect. “The concept of the DMF models guarantees minimal deviations both in the long term and for the extensive travel paths.”

Jens Loll sees the machining centres from DMG MORI as a reliable choice for the future, due firstly to their reliability and secondly to their level of innovation: “The products always keep abreast with the latest technological developments. This ensures our production is so state-of-the-art that we are always in a position to meet the challenges of our customers.​​​​​​​