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02/18/2018|Customer Story Fritzmeier Technologie GmbH

Investment in state-of-the-art CNC technology

Bought straight from the drawing board: Fritzmeier Technologie has ordered the new DMU 200 Gantry from DMG MORI even before its official premiere.

Robert Huber (on the left) this year succeeded Peter Berger, who was Managing Director of Fritzmeier Technologie GmbH for many years.

In its more than 90-year company history the Fritzmeier Group has established itself as a reliable and competent original equipment manufacturer in the agricultural machinery sector and the commercial vehicle and automotive branch. Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary, Fritzmeier Technologie GmbH acts within the group as a powerhouse for ideas for individual, complete technical solutions. Over 80 employees develop, design and produce tools, prototypes, cubing models and test gauges for the automotive industry, for both Fritzmeier itself as well as for external customers. Fritzmeier Technologie has been working with models from DMG MORI for its wide range of machining operations for many years now, in particular with the smaller machining centres. There is to be an addition to the machine park in 2018 in the form of a DMU 200 Gantry, which the machine tool manufacturer first presented at the EMO 2017. The Managing Directors Peter Berger and Robert Huber actually ordered the new development while it was still in the drawing board phase.

“Innovative production technologies have always ensured our competitiveness”, explains Robert Huber, with his eye on a modern welding robot and a 5-axis laser cutting system. “We have been using linear models for machining since 2001, in order to speed up the finishing process. Robert Huber worked in sales for 15 years, where he was mainly responsible for demanding projects in the automotive sector. Since January he has been Managing Director of Fritzmeier Technologie, taking over from Peter Berger, who had held this position for many years. After more than 40 years in the company Peter Berger, too, is fully aware of the importance of modern manufacturing technologies: “Precision takes top priority where our products are concerned – whether in tool making or the machining of cubing models and test gauges.”

The service offering of Fritzmeier Technologie starts early on in the development phase. “Many customers involve us early on, because we can support the designers with our manufacturing competence”, is how Robert Huber describes the cooperation with customers. This means machining processes can be designed more efficiently. Production and 100-percent testing of all parts round off the complete process. “Our customers want perfect components and integrated tool solutions”, explains Peter Berger.

DMU 200 Gantry – dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining

Fritzmeier Technologie has been working for many years with CNC machines from DMG MORI, among others.

Fritzmeier Technologie has 25 machines in its production. Ten of these are machining centres from DMG MORI – including a DMU 200 P – and two lathes. The company’s latest purchase is once again from its machine supplier of many years standing – with the order placed at a time when the machine had hardly left the drawing board. “As part of our open house event in Seebach we showed some customers the status of the DMU 200 Gantry at that time – a machine bed and the gantry”, recalls Markus Rehm, Managing Director of DECKEL MAHO Seebach. Peter Berger tells us why he decided on the purchase: “We were immediately impressed by the machine concept. The workpiece lies on the rigid table while the spindle moves around the component.” It was seen at once that the rapid traverses of 50 m/min and speeds of up to 30,000 rpm would enable dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining. The equipment options include the choice of a 45° or 90° milling head.

Coming on board during the early development phase of the DMU 200 Gantry had a great advantage: as is so often the case in their own customer co-operations, the users at Fritzmeier Technologie were able to contribute their practical experience in the development of the machine. For Markus Rehm a clear win-win situation: “This enabled us to help optimise the machine, especially in the details. A good example of this is the maximum loading capacity. “Components weighing 10,000 kg can now be loaded on the 2,000 x 2,000 mm table.” Accessibility and the design of the work area were also improved as a result of the collaboration.

Rounding off the product portfolio

The biggest model to date from DMG MORI is a DMU 200 P.

DMG MORI has rounded off its product portfolio in large part machining with the DMU 200 Gantry. With its large work area the machine is designed especially for applications in the automotive, aerospace and energy sector. “Model making, structural parts or even the machining of aluminium plates are all examples of uses for the DMU 200 Gantry”, explains Markus Rehm. In addition the toolSTAR magazine with space for up to 120 tools ensures a high level of flexibility and reduces the setup time for complex machining operations. “Its modular design also enables the integration of ULTRASONIC- und LASERTEC technology.”

DMG MORI presented the DMU 200 Gantry at this year‘s EMO, so Fritzmeier Technologie will receive one of the first machines to be delivered at the beginning of 2018 and use it alongside its DMU 200 P. “Both machines will be accessible via a common platform”, says Robert Huber about the floor plans. It always comes down to floor space in the end. “Measured in terms of its footprint, the DMU 200 Gantry has a very large work area, so the model fits ideally into our machine park.”

Young talent encouraged and the machine park modernised

At the beginning of 2018 the machine park will be expanded to include the new DMU 200 Gantry.

As in many areas, Fritzmeier Technologie underscores its demands on a modern production facility with the purchase of the DMU 200 Gantry. “This also includes well trained specialists, of course”, says Roland Huber. The company is currently securing its young talent for the future with its twelve trainees – who are also trained on DMG MORI machines in the apprentice workshop. The training is very practical with many parts being integrated in normal day-to-day production. Where machines are concerned Fritzmeier Technologie also has an eye on the future. “We replace old machines, so there is always a need for modern CNC technology.”

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