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03/11/2020|DINSE GmbH

Economic production with modern CNC machines

DINSE maintains its manufacturing competitiveness in Hamburg with the help of six machine tools from DMG MORI.

DINSE has been developing and producing innovative manual, robotic and automated welding systems since 1954.

The development of the welding cable connection in 1954 in Hamburg laid the foundation for today’s successful DINSE G.m.b.H. The company now has a further site in Norderstedt and is considered to be one of the technology leaders in the welding industry. The original site develops innovative systems for manual, robotic and automated welding for numerous areas of applications in the automotive industry, the aerospace sector and shipbuilding. DINSE processes the complex components of its products on DMG MORI machine tools to satisfy the high manufacturing quality standards. The fleet of machines has recently been expanded by six models from the supplier, including the CLX 350 and two CMX 600 Vs.

Anja Mertens, production manager at DINSE, and Jörg Möller, team leader for Production.

With continuous further development of the product portfolio and regular new launches, DINSE has always ensured it maintains its market position. Research projects in cooperation with technical universities and welding teaching and research institutions demonstrate the innovation orientation of the business philosophy. “We develop and design our products ourselves to ensure that the functionality of our welding systems are continually optimized,” explains Anja Mertens, production manager at DINSE. “We conduct welding torch comparisons, test welding and error analysis in our state-of-the-art welding laboratory.” DINSE also devises individual solutions for custom-specific welding tasks in this laboratory.

Included in the six machine tools purchased from DMG MORI in 2018 were two CMX 600 Vs and one CLX 350 with bar loader.

As a full-service supplier of integral solutions, DINSE unites the entire product development process in their own premises, which means that manufacturing is also accorded a significant role. Anja Mertens places great importance on a reliable and powerful machining center. The good availability of the machines during day-to-day production work is the result of high-quality design and good service from DMG MORI: “These factors play a decisive role when purchasing new machines, such as the two CMX 600 Vs and the CLX 350.” Both models also impress with their comprehensive range of technical features.

CMX 600 V: Efficient serial manufacturing with production package

Both the CMX 600 V as well as the CLX 350 are equipped with the 19” DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch panel and Siemens.

DINSE has also built up additional capacities for efficient 3-axis machining with the vertical milling machines. DINSE uses one of the two CMX 600 Vs for manufacturing operating resources and prototype construction. “Our core competence is the development of tailored solutions, which means we are continuously producing new components,” adds Anja Mertens. The second CMX 600 V is equipped with a production package and is thus also suitable for larger series. “Production packets contain, above all, a chip conveyor and a 40 bar internal coolant supply through the spindle,” says Jörg Möller, team leader in Production. This guarantees efficient chip disposal also for a high volume of chips.

High accuracy thanks to C-frame design and IT 1 ball screw drives

DINSE has also built up additional capacities for efficient 3-axis machining with the two CMX 600 Vs.

The basis for the high quality of the end product is very accurate machining. Thanks to its stable C-frame design with traversable table as the X-axis, the CMX 600 V is predestined for demands such as this. Moreover, it also features direct position measuring systems, temperature compensation and ball screws in the best tolerance class of IT 1. The high accuracy combined with very comprehensive standard equipment and numerous options for software and hardware make the CMX 600 V an extremely powerful vertical machining center.

Simple programming thanks to DMG MORI multi-touch control with SIEMENS

A stable C-frame design, direct position measuring systems, temperature compensation and ball screws in the best tolerance class of IT 1 ensure high-precision machining.

A further benefit for Anja Mertens is the compact design of the vertical milling machine: “With a footprint of 5.9 m², the CMX 600 V is the ideal solution where space is an issue.” The ergonomic design also contributes to operating comfort, along with the modern 3D control system with simulation functions. DMG MORI can fit the CMX V machines with SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN or FANUC equipment. “As we almost exclusively work with SIEMENS, it was logical for us to decide on the 19” DMG MORI SLIMline multi-touch panels and Siemens,” adds Jörg Möller.

CLX 350: 6-axis complete machining thanks to counter spindle and Y-axis

The CLX 350 is equipped with a bar loader so that multi-machine operation is possible for the operators.

DINSE also selected the same control system manufacturer for the CLX 350. Here, DMG MORI also offers the choice of SIEMENS and FANUC. The versatile turning center also produces complex workpieces efficiently and to the required accuracies. DMG MORI has also incorporated direct position measuring systems into the X-axis and Y-axis of the universal turning center for high positioning accuracy. “With the powerful counter spindle for rear-sided machining and 40 mm travel paths in the Y-axis, we are able to completely machine 6-sided components,” explains Anja Mertens. With 580 mm travel paths in the Z-axis and a maximum workpiece diameter of ø 320 mm, the work area is large enough for a wide range of components.

DINSE machines brackets for a welding robot and clip holders for tandem welding torches on the CMX 600 V, amongst other things.

Almost every machine is equipped with a bar loader in the turning area, making multi-machine operation possible for the operators, who work in two different shifts. “If required, we can processes large series on the CLX 350 unmanned,” Jörg Möller points out, referring to the automatic workpiece removal of the turning center.

Calibrated prism for test and positioning equipment.

With vertical integration at 80 percent, DINSE is one of the few manufacturers of welding systems to produce exclusively in Germany. Anja Mertens knows: “Investment in the modernization of our machinery is necessary to allow us to work more economically and be able to maintain domestic production.”

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