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07/03/2023|Jonas & Redmann Automationstechnik GmbH

Special-Purpose Machines for the manufacture of photovoltaic Elements and E-Mobility

Jonas & Redmann Automationstechnik GmbH from Berlin was founded in 1989 as a service provider in the field of special machine construction. The demanding projects all concern the automation of production in the solar industry, medical technology and automotive construction sectors and the manufacture of batteries.

With 450 employees Jonas & Redmann is a holistically oriented partner for its customers, from conception through design and production to service. In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly, the company has built up its own machining department, which includes eight machine tools from DMG MORI. Jonas & Redmann has been working with products from the machine tool manufacturer since 1994. The latest model, a DMF 200 | 8 was procured for the high-precision machining of long profiles, sheets and scaffolding components.

Customized automation solutions for e-mobility and medical technology 

Automated production is the surest way to remain productive and competitive in the globalized market. “Such solutions are extremely complex especially in high-tech industries”, explains Frank Polak, responsible for communications at Jonas & Redmann. “Depending on the requirements of the products our customers manufacture, we design individual solutions that range from simple fixtures to complex handling and assembly systems to fully automated production lines.” Jonas & Redmann can implement even the most demanding projects within a year. In the founding years, the enormous upswing in photovoltaics significantly shaped the dayto- day business.

Technology Excellence für grüne Technologien

The DMF 200 | 8 is used to manufacture long and high-precision profile components.
  • Automated handling solutions for crystalline silicon wafers in the production of solar cells
  • Production equipment for energy storage systems in e-mobility, e.g. for battery cell production or the assembly of battery modules
picture 2

„The concept of the DMF has optimized our cutting over the long term. The design even allows us to machine over-long workpieces which exceed the actual working area.“
Frank Polak (left), responsible for communication
Yilmaz Öztürk (right), mechanical manufacturing manager
Jonas & Redmann Automationstechnik GmbH

The new traveling column concept of the DMF
The new traveling column concept of the DMF makes it possible to machine long components which extend beyond the working area.

This future-proof technology is still one of the company's main business areas, says Frank Polak – alongside medical technology, automotive engineering and the manufacture of energy storage systems: “The strong growth in electric mobility has resulted in the latter two areas increasingly overlapping.” As a direct supplier to major manufacturers, Jonas & Redmann is involved in new development projects at a very early stage.

Rapid response capability through in-house machining 

Jonas & Redmann procures a large proportion of the components for the automated systems from suppliers. These are assembled at the headquarters in Berlin. This is also where final acceptance takes place. In addition, the company has also set up its own machining facility. “This allows us to compensate for capacity bottlenecks and process urgent orders,” explains Yilmaz Öztürk, head of mechanical production, this step. Machine tools from DMG MORI have been operating here reliably for many years, both for turning and milling, and include 5-axis DMU 50 machines and an NL 2000 for turning.

DMF 200 | 8: Maximum and constant rigidity thanks to 3 linear guides in the X-axis 

In 2021 it was a case of increasing the capacities in the profile machining area. A working area that was big enough was required for the workpieces, which were long in many cases. DMG MORI had the right model in the product range with the DMF 200 | 8, which was new at the time. “Thanks to the 3 guideways in the X-axis, the new DMF generation center makes processing that is high precision and powerful at all times possible. And this is constant along the entire travel path”, says Yilmaz Öztürk, assessing the machine concept. With the installed speedMASTER spindle, which achieves a rotation speed of 15,000 rpm, Jonas & Redman machines aluminum, steel and stainless steel and also plastics. A reason for the outstanding rigidity of the DMF 200 | 8 are the one-piece gray cast iron machine bed, the 3 linear guides in the X-axis and the previously mentioned constantly overhanging Y-axis. A comprehensive range of cooling measures also ensure that there is very high thermal long-term accuracy.

Process-safe machining of over-long workpieces 

A highlight of the DMG MORI traveling column concept is the innovative and unique tool changer behind the worktable. Yilmaz Öztürk adds: “This allows us to use the entire clamping surface for entire frameworks without the risk of collisions.” The DMF 200 | 8 also provides process safety because of its guideways, which are outside the working area. “Wear is therefore reduced to a minimum.” The Machine Protection Control (MPC 2.0) technology cycle completes the equipment of the DMF 200 | 8 with a view to having a high degree of process safety. The hatch for through-loading over-long components in the side paneling is also considered to be a bonus: “When we open this, we can also clamp parts which are longer than the 2,300 mm that is specified for the table.”

DMF – long-term chip removal optimization

Jonas & Redman moved into a large new building two years ago in which all processes from construction to manufacturing and assembly can be carried out even more efficiently. In connection with this, the DMF 200 | 8 was an investment with which cutting was also optimized over the long term. We want to press ahead with this: Yilmaz Öztürk looks ahead: “We will gradually modernize our mechanical manufacturing with similar innovative solutions to the DMF 200 | 8 in order to increase our capacities and particularly our productivity. We will definitely also be taking a look at the new DMF 300 | 11 with the 1,100 mm Y-axis.”

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