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08/02/2022|HALI tex GmbH

Process Optimization from a single Source

HALI tex GmbH came into being in 2020 based on the knowledge that FFP2 products are normally manufactured manually, and therefore are often handled by someone else before you use them. 

Production of FFP2 masks: Attaching the ear loops by using ULTRASONIC welding.

This has been changed by a small team of experts with experience in mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, automation, electrical engineering and information technology. They develop fully automated manufacturing systems for the hygienic production of FFP2 mouth and nose masks and build them entirely in Germany. The components required for this are processed on an M1 machine from DMG MORI. HALI tex acquired the vertical machining center under the PAYZR subscription model – an equipment-as-a-service model in which a company only pays for what it uses in addition to a monthly basic fee.

Perfect coordination, from design to production and control 

Base plate of a gripper unit for the transport of FFP2 mask components.

“Many competencies combine in the development of our manufacturing systems,” explains Jan Hartmann, who was responsible for establishing HALI tex together with David Lickert. Everything has to be perfectly coordinated, from the initial design to the manufacture of individual components to the control of the entire system. “We continuously optimize the process.” The final result was fully automated production of FFP2 mouth and nose masks within a length of just five meters. “This allows both us and other manufacturers to reliably deliver the product in our own country, independently of global markets,” adds David Lickert. Process optimization is also an important aspect during in-house development, particularly when it comes to manufacturing the system components. Jan Hartmann looks back to the beginnings: “We built our own CNC milling machine, which quickly reached its limits, of course.” We did not achieve sufficient precision because of vibration. “However, investing in a high-quality machining center was too costly,” recalls David Lickert. This is when the founders became aware of PAYZR from DMG MORI. PAYZR stands for the central customer promise “PAY with Zero Risk”. In the areas of Equipment-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service, since mid- 2021 DMG MORI has built up a portfolio that makes production more flexible and planning more reliable – with minimal risk. The motto of the technology leader is “Subscription & all-in rather than investment and purchase”.

PAYZR: Financial flexibility, and full price and cost transparency

HALI tex was convinced by the concept. “Since we only occasionally have to resort to the capabilities of a machining center in the development of our manufacturing systems, PAYZR is perfect for us,” explains Jan Hartmann. HALI tex pays a monthly basic fee for the M1 and is also billed for the spindle hours. “Conventional investment would only be worthwhile if we make full use of the machine’s capacity over the long term. In our dynamic and volatile environment, we require a considerable amount of flexibility, which the M1 by PAYZR offers us.” The basic fee also covers maintenance, service and insurance. David Lickert is also convinced: “It is a riskfree, all-inclusive package that provides us with full financial flexibility.” On one hand, no down payment was required, and on the other, the monthly billing gives complete price and cost transparency. PAYZR also allows the new founders to build up their business in a reliable and sustainable way, says Jan Hartmann. 

M1: Highly rigid machine bed for perfect machining performance 

By subscribing to PAYZR by DMG MORI, HALI tex is now reaping the benefits of a vertical machining center which meets all quality requirements. The M1 pro (HALI tex ordered the machine in the most comprehensive of three equipment variants) has a very rigid machine bed and outstanding thermal stability. “This guarantees that our system components have a high level of precision,” says David Lickert with satisfaction. The inline, 12,000 rpm spindle also contributes to outstanding machining performance.

David Lickert and Jan Hartmann (right) managing directors of HALI tex GmbH

The investment in a high-quality machining center was too high. But thanks to PAYZR, we can now use one anyway. It is a risk-free, all-inclusive package that gives us complete financial flexibility.

Important building block and the basis for new ideas


The M1 has proven to be important for the development of HALI tex manufacturing systems and a good basis for generating further ideas. The manufacture of FFP2 mouth and nose masks has been a major issue since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting the healthcare sector and private individuals alike. “But even after the pandemic, we think there will be considerable demand for these masks and other hygienically manufactured textile products,” says Jan Hartmann, looking to the future. “That is why we are already well positioned today to implement further ideas for fully automated production systems in the future.”

M1 – The New Master Class for every Shop Floor

The combination of the very rigid and thermally stable machine bed of the M1 and the powerful, 12,000 rpm spindle is ideal for manufacturing system components at HALI tex.
  • Machine bed of monolithic design for high static and dynamic rigidity as well as perfect damping characteristics
  • 850 × 650 mm rigid table with 600 kg load capacity
  • The DMG MORI inline spindle – more than 3,000 units installed worldwide!
  • SIEMENS 828D high-performance control system
  • Digitization with the IoTconnector as standard!
  • NETservice and 3D data model as standard!

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