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05/16/2020|A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast

DMG MORI NETservice for higher machine availability and lower service costs

A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast optimizes service call-outs with the NETservice and SERVICEcamera from DMG MORI

A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast at DMG MORI
Flemming Andreassen, CEO of A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast, Jesper Lyngsø, Production Manager and Henryk Juncker, Service Solutions Manager at DMG MORI.

A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast from Kolding in Denmark, which was established in 1978, manufactures sophisticated and high-precision workpieces made from thermoplasts. 55 employees work in close collaboration with customers from the food industry to ensure processes run efficiently. From a technological point of view, A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast relies on five DMG MORI machining centers, among others. 2018 alone saw the installation of a CMX 50 U and a DMU 50 3rd Generation – the latter including the NETservice and the SERVICEcamera from DMG MORI in order to restore machine availability quickly and easily, even in the event of service cases.

DMU 50 3rd Generation and NETservice
A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast installed a DMU 50 3rd Generation including the NETservice from DMG MORI in 2018.

CEO Flemming Andreassen considers the high degree of customer orientation to be the secret of the success of the positive business development of A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast: “From construction to delivery seldom takes more than five days”. Quality requirements in the hundredths range are a particular challenge in the machining of thermoplastics. “The material is harder to work with than metals”.

DMG MORI service experts with the SERVICEcamera
The operator transmits live images from the machine to the DMG MORI service experts with the SERVICEcamera, thus enabling quick fault diagnosis.

Customer orientation also means good service as far as Flemming Andreassen is concerned: “Our fault rate is minimal. If a part does not fit, we make a replacement immediately and deliver it within a day – no questions asked”. Excellent service is also decisive when purchasing a machine tool. “When you are working in two shifts, every standstill entails significant losses”. DMG MORI quickly convinced A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast with regard to service, as production manager Jesper Lyngsø reports: “Fast response times and uncomplicated support ensure that we can continue manufacturing very quickly at all times.”

Quick troubleshooting thanks to live images from the SERVICEcamera


A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast uses the DMG MORI NETservice on the DMU 50 3rd Generation in order to further optimize the service processes. In combination with the SERVICEcamera, many problems can be identified far more quickly than before. “The service engineer often had to travel to a site twice – first for troubleshooting and then again to install the spare parts, because these had first to be ordered”, says Jesper Lyngsø. “The SERVICEcamera allows us to transmit real-time images from the machine to the service experts on the DMG MORI hotline”. This has advantages for both parties: The operator is quickly connected to the next available service expert. If a service engineer is required, he can be dispatched by DMG MORI with the required spare parts. This avoids unnecessary travel and increases the availability of the service engineers. The cost of the service is therefore reduced for the customer, and the machine is up and running again more quickly.

Competent problem solution in a multi-user conference

Service experts and service engineers
Operators, service experts and service engineers follow live images on the SERVICEcamera together.

The SERVICEcamera and the NETservice complement each other perfectly. Operators, service experts and service engineers communicate with each other in a multi-user conference, and follow live images on the SERVICEcamera together. “If necessary, experts from the respective DMG MORI production plants can be involved”, adds Jesper Lyngsø. The combined know-how can speed up the solution to the problem considerably. A whiteboard in the NETservice rounds off the scope of functionality. The participants in the conference share the live transmission or circuit diagrams and make markings on the digital sketch paper. Jesper Lyngsø: “Many faults can be remedied in this way, so in the best case scenario we do not need a service engineer on site at all.” It is either sufficient to instruct an operator, or the DMG MORI experts provide assistance by accessing the machine remotely.

“The first machine is sold by Sales and the second one by Service”

High-quality thermoplastic components for the food industry
A/S Rolf Schmidt Industri Plast manufactures high-quality, thermoplastic components for the food industry.

Flemming Andreassen thinks that such good experience with DMG MORI service will also play a decisive role in the future: “The first machine is sold by Sales and the second one by Service”. NETservice is proof that DMG MORI works just as innovatively in the after-sales area as in product development.

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