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03/20/2020|Drexler Automotive GmbH  

Over 30 years of motor sport experience … the know-how for series production

With powerful CNC technology from DMG MORI, automation solutions and multi-machine operation, Drexler Automotive realizes an economical production of high-quality drive components.

Drexler high-performance limited slip differentials: Optimum quality and efficiency for maximum agility and driving pleasure.

As a development partner and manufacturer of innovative drive technology, Drexler Automotive combines years of experience in motorsport with expertise in production. Herbert Drexler founded the company in Salzweg near Passau in 1998 after his Porsche 911 GT2 caught fire during the FIA GT World Cup and he retired from his active racing career. The company’s beginnings date back to the 1980s when Drexler Automotive developed and produced the first locking differentials and racing transmissions – including for its own racing cars. Today, Drexler Automotive employs 130 highly skilled people who develop and produce top quality limited slip differentials and other drive components with the help of 27 machine tools from DMG MORI. The products are put through their paces on in-house test benches. The most recent investment was in an NMV 3000 DCG with an AWC system for 34 pallets.

Auto-mechanical – dynamic-variable

“Whether in conventional, hybrid, or e-mobility vehicles – our products will play a key role in new drive concepts.“ Tamara Drexler, responsible for Marketing at Drexler Automotive and daughter of the founder Herbert Drexler

With over 30 years of experience in motorsport racing, Herbert Drexler knows all too well the impact of high-quality drive components on the control of a vehicle and on drive dynamics. From the very outset he aimed at developing products at Drexler Automotive that would achieve maximum efficiency from the vehicles. “Our expertise benefits both motor racing and the major manufacturers in series vehicle production.” The company has long been a tier-1 supplier for Daimler, BMW and Opel, to name just three of its renowned customers. The patented multi-plate limited slip differential is used primarily in high-performance vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz AMG and BMW M models, for example. “Auto-mechanical in its functioning and dynamic-variable in behaviour, it engages optimally at exactly the right time,” explains Herbert Drexler.

Optimum drive characteristics thanks to employee know-how and DMG MORI machines

“And if necessary we can produce around the clock. Reliability is essential here, which is why we trust in DMG MORI.“ Herbert Drexler Founder and owner Drexler Automotive

Over 800,000 of these limited slip differentials and other drivetrain components already guarantee optimum and controlled vehicle handling worldwide, both on and off the racetrack.

This has established Drexler Automotive as a reliable partner in development and production. Highly skilled staff are essential for top quality production and ensuring future growth. “We have built up a team of around 70 specialists in production alone”, says Tamara Drexler, daughter of the founder. Their expertise is the basis for productive manufacturing. Powerful machine tools from DMG MORI are used throughout our factory from several turning centers from the NLX series to CL 2000 turning machines and on to include the latest additions: an NLX 1500 | 500, two NLX 3000 | 700 machines and a 5-axis NMV 3000 DCG with a large-capacity, 34-station AWC pallet storage system.

24-h race – reliability is essential

Drexler Automotive develops and produces high-quality limited slip differentials and other drive components primarily for high-performance vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz AMG and BMW M models.

In order to remain competitive, Herbert Drexler pursues a multi-machine operation approach. Just one employee is responsible for three turning centers: “The NLX 1500 | 500 produces the three axles for the differential gears of the limited slip differentials – fully automatically thanks to the bar loader.“ All the operator has to do is monitor the housing production on the two NLX 3000 | 700 machines. In combination with the NMV 3000 DCG, 15,000 housings a year are produced in this way.

The reason for deciding on 5-axis machining on the NMV 3000 DCG was the machine design. “The vertical spindle orientation combined with the swivelling rotary table enables optimum chip flow during the manufacture of housings”, says Herbert Drexler. The DCG technology reduces vibration because the drives are positioned at the center of gravity. “This means we achieve better surfaces, better roundness and longer service life of the tools.”This machine is also automated. The AWC pallet pool has space for 34 components with diameters up to 350 mm and 300 mm maximum height. “Set-up during machining ensures maximum utilization of the machine”, adds Herbert Drexler. “And if necessary we can produce around the clock. Reliability is essential, which is why we trust in DMG MORI.”

Conventional, hybrid and e-mobility ready for all motor concepts

Herbert Drexler’s loyalty to motor sport is reflected in his commitment to the Drexler Automotive Formula 3 Cup: “The racing series is the perfect springboard for talented drivers of tomorrow.” Both he and his daughter Tamara Drexler view the automobile future optimistically, because they see great growth potential for the company in the sustainable progress being made in the automotive industry: “Our products will play a key role in electromobility and for hybrid vehicles.” The multi-stage automatic transmission for e-vehicles developed in house is extremely light and can optimize the gear change significantly. The e-differential from Drexler Automotive copes perfectly with the high torques of e-motors and offers maximum driving convenience.

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